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    In the new age of technology, our continuous process will let you reach your goals and faster time to market. Angular Minds ensures you get best-in-class improvements with our Cloud and DevOps consulting services. 

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    Our Services

    Sublime Cloud and DevOps Services

    Angular Minds is considered one of the most promising DevOps consulting companies. With cutting-edge technology and advanced product engineering services, we are delivering digital velocity. Our offerings include:

    Cloud and DevOps Services

    Cloud Strategy and Consulting

    We provide expert guidance to help you define your cloud strategy, assess your infrastructure, and determine the best cloud solutions for your business.

    Cloud Migration and Deployment

    Seamlessly transition your applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud with our proven migration and deployment strategies.

    Cloud Application Development

    Leverage the power of cloud platforms to develop scalable, resilient, and cost-effective cloud-native applications that drive your business forward.

    DevOps Implementation and Automation

    Enhance collaboration, agility, and efficiency through our DevOps services. We help you implement robust DevOps practices, automate processes, and optimize your software delivery pipeline.

    Cloud Security and Compliance

    Ensure the security of your cloud environment with our expertise in implementing industry-leading security measures and adhering to compliance standards.

    Our Expertise

    Our Pool of Cutting-Edge DevOps Tools and Technologies

    We aim to make your business future-ready with the tools and technologies. With the Cloud and DevOps consulting services, Angular Minds is the best partner for your business success.  

    Our Cloud and DevOps consultants utilize this extensive library to interact with multiple AWS services. These services include S3, DynamoDB, and EC2 and they ensure security and efficiency with cloud-based solutions. 
    Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform is a pivotal resource for businesses of all sizes. Azure can potentially reduce your costs and let you only pay for resources that you use. Another reason our team uses this tool is because it has global reach. With data centers around the world, we replicate your data and applications across regions. 
    Google Cloud
    Google Cloud Functions is a serverless computing service offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We use it because it offers extraordinary scalability and performance. built on open-source technologies, it provides strong support for open-source projects. It is also helpful to us as it comes with data analytics capabilities. 
    Jenkins is an open-source automation server used for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) of software development projects. It always assists our developers in automating various tasks related to building, testing, and deploying software applications. With over 1000 plugins, our developers and DevOps consultants have the option to customize Jenkins as per client needs and requirements. 
    Kubernetes is our choice to manage containerized applications at scale. A boon with Kubernetes is it constantly monitors the health of your containerized applications. So, if it finds any issues, it automatically takes corrective actions, such as restarting containers or rolling back deployments.
    Docker applications are highly portable. With Docker Installed, the Docker container can run on any system. It also simplifies the development process for developers. We can replicate production environments on our local machines, permitting them to test and debug applications more efficiently.


    Angular Minds’ Approach to Your DevOps Consulting

    Every organization requires a DevOps consulting company with a strategy that will achieve faster time to market, continuous delivery, boosted productivity, time-tested solutions, and cost-effectiveness. Angular Minds achieves the goal successfully. 

    Strategy-Based Consulting:
    After analyzing the loopholes and obstacles, we prepare the best strategies to overcome the loopholes. We also try to identify the pain points and only after that implement the strategies. We make use of various tools and software to bring the best results.
    Continuous Integration:
    We utilize best practices to develop the authorized codes permitting multiple resources to operate on the same source code. Continuous Integration or CI builds a highly detailed architecture through continuous and steady efforts and collaboration.
    Continuous Delivery (CD):
    Our experts prepare for testing and release of automatic code changes. These automation in the operations boosts the risk identification process which leads to better efficiency, problem-solving, and enhanced speed.
    Build Automation:
    Our team combines Dev and Ops to strengthen development with automated builds and flawless communication. This approach will allow early bug detection and effective cloud management due to the integrated and lightweight architecture.
    Test Automation:
    Our testing strategy is an extensive approach that integrates modern tools for automated and manual testing. This identifies and solves substantial problems like performance roadblocks and availability issues and availability concerns before the application goes live.
    Continous Maintenance:
    Persistent monitoring across the application, infrastructure, and APIs leads to fewer problems arising. This real-time data identifies and addresses the issues before they ruin the user experience. Continuous feedback mechanisms also ensure functional correctness.


