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    Our Priorities & Commitments

    At Angular Minds, our dedicated React developers are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that empower your digital journey. With focus on innovation and unwavering dedication, our priorities and commitments reflect our expertise.

    Profound Expertise:
    Our React developers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience building dynamic, efficient, and user-centric applications. We take full advantage of React's features to create solutions that are not only functional but also visually appealing.
    User-Centric Approach:
    We write each line of code with the user in mind. We are dedicated to creating applications that offer seamless experiences, intuitive interfaces, and efficient workflows that appeal to your target demographic.
    Cutting-Edge Technology:
    Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the React ecosystem is our constant pursuit. We use the most modern tools, libraries, and best practices to make sure your applications are future-proof and ahead of the curve.
    Performance Optimisation:
    Speed and performance are the core of any good application. Our experts rigorously optimize every part of your React applications to ensure they load quickly, respond quickly, and give an exceptional user experience.
    Customization and Scalability:
    We realize that each project is unique. Our commitment to tailoring solutions to your specific requirements ensures that your applications are scalable, adaptable, and capable of growing with your business needs.
    Transparent Communication:
    Communication is key to our strategy. We maintain open communication throughout the development process, keeping you informed of progress, responding quickly to issues, and working closely with you to achieve your objectives.
    Code Quality and Security:
    The foundation of our work is built on clean, maintainable, and secure code. We adhere to industry standards, conduct rigorous testing, and implement robust security measures to safeguard your applications and data.
    Continuous Improvement:
    Learning is an ongoing process that we fully embrace. Our developers are committed to continual learning and progress, ensuring that their abilities evolve alongside the ever-changing React landscape.
    Timely Delivery:
    We appreciate your time and are committed to meeting deadlines, and ensuring that your projects are completed on time and without jeopardizing quality.
    Cultivating Long-Term Partnerships:
    Our relationship goes beyond project completion. We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with our clients, providing continuing support, updates, and advancements as your business grows.

    Everything you need

    Why React is a Top-Notch Choice to Build Web Apps?

    React is a promising and flexible library that React developers are using to build interactive user interfaces. ReactJS is lucrative in creating innovative solutions for web and mobile apps. 

    Extraordinary Performance

    React brings out faster rendering and strengthens the performance of your web application. This is because of the virtual DOM that effectively only upgrades the necessary components. React also makes sure that the resources are utilized optimally resulting in improved performance. 

    Component Reusability

    A major feature that ReactJS works on is scalability and equilibrium. Therefore, enterprises can save time, cost, and effort by benefitting from the reusability of components. With the creation of reusable components, you get improved code maintainability and increased development efficiency.

    Transparent Integration

    Enterprises can benefit from existing code and technologies by implementing integration with libraries. This will boost the web application without having to begin from zero. So the functionality will be seamless and the integration with other frameworks will be ideal. 

    Boosted Developer Productivity

    The development workflow stays simple with ReactJS’s component-based architecture and comprehensive documentation. This is crucial for developers to build and maintain web apps more efficiently saving their time and avoiding confusion. This productivity also enhances the growth and pace of web application development. 

    Dedicated Expertise

    Benefits of Hiring Our React Developers From Angular Minds

    Multiple excellent businesses globally partnered with Angular Minds because of our sheer hard work, determination, and innovative skillset. Some additional reasons to hire ReactJS developers from us.

    Experienced React Developers
    Flexible engagement options
    160 man-hours guaranteed
    Hand-picked vetted talent
    Cost-effective solutions
    100% in-house staff
    No contract lock-ins
    Best code practices
    Quick onboarding
    Developer Replacement
    angular minds employees collage
    Years of Experience
    Successful Projects
    Client Satisfaction Rate
    Clients Served

    Industry Knowledge

    Hire Our Industry-specific React Developers

    Angular Minds provides its services in all major industries. Our React developers have worked with many clients across the globe in a multitude of industries. 

    Sports and Gaming
    Real Estate
    Artificial Intelligence 

    Key Abilities

    Expertise Held by Our Offshore ReactJS Developers 

    With our wide spectrum of ReactJS web and mobile applications development capabilities, we are well-versed in all the required frameworks and tools necessary to smooth development. 

