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    Angular Expertise

    Angular Development Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of Angular development services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our services include:

    Custom Solutions
    Custom Angular Application Development

    We build fully customized Angular applications that align with your business goals and requirements.

    Expert Consulting
    Angular Consulting
    Our Angular consultants provide expert guidance and advice to help you make informed decisions and optimize your Angular projects.
    Seamless Migration
    Angular Migration and Upgrade Services
    We assist in migrating your existing applications to the latest Angular version, ensuring a seamless transition and improved performance.
    Enhanced App Speed
    Angular Performance Optimization
    We optimize the performance of your Angular applications, ensuring faster load times and smoother user interactions.
    Team Extension
    Dedicated Angular Resources
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    Hire Angular Developers

    Faster Deployment

    Deploy faster with our production ready full stack apps

    Experience seamless and high-performance applications built using our carefully curated tech stacks. Benefit from our well-researched starter architecture, providing you with a head start to kick off your project.

    Full Stack Development:
    Benefit from our comprehensive full-stack approach, covering front-end and back-end technologies.
    Well-Researched Starter Architecture:
    Kickstart with our curated starter architecture, save development time.
    High Performance:
    Experience seamless and high-performance applications, optimized for speed and responsiveness.
    Angular MongoDB NodeJS Express MEAN Stack
    Scalability with MEAN Stack (Angular + NodeJS + Express + MongoDB)

    NodeJS MongoDBAmazon Web Services

    Experience the power of the MEAN stack, as we leverage Angular, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB to create highly scalable applications. Our well-structured architecture ensures seamless integration and efficient back-end operations, setting your application up for success.

    Angular Firebase Tech Stack
    Serverless Architecture with Angular + Firebase

    Firebase Google Cloud Platform

    Harness the benefits of a serverless architecture with Angular and Firebase. By utilizing the serverless capabilities of Firebase, we create applications that are not only highly performant but also cost-effective and easily scalable. Enjoy real-time functionality, secure authentication, and effortless data storage.

    Angular Dot Net Core SQL Server Tech Stack
    Enterprise Solutions with Angular + .NET Core + Microsoft SQL Server

    .Net CoreSQL ServerMicrosoft Azure

    For robust and enterprise-level solutions, we combine Angular, .NET Core, and Microsoft SQL Server. This stack provides a solid foundation for your application, offering scalability, security, and seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies.

    Angular Ionic Tech Stack
    Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Angular + Ionic

    Ionic Framework Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Reach a wider audience with cross-platform mobile apps developed using Angular and Ionic. Our expertise in this stack enables us to create engaging and interactive mobile applications that run smoothly across iOS, Android, and the web.

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    Angular Excellence Unleashed

    Our Angular Core Competencies

    At Angular Minds, we possess a deep understanding and expertise in a range of tools and libraries that empower us to develop applications with unrivaled performance, availability, security, and user experience.

    Angular Material
    Angular Material
    We harness the power of Angular Material, a comprehensive UI component library, to create visually stunning and responsive user interfaces. By leveraging its extensive collection of customizable components, we deliver intuitive and polished experiences that captivate users.
    Angular Universal for SSR
    Angular Universal for SSR
    To optimize your application's performance and user experience, we utilize Angular Universal for server-side rendering (SSR). This technique ensures faster initial page loads, improves search engine visibility, and provides a seamless experience for users.
    RxJS and NgRx
    RxJS and NgRx
    Leveraging the power of RxJS and NgRx, we create reactive and scalable applications. These libraries allow us to handle complex data streams, effectively manage application state, and build responsive interfaces that enhance user engagement.
    We enable internationalization (i18n) within your Angular applications, ensuring easy translation and localization. By accommodating diverse audiences, we help you reach a global user base effectively, fostering engagement and user satisfaction.
    NG Bootstrap
    NG Bootstrap
    To enhance the visual appeal and responsiveness of your applications, we integrate NG Bootstrap, a library based on Bootstrap. This ensures seamless compatibility across devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal user experience across platforms.
    D3 for Reporting
    D3 for Reporting
    Utilizing D3, a powerful data visualization library, we bring your data to life through stunning and interactive reports. By transforming complex data into visually engaging visuals, we enable you to gain meaningful insights and make informed decisions.
    Jasmine & Karma for Unit Testing
    Jasmine & Karma for Unit Testing
    Our rigorous approach to quality assurance includes leveraging Jasmine and Karma for thorough unit testing. By meticulously testing individual components, we ensure the reliability and stability of your application, ensuring each piece functions flawlessly.
    Cypress & Protractor for End-to-End Testing
    Cypress & Protractor for End-to-End Testing
    We employ Cypress and Protractor for comprehensive end-to-end (e2e) testing, simulating real-world user interactions. This meticulous testing process guarantees the seamless flow and integrity of your application across various scenarios, providing a flawless user experience.
    Kendo UI
    Kendo UI
    Kendo UI for Angular is a powerful library that offers a comprehensive set of UI components and data visualization tools for building modern web applications with Angular. Kendo UI provides the tools and flexibility to enhance the user experience and deliver high-quality applications.


