10 Best React UI Component Libraries in 2022

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    10 Best React UI Component Libraries in 2022

    React is an open-source JavaScript library that assists you with building a top interface for both web & mobile applications. It combines efficiently with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries and contains small, independent pieces of code called components. It's these, that will be at the center of attention in this resource. 

    The pleasant thing about components is that they're modular without much application explicit conditions. This implies that you will reuse the components to construct magnificent applications and interfaces very quickly. Also, because of Bit, you can share them with other React experts as well. 

    Before starting with your next project with React,  you would need a couple of moments to filter this list of best React UI component libraries that can assist you with making a marvelous-looking UI. React is quite possibly the most famous technology accessible today. It's a rationalist UI library that was created by Facebook in 2011 and made open-source in 2013. Today, React is broadly used to construct compelling UIs.

    React comprises components, which are little bits of code that fill a specific piece of the UI you're building. Consider these components as JavaScript functions that have properties and a state as input and give a portrayal of a UI as output. 

    The React environment has developed inconceivably enormous throughout the long term. It's currently conceivable for every React development company to produce a static site utilizing React with Gatsby, make a portable application with React Native, and even make desktop applications with Electron. There's a great deal of information that is yet to be found. In this blog, we'll focus exclusively on the most remarkable React UI component libraries of 2022. 

    Top 10 Most popular React Component UI Libraries in 2022

    Material UI

    Website: https://material-ui.com/

    Github Stars: 63.9k

    Github Folks: 19.7k

    Being perhaps the most famous React component libraries, Material UI takes its motivation from a similar plan language and executes to different components holding to Google's Material Design rules. The critical takeaway from this component library is that the engineers gain admittance to a large group of moderate, clean, and profoundly adaptable components. 

    The library additionally offers a choice of rich ready-to-use components that application engineers can plug into their application effortlessly. Aside from giving vital parts to your application, the Material UI component library likewise gives a convenient collection of tools and APIs intended to improve your application development. They additionally have an astounding assortment of premium themes on their website, if you need something that is ready to go. 

    Features of Material UI

    • Great responsiveness for building a web page.
    • Helpful Styling API for inline styling within the Component.
    • Great documentation that is very easy to understand.
    • Great Community support.
    • Easy to override for making a theme for your app.
    • Provides a wide range of customizable components.
    • Large number of in-built templates. 

    Ant Design

    Website: https://ant.design/

    Github Stars: 65.7k

    Named as the world's second most popular React UI component framework after Material UI, Ant Design centers around giving design guidelines and components revolving around big business-grade applications. 

    The structure permits engineers to pick from more than 60 top-notch React parts traversing over categories like route, design, information passage,  data display, criticism, and that's just the beginning. The components designed by Ant Design are very thoroughly examined and mirror their plan reasoning, which centers around four core design values; Natural, Certain, Meaningful, and Growing.

    You'll discover a lot of convenient assets, for example, important plan tips, rules, clean symbols, and Sketch modules for a scope of topics on their site. The components offered by them have been intended to give a reliable look and feel for interior applications however React engineers are in every case allowed to pursue their creativity. They additionally offer a mobile-friendly version of Ant Design component library for React developers making a mobile application. 

    Features of Ant Design:

    • Concrete design system.
    • Open-sourced library.
    • High definiteness and lower entropy.
    • Object-oriented
    • Provide a general solution to recurring design issues.

    React Bootstrap

    Website: https://react-bootstrap.github.io/

    Github Stars: 18.8k

    Bootstrap is a notable HTML, CSS, JavaScript library containing components for making UI for both mobile and web applications. While Bootstrap is basically known as a JS library, React Bootstrap is a finished rebuild for React alongside the components yet without the conditions on bootstrap.js or jQuery, successfully supplanting the JavaScript styles with their React components.

    Thinking about what makes this the best React UI component library? The appropriate response lies in the advantages it gives, which incorporates full similarity with thousands of effectively accessible Bootstrap topics and an extensive list of components with unlimited control over every one of them.

    On account of the coordination of Bootstrap's usefulness into React's virtual DOM, React Bootstrap refreshes the state to the virtual DOM, ending up being a more solid answer for engineers.

    Features of React Bootstrap:

    • Do not need dependencies while working with it.
    • Provides a large number of components for any kind of requirement. 
    • Easy installation with a package manager.
    • Excellent choice as your UI foundation.
    • compatible with the world's largest UI ecosystem.

    Blueprint UI

    Website: https://blueprintjs.com/

    Github Stars: 17.8k

    The Blueprint UI component library is created by Palantir Technologies, an organization that has practical experience in improving on the manner their clients pursue and interface with huge information through applications.

    The Blueprint UI React component framework follows a similar motto for UI improvement of all your cutting edge data-heavy desktop and web applications. 

    The Blueprint UI component library has all you'll require from cards, navbars, tabs, structure data sources, cautions, and substantially more to make such incredible UIs. It is these vital pointers of the Blueprint UI library that settle on it as an ideal decision for planning UIs for big business applications.

    Features of Blueprint UI:

    • Pixel streaming.
    • Magic leap development
    • Mixed Reality capture
    • Multi-user editing.
    • Chaos destruction.
    • Real-Time Compositing with Composure
    • Panoramic capture tool.

    React Virtualized 

    Website: http://bvaughn.github.io/react-virtualized/

    Github Stars: 20.7k

    React Virtualized is among those specific React UI component libraries that target specific parts of any UI, which for our situation can be the presentation of the tabular data.

    With React Virtualized, web engineers can effectively deliver huge volumes of information utilizing parts like records, tables, frameworks, assortments, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Organizations that manage countless clients are the ideal clients of this library, however you are in every case allowed to utilize it to make your tables a bit more easy to understand.