    With server-side rendering, all your web pages are pre-rendered on the server to have quicker load times, optimized performance, and enhanced SEO. This means improved visibility, more traffic, and boosted conversions.
    The data sourcing flexibility and built-in features provide the flexibility and foundation for developers to work efficiently. Gatsby lets our team fetch data from various sources and leverage React to work with a familiar development environment.
    Material-UI (MUI)
    Material-UI (MUI)
    Material-UI saves significant time and effort as it offers a wide range of ready-made React components like buttons, forms, cards, navigation bars, menus, dialogs, and more. Rapid prototyping, consistent design language, and corporate-level applications are achieved with MUI. 
    React Native
    React Native
    Our team utilizes React Native because it presents a core advantage of code reusability in both iOS and Android development. This assists in building the apps quickly and faster time to market your product. 
    Create React App (CRA)
    Create React App (CRA)
    The manual configuration of tools like Webpack or Babel is limited with CRA. It also enables a hot reloading functionality so when you make changes in the code, the application automatically updates in the browser almost instantly. 
    Tailwind CSS
    Tailwind CSS
    With a widespread collection of utility classes, our developers access the style components directly within the HTML. Tailwind also reduces the need for large and challenging stylesheets. It also promotes maintainability and diminishes the risk of stylesheet inconsistencies. 
    Storybook isolates components to let you build and test them independently, resulting in faster prototyping and more reusable components. This also simplifies debugging and enables visual consistency through visual regression testing.
    Redux incorporates predictable state changes, stopping unexpected behavior and creating a more reliable application. It also solves The complex application state in React by providing a centralized store. 
    Jest for Unit Testing
    Jest for Unit Testing
    Jest needs minimal setup to begin the testing process. It makes use of a parallelized test runner to execute tests concurrently. Snapshot testing, isolation and mocking, and great matchers and spies are other prominent advantages it provides.
    Cypress for End-to-End Testing
    Cypress for End-to-End Testing
    Cypress is a JavaScript-based framework that efficiently performs End-to-End (E2E) testing of web applications. This includes real browser testing, readable tests, automatic waiting, and so much more. This makes it an ideal choice for developers to achieve robustness and reliability.
    This process of designing and developing a product or service is ideal for ensuring that the product is globally used by the audience with little to less cultural barriers. Therefore, you get maximum reach, improved UX, and a global world reputation. 
    Chart.js for Reporting
    Chart.js for Reporting
    Data flexibility is pivotal to integrating data from different sources and Chart.js is helpful in achieving that. Being a relatively small JavaScript library, it is significantly easier to integrate reporting tools without adding an overhead. 

    React Proficiencies

    React Developer Capabilities

    The instance you hire React developers from Angular Minds, you get access to a pool of React expertise and experience that can help you make informed decisions about your application and its future.  

    Responsive Design

    Responsive user experience is the cornerstone of any application development and our developers are skilled in building them. They create highly adaptable applications that will work effortlessly on a number of different screen sizes and devices. 

    State Management

    Our developers are well-trained in state management libraries like Redux and Mobx. the development team actively handles data and its synchronization entirely through your application development.  

    Reusable Components Creation

    Working with React’s modular structure conveniently is our team’s core potential. These reusable components significantly strengthen the speed of development and boost the scalability and maintainability of the application.  

    Multi-Browser Compatibility

    Maintaining a multi-browser compatibility is lucrative for a unified and consistent user experience. Our ReactJS team understands the significance of multi-browser compatibility in reaching a global audience on a wider scale. 

    API Integration

    Integration of diverse APIs for effortless functionality and progress is a prerequisite for development and our developers are well versed in achieving it. They make sure that they perform expertly for API integration in creating intuitive and interactive interfaces. 

    UI/UX Sensibility

    The main priority and goal of any app development is to have an extraordinary user experience and engaging UI. We understand the importance of UI/UX designing and take it very seriously. This way your application gets better visibility and enhanced ROI.

    Hiring Process

    How do We Hire React Developers?

