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    Easy Onboarding

    Hire Dedicated Angular Developers In 4 Easy Steps

    Obtain a personalized approach that aligns talents with a diverse range of technologies to serve your project's unique needs. We facilitate the talent selection process, ensuring a suitable fit for your requirements.


    Share Your Requirements

    Begin the process by sharing your varied development needs, whether they involve web, mobile, or cloud technologies. We'll arrange a secure and confidential consultation to get a complete understanding of your project's intricacies.


    Shortlist the Right-Fit Talent

    Our team will minutely screen talents across a wide range of technologies. We'll thoughtfully curate a list of dedicated professionals, especially for your project's specific requirements.


    Interview the Talent

    Conduct interviews with carefully selected talents whose skill sets match your diverse needs. This step ensures a personalized connection between you and the potential team members, irrespective of the technology.


    Onboard & Begin the Project

    Upon identifying the perfect-fit talent, our experts will guide you through the remote onboarding process. As you start your project, rest assured that our firm support will always be available.

    Everything you need

    Benefits Of Offshore Development Team

    Benefit from our understanding and expertise in full-stack development, perfect for your project needs. We provide consistent quality, scalability, thorough support, painless collaboration across time zones, and flexible engagement models for a partnership that perfectly fits your needs.

    Global Expertise at Your Reach
    In today's digital age, our premium tech talent can be found worldwide. Our offshore development team brings you expertise on par with the best, no matter where they're located.
    Cost-Effective Excellence
    Uniting with our offshore development team offers top-notch IT professionals at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy remarkable quality without breaking the bank.
    Absolute Team Consistency
    Our developers undergo continuous technical training through our internal education programs. This keeps them up-to-date with the latest cutting-edge technologies, ensuring great excellence.
    Perfect Adaptability
    Scale your operations effortlessly. Our offshore development team gives you the flexibility to expand or contract as per your requirements. With CI/CD pipelines in place, development accelerates, reducing time-to-market by up to 50%.
    Maintenance and Support
    Beyond development, we offer continuous maintenance and support. Our offshore development team stands by your side, ensuring your project's continued success.
    Flexibility in Time Zones
    Our offshore team's round-the-clock availability ensures you can collaborate efficiently, regardless of time zone differences.
    Performance Management
    Excellence is a constant. Our offshore development team undergoes consistent performance management, guaranteeing quality work aligned with your objectives.
    Flexible Engagement Models
    Customize engagement to your needs. We offer flexible models that adapt to your project's dynamics, ensuring a partnership that suits you.

    Your Offshore Tech Team

    Hire Our Dedicated Developers To Build Your Offshore Development Team

    Collaborate without hassle and ensure project success with our expert professionals proficient in a wide range of full-stack technologies.

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    Reasons to Hire

    Why Angular Minds?

    6 Reasons to Choose Angular Minds for Your Angular Development Team.

    Highly Skilled Team
    Flexible and Scalable Delivery Model
    Competitive Pricing
    Experience Across Industries
    Comprehensive Assistance
    Seamless Remote Collaboration
    Years of Experience
    Successful Projects
    Client Satisfaction Rate
    Clients Served


    Words from Our Clients

    Discover how our expert solutions empower businesses and delight customers.

    Client Company

    Angular Minds helped us in transforming our product compliance management system. We are able to manage historical data spanning three decades efficiently. Thanks to Angular Minds, our compliance process has never been smoother, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking innovative solutions!

    Sharad R.
    Team Lead - Global Compliance Engineering at Southco
    Client Company

    Since 2016, we've been in a great partnership with Angular Minds, and I feel truly lucky to have their team by my side. Together, we've created an insurance platform that automates the entire insurance process - from Quoting to Policy Binding, Renewals, and Payments. Thanks to the hard work of the entire team, we've successfully onboarded over 30 insurance companies onto our platform. Kudos to everyone involved!

    Derek L.
    Founder of insurEco System, Inc.


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