    DevOps Mechanism to Transform Your Business

    We have a multitude of DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, GIT, Ansible, Salt Stack, Terraform, Shell Scripting, AWS OpsWorks, MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and Oracle. Our DevOps consultants have the required knowledge and experience with GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes, and Jira. 

    Source Code Management
    Source control tools assist us in analyzing changes or modifications made to your codebase, allowing collaboration, and ensuring the stability of your applications. We incorporate a variety of SCM tools like Git, Gitlab, and CodeCommit. These tools effectively detect conflicts or defects and solve them within time. 
    Automation in Testing
    As a measure to fulfill DevOps best practices, our consultants make use of automated testing tools. These tools include Appium, Selenium, and more. It will help your organization in every way possible in the software development cycle.
    Panoramic Monitoring
    To accomplish better focus and assessment, DevOps consultants make use of monitoring tools like Raygun, SignalFx, and more. This will help you access the information you require on your development process and stage making it efficient and reporting easy.
    CI/CD Pipeline Management
    CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment) pipelines proactively automate the software development lifecycle. We make use of tools like Jenkins, Terraform, Fastlane, and more. This results in faster delivery, improved quality, and reduced risk.

    Our Track Records

    Why Choose Angular Minds for Cloud and DevOps Solution

    DevOps consulting services at Angular Minds comprise full lifecycle development. You can get your organization better ROI and results with our Cloud and DevOps solutions. We believe in:

    Business-Centric Approach

    Our primary goal is to help you capitalize on the project we build together. Your ROI is our goal too. We provide end-to-end Cloud and DevOps solutions that suit your organization's goals, needs, timing, and budget.

    Intelligent Disaster Recovery Mechanism

    Data security is a concern for us all and we understand that. In case of emergency, we have an intelligent disaster recovery mechanism where the data is speedily recovered through the backup system.

    Scalable Solutions

    Our scalable cloud architectures will grow alongside your business enabling flexibility and efficiency to your organization. You won’t face any challenges in the ever-changing business ecosystem. Our DevOps best practices also ensure automated processes and security.

    Agile Methodology

    Angular Minds delivers all the projects with speed and flexibility by following the agile methodology. Regular reporting, transparent communication, and continuous efforts have been our continual approach to deliver the best.


    How We Collaborate with You

    Collaboration is the core of any partnership and we understand that. Therefore, we keep it seamless and simple.


    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    We initiate the partnership with a Non-disclosure agreement so none of our crucial business information gets out. Information like the software, infrastructure, and APIs require more security, NDA works best then.


    Meeting with the Technical Team

    In the second step, we set a meeting with our Cloud and DevOps consultants to get a fair understanding of your business and requirements. This will help us prepare better for the project and cost efficiency.


    Communication with the Team

    To get familiar with the team that is working on your project, we schedule discussions. There you can get updates on the status or stage of the project. This will keep the process smooth and no last-minute hurdles.


    Beginning the Project

    After your NDA is signed, all requirements are understood and you are familiar with the team, we begin the work of your project. This generally happens on a date decided mutually by both the partners.

    Begin Your Cloud-Based Project With DevOps Support

    Reach out to Angular Minds' finest consultants and give your idea the ideal digital solutions. Let's develop something awesome together!


    Words from Our Clients

    Discover how our expert solutions empower businesses and delight customers.

    Client Company

    Angular Minds helped us in transforming our product compliance management system. We are able to manage historical data spanning three decades efficiently. Thanks to Angular Minds, our compliance process has never been smoother, and we highly recommend their services to anyone seeking innovative solutions!

    Sharad R.
    Team Lead - Global Compliance Engineering at Southco
    Client Company

    Since 2016, we've been in a great partnership with Angular Minds, and I feel truly lucky to have their team by my side. Together, we've created an insurance platform that automates the entire insurance process - from Quoting to Policy Binding, Renewals, and Payments. Thanks to the hard work of the entire team, we've successfully onboarded over 30 insurance companies onto our platform. Kudos to everyone involved!

    Derek L.
    Founder of insurEco System, Inc.


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