    Angular Minds believes in hiring React Developers with the right skills and experience. Our substantial development team has 5 years and 8 years of experience. We have a stringent hiring process that churns out all the candidates and provides us with highly skilled developers. 

    • 1

      In-detail CV Evaluation

      We utilize a specific screening process that focuses on the required skills and experience needed for React development. Our recruitment team goes beyond keywords and finds the actual talent. 

    • 2

      Interview with HR Manager

      Our HR manager assesses the communication style, soft skills, and the entire culture fit with the company and React development team. This is also an opportunity for both the candidate and the HR team to discuss responsibilities, expectations, and growth opportunities at Angular Minds.

    • 3

      Skill Assessment

      This is the pivotal step to understand the candidates’ skillset and technologies they have worked in and also learn how well it will align with your requirements. We have a coding challenge that all the applicants solve. This allows us to evaluate their problem-solving skills and use of React best practices.

    • 4

      Interview with Project Manager

      The project manager goes deeper into the candidate’s experience and projects they have worked on in the past to check how well they can work on the projects by Angular Minds. They also communicate about the current team dynamics and the applicant’s ability to integrate with them. 

    Hiring Process Simplified

    Hire Dedicated React Developers in 4 Easy Steps

    Does your unique project require skilled React developers? With Angular Minds, you can hire developers in four easy steps, and that to in just 2 days. 


    Share Your Requirements

    Start by telling us your requirements by either sending us an email or filling out a quick contact form. This will give us a clear insight into what your project requires and how we will cater to it. 


    Shortlist the Perfect Talent

    After gathering all of the information and requirements, we screen our talent and make a list of our developers who can be an ideal fit for your project.


    Interview the Chosen Talent

    Shortlist the talent you think is the right fit and take their interview. You can check their skills, experience, and approach to work on critical tasks.


    Onboard & Commence the Project

    After you take the interview and select the perfect React developer for your project, we help you onboard them remotely and initiate the project.

    Our Process

    How We Ensure Code Quality?

    The primary focus of our development process is to ensure and maintain the code quality. Our React developers understand and prioritize that and implement strategies to maintain the code style and quality. 

    Following Coding Best Practices
    We follow a set of coding standards and best practices to make sure we achieve our goals. Our ReactJS team documents every codebase in detail and keeps them simple and easy to read for future updates. 
    Unit Testing
    Our React developers integrate continuous integration tools to run unit tests on new code to get fast feedback. The team also makes use of test-driven development practices to create tests before writing code.
    Code Review Practices
    We have incorporated a peer review process where our junior and senior developers are motivated to provide constructive feedback that results in a workplace that is collaborative and result-driven.
    Code Quality Metrics
    Tracking quality metrics is crucial to quantifying the amount of rework related to quick fixes. This is considered while taking proper solutions into consideration, giving you a direction toward lasting code health. 

    Trial Process

    How Does the 2-Week Trial Work?

    At Angular Minds, we deliver software products that address your unique business needs. Our software product engineering process is designed to provide a seamless and collaborative experience. Here's how we bring your ideas to life:

    Primary Consultation
    This is the stage where we consider the unique challenges, pain points, and scope of the project. As per the consultation, we allocate the best talent you need for the project. 
    Standard Agreement and Documentation
    After the consultation, we document all the necessary information to initiate the trial period. You are given a copy to review it to avoid miscommunication.
    Selection and Onboarding
    On the basis of the consultation, we suggest the most suitable developers to assist you and you have a trial period of two weeks to analyze their performance.
    Transparent Tracking
    Track the progress of your project on a daily basis to evaluate the trial period and the progress of the project. We ensure that this happens seamlessly and hassle-free for you.
    Feedback & Iteration
    During the trial period, you can always provide your feedback for our developers to work better. This will help them understand any accruing challenges and perform continuous improvement.
    Effortless Transition
    After the trial is completed, you can partner with us for the complete project. We aim to satisfy our clients and make sure they have all the factors required to make their project a success.


    Frequently Asked Questions While Hiring React Developers

    Do you still have any questions, let us know. We would be happy to assist.

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