Build Cross-Platform Desktop GUI Apps with ElectronJS

ElectronJS is an open-source framework that is mostly used to build desktop applications as a GUI framework. It is also used to develop software applications with web technologies like HTML, CSS, as well as Javascript. The desktop apps developed with ElectronJS can reduce the overall costing of the app by simply deploying to Mac, Linux or Windows as per the requirement.

At Angular Minds, we deliver proficiency in the field of ElectronJS development services. Being one of the fastest growing ElectronJS Development Company in India, we seek to provide end-to-end Electron app development with ample effort in research to harness the full capability of the open source framework.

Web Technologies

Electron uses Chromium and Node.js so you can build your app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Open Source

Electron is an open source project maintained by GitHub and an active community of contributors.

Cross Platform

Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, Electron apps build and run on three platforms.

Electron Development Company

Cross Platform App Development

Custom Electron JS Development

Our dedicated Electron JS developers create and acknowledge the security, scalability and advanced features of the custom Electron JS websites. They help in developing a quality application right from the base and alter the existing app to make it customized and robust.

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App UI/UX Developers

Our team of expert Electron JS developers work towards providing creative and eye-catching websites and mobile applications as per the latest designing trends prevailing in the market through their enhanced knowledge and advanced UI/UX development services.

End-to-End Project Management

API & Web Service Integration

Hire ElectronJS developers online from Angular Minds with vast experience in developing the APIs and integrate them to diverse software applications.

Cross Platform App Development

ElectronJS Consultants

Contact us to ask any questions related to Electron and its latest technology. Our dedicated ElectronJS Developers or consultants will walk you through all the possible information you need for your project.

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Support & Maintenance

Angular Minds’ developers provide you with complete support and maintenance of your current website and help keep it up-to-date.

End-to-End Project Management

Migration & Upgradation

Contact us to hire offshore ElectronJS developers for hassle free migration of your web app from other technologies to Electron at an affordable price.

Electron JS Development Company

Our dedicated team of in-house skilled developers deploy the best application to provide our clients with the product that they desire. Our industry specific ElectronJS developers are specialized in building solutions with end-to-end services. We aim to serve your business with quality products and boost ROI.

ElectronJS services help create desktop applications where the data stays locally in the system which ensures data security while migrating to ElectronJS from an existing application.
ElectronJS excels in terms of performance when proper care is taken while developing, as compared to native applications. ElectronJS solves the major issues like saving time effortlessly by developing a single code base for all the major platforms.
ElectronJS uses a single code base, it can be developed for both web applications and desktop applications. Developers have the leverage to reuse the base code across different platforms going by the principle of” “code once, distribute everywhere
Interactive UI/UX
Web technologies come with great User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to all your users with great comfort. They provide the same experience to all your users across different platforms.
Cost and Time
The tech stack saves a lot of development time and money while achieving good results. Our dedicated ElectronJS developers use the single code base to work on anything.
Build & Deployment
The electron-packager module makes the working of ElectronJS interesting. It helps bundle the whole code base into the respective packages.

Hire Electron Developers

Our dedicated electron developers follow a step to step process for every project right from the beginning of the planning to deployment. Our engagement model works well with your business requirements. Using the Agile development process helps us to get our work done in short iterations for creating a feature-rich compressive, cost-effective and dynamic desktop application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Electron JS?

    Electron JS is an open-source framework that is developed and maintained by GitHub. It helps in developing desktop GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications using web technologies. For runtime it uses Node.Js and Chromium for rendering engine.

    Is Electron suitable for Desktop Application?

    Yes. ElectronJS is a JavaScript framework that is widely considered for developing the desktop application since it uses web technologies to design the app. It uses a single code base which works with both web app and desktop app once it's written.

    I am not technologically advanced; will I still be able to work with your team?

    Yes. Being one of the leading ElectronJS Development Company, we provide you with ElectronJS consultants to help you fill the technology gap and educate you with information required for rendering quality-rich web applications.

    Will I have the complete ownership of my project?

    Yes. You will have complete ownership of your entire project which includes Copyright, source code, NDA, intellectual property rights, etc.

    What are the core expertise and industry experience of the developers?

    Our incredibly talented team of Agile developers have comprehensive knowledge as well as extensive experience in all the top-notch technologies. We also have industry-specific Electron JS developers who serve various industries with their advanced solutions and applications. Like, travel and tourism, Retail & E-commerce, Banking and Finance Solutions, Media & Entertainment, education etc.

Hire ElectronJS developer from Angular Minds on an hourly or full-time basis to build interactive desktop applications at affordable rates.