    Words from our Clients

    Discover how our angular solutions empower businesses and delight customers.

    Client Company

    Angular Minds helped us in transforming our product compliance management system. We are able to manage historical data spanning three decades efficiently. Thanks to Angular Minds, our compliance process has never been smoother, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking innovative solutions!

    Sharad R.
    Team Lead - Global Compliance Engineering at Southco
    Client Company

    Since 2016, we've been in a great partnership with Angular Minds, and I feel truly lucky to have their team by my side. Together, we've created an insurance platform that automates the entire insurance process - from Quoting to Policy Binding, Renewals, and Payments. Thanks to the hard work of the entire team, we've successfully onboarded over 30 insurance companies onto our platform. Kudos to everyone involved!

    Derek L.
    Founder of insurEco System, Inc.

    Everything you need

    Benefits of Angular framework

    Using Angular offers numerous benefits for web development, making it a popular choice among developers and businesses.

    Faster Development
    Angular's modular architecture and extensive set of pre-built components enable developers to build applications more quickly. The framework provides a solid foundation and takes care of many common development tasks, allowing developers to focus on core business logic. This results in faster time-to-market, giving businesses a competitive edge.
    Code Reusability
    Angular promotes code reusability through its component-based structure. Developers can create reusable components and templates, which significantly reduces development time for subsequent features or projects. This results in cost savings and improves the efficiency of the development team.
    Robust Framework
    Angular is a full-featured, powerful framework that provides everything needed to build complex and feature-rich applications. It comes with built-in tools for routing, form handling, HTTP requests, and more, streamlining the development process.
    Modular Architecture
    Angular encourages a modular approach to application development, making it easier to organize code into reusable and maintainable components. This promotes code reusability and reduces duplication, enhancing the efficiency of development.
    Performance Optimization
    Angular comes with built-in optimizations that help improve application performance. Features like Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation and lazy loading of modules contribute to faster loading times and a smoother user experience.
    Support from Google
    Angular is developed and maintained by Google, which provides strong backing for the framework. This ensures a stable and well-supported ecosystem for developers and businesses alike.
    Secure and Reliable
    Angular emphasizes security, making it less susceptible to common web vulnerabilities. It provides features like Content Security Policy (CSP) to mitigate risks and protect against potential security threats.
    Maintainability and Scalability
    Angular's modular architecture and best practices make it easier to maintain and scale applications over time. The separation of concerns, dependency injection, and code organization enable teams to work on different parts of the application independently.
    Enhanced User Experience
    Angular enables the creation of highly interactive and responsive user interfaces. The framework's declarative templates, two-way data binding, and built-in features like form validation and error handling contribute to a seamless user experience. This results in higher user satisfaction, increased engagement, and improved customer retention.
    Cross-Platform Compatibility
    With Angular, businesses can develop applications that work across multiple platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile. It eliminates the need for separate development teams or technologies for different platforms, reducing development costs and maintenance efforts.


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