    There are additionally a range of usability features that web designers can add to their structures, for example, arrow key stepper, limitless loader, window scroller, cell measurer, auto sizer, and some more. You can look at all these flawless highlights in real-time on their site.

    Features of React Virtualized:

    • Has a ton of customization available for layouts.
    • Simple virtualization to a UI component from another framework. 
    • Virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept.
    • Open-source library providing many components.
    • modules and extensions are available.
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    Semantic UI React

    Website: https://react.semantic-ui.com/

    Github Stars: 12k

    Because of its absence of complete help for native React code, the Semantic UI React component library goes about as the official component library for the amazing web development structure called Semantic UI.

    The Semantic UI JavaScript framework empowers engineers to effectively make staggering and responsive designs with semantically accommodating and compact code. Returning to the framework’s React component library, the entirety of the advantages offered by the system are persisted and helpfully made accessible to the engineers.

    Features of Semantic UI React:

    • Simple install and usage.
    • SCSS stylesheet usage instead of CSS in JS.
    • Allows users to create faster and more customized views.
    • Excellent typescript definition file.
    • useful front-end library for React applications.
    • Provides a complete mobile responsive experience.

    Chakra UI

    Website: https://chakra-ui.com/

    Github Stars: 13.8k

    Made by Segun Adebayo, Chakra UI is an advanced React UI component library to make the front end of your React applications. The library is quite easy to utilize and is completely measured, giving designers the essential structure blocks for the UI.

    What makes Chakra UI the best React component library is its simplicity of component styling with the assistance of style props, permitting a lot more noteworthy command over the customization. Another cool thing about Chakra UI is that it stringently follows WAI-ARIA, a specialized determination by W3C that makes website pages open to individuals with disabilities.

    We realize how much designers acclaim Dark Mode. Chakra UI React component library accompanies support for different shading modes that the engineers can pick from. Chakra UI accompanies more than 50 standard components and a determination of amazing custom hooks. The production of custom components is taken care of proficiently by the Chakra Factory. Furthermore, obviously, there's also a high-level theming option for the individuals who need it.

    Features of Chakra UI:

    • Built with TypeScript.
    • Has great documentation.
    • Uses Emotion and Styled System.
    • Simple, modular, and powerful.
    • Maximizes code reuse.
    • Collaborates on independent components.

    Fluent UI

    Website: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/fluentui/

    Github Stars: 10k

    Previously known as Fabric React, the Fluent UI React library takes its motivation from Microsoft's Fluent Design UI reasoning and offers to React engineers a new interpretation of a large group of plan components for making best-in-class web applications.

    The library is also completely viable with different stages, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Desktop, and is as of now being utilized by various Microsoft applications like Office 365, Azure DevOps, OneNote, and more. Fluent UI provides assets like controls, design toolboxes, textual styles, instructional exercises, inside and out documentation, demos, and more to designers.

    On account of their basic and steady look and feel, Microsoft's Fluent UI has gotten quite possibly the most popular React component libraries. you should check the Fluent UI React component library out if you appreciate the Fluent Design and need your application to have a comparably natural and vigorous UI.

    Features of Fluent UI:

    • Holistic approach to design address across various platforms.
    • Improved design language.
    • Provide a consistent user experience through their applications.
    • Content transitions.
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    React Toolbox

    Website: http://react-toolbox.io/

    Github Stars: 8.7k

    The React Toolbox is among a limited handful of React component libraries that give React UI components dependent on the Google Material Design determination. It accompanies a large group of components like catches, cards, date pickers, discourses, and other broadly utilized components that permit web engineers to make staggering web applications.

    The library additionally comes outfitted with broad documentation and their site offers a playground for evaluating the components. Getting started is pretty direct with npm, however there is one thing that you need to deal with. Of course, CSS Modules are liable for bringing in the templates written in SASS, which is the thing that's controlling React Toolbox.

    We suggest ensuring that your module bundler ought to have the option to require these SASS modules. A popular choice here is to utilize the Webpack module bundler, however you're allowed to utilize some other module bundler.

    Features of React Toolbox:

    • Implements Google Material Design specification.
    • Accompanies a large group of components like catches and cards.
    • Library harmoniously integrates with your Webpack workflow.
    • Easily customizable and very flexible.
    • Great documentation.

    Onsen UI

    Website: https://onsen.io/react/

    Github Stars: 8.2k

    The Onsen UI React component library is extraordinary compared to other React component libraries in this list for creating applications for stages like Android and iOS just as HTML5 Hybrid applications. 

    Developers will discover Onsen UI ideal for making dazzling hybrid and native-looking mobile applications. With respect to the presentation, the hidden React ties of the Onsen UI library guarantee that every one of the parts is appropriately tuned to convey a smooth and advanced insight.

    Their site offers a detailed look at the different wonderful React parts accessible, arranged beautifully depending on the platform, light or dark theme, and surprisingly the actual component itself. There's also no deficiency of helpful assets on utilizing the component library alongside a playground to play around with your code. Besides React, the Onsen UI React library is accessible for AngularJS 1, 2, and Vue. 

    Features of Onsen UI:

    • Easier than native app development
    • Can use our existing frameworks to create and publish an app.
    • Perform well in iOS.
    • Provides several sample apps for various needs.
    • Provide some map features.


    We hope that this blog has provided you with some solid ideas about how beneficial React UI component libraries are for a modern web designer. We can say, without a doubt that the React UI component libraries in 2022 are in a huge number with their own set of pros and cons, and hence picking out the right one for the next project could be tricky at first.  Evaluating your task's necessities ought to be the primary activity before picking a React component library. When the necessities are clear you can contact a mobile app development company to find that your inquiry turns out to be really simple.

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