Costs to Build a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?

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    Costs to Build a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?

    The year 2020 has brought revolutionary changes in our lives. The Global Pandemic constrained the world to think out of the box and adjust to the changes. One of the major after-effects of Covid19 was the ascent of video conferencing applications. Previously used by worldwide organizations exclusively, having workplaces all over the world,  today, the video chatting applications have discovered widespread adoption from even the small scale industries. It is one of the industries that shot to fame during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rise in the demand of video conferencing apps like Zoom signifies the increase in its usage.

    As the pandemic forced the major countries in the world to shut in, tons of organizations have been compelled to adjust their tasks by making their employees work from home, eliminating the odds of them getting sick at work. This rise in demand for online meetings has led every app development company to develop video conferencing apps like Zoom. Let's analyze some of the real reasons that have contributed to the steep rise in video conferencing apps users.

    • As per the stats, in 2019, the video conferencing global market size was near about USD 4 billion.
    • The Video conferencing app like Zoom witnessed about 190 million daily users in the first quarter of 2020 as compared to 10 million users on average in December 2019.
    • It is anticipated that by 2022 internet video calls traffic would rise up 4 times from 2017. 
    • In the last decade, there has been an upsurge in the number of remote users for telecommuting by 115% and has continued to grow ever since.
    • Over 90% of the people choose to video call today.
    • 80% of corporate businesses choose online meetings with video conferencing apps like Zoom.

    Since they are in great demand now, there are people who want to know how much it costs to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom. To know that let's discuss the salient features of these apps and what it takes to develop them.

    Features of Video Conferencing App

    Video conferencing apps like Zoom contain every feature that an organization needs to hold online gatherings, paying little heed to its size and strength. People can participate from a PC or a cell phone any place they are at, as long as they have a web connection. One can turn on their cameras so others can see them or keep them off if they don't need any other individual to see them or are worried about privacy. Along with this, they can mute their microphones also to ensure there is no background when somebody talks. Apart from the obvious voice and video calls, some other features are: 

    Group calls

    ensure that your application empowers clients to settle on cooperative choices. They may have to smooth out meetings or group meetings utilizing the application. Based on your target audience you can confine the number of members you need to allow in a meeting call.

    Screen sharing

    If the need emerges, members can share their screens with other people, which proves to be useful for different orientations, presentations, and instructive workshops.  

    Client registration

    This is the fundamental and the main element for any application and the major factor determining the cost to develop Video conferencing apps like Zoom. If you are utilizing this application for official purposes, a client should enlist on this application through their official email account or if utilizing it for their personal use, they ought to have an alternative to register by means of their web-based media account.

    Virtual hand-raising

    When somebody needs to talk or has a worry, they can flag it to the host by lifting their hand practically through an emoticon. This keeps different individuals from speaking at once and improves correspondence and communication. 


    Each Zoom Meeting contains an incorporated chat feature that permits members to discuss and connect efficiently with one another during a meeting. 

    Contact list

    Presently, this is all the more an advantageous element, which permits you to add individuals from your contact list without any problem. Utilizing this component, clients can also make their own list of individuals with whom they associate the most.

    Poll taking

    As a host one can take a survey or create a poll in a meeting to accumulate their reactions and assessments about a subject and tell necessary judgments. .

    Record meeting

    you can record every Video conferencing app meeting with just a press of a button. You can even save the recording locally on any device or store it in the cloud.

    Stickers and emojis

    You ought to customize your application by making custom emoticons and stickers to draw in your appl clients over and over. These express what they feel in a better way.

    Mute participants

    The host of the meeting gets an added advantage to mute any participants they want to anytime during the meeting. 

    Other features

    The video conferencing apps like Zoom also incorporates several additional features like Encryption, white-board, Multi-device compatibility, and Advanced scheduling of meetings.

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    What does it take to create an app like Zoom?

    Before we start developing an app we need to look into a lot of things, the important one being the cost. Employing the correct group of engineers to help pick the best technology stack requires sharp consideration since this can either take you to a startling degree of progress or leave your application unfound in the application stores. 

    So to figure the cost and make a video conferencing app like Zoom, you need to initially have a list of your application's key highlights. All components are to be considered prior to fix or computing the cost of the application. Thus, prior to getting into the expense, we need to consider how to make a video conferencing app  like Zoom:

    Team structure needed to develop a video conferencing app:

    • Project Manager  
    • Android/ iOS app developers   
    • Back-end developer
    • UI/UX Designer
    • Q&A Specialist

    Choose the applicable platform:

    Native Apps

    Native applications are developed for a particular mobile OS like Apple iOS or Android OS. These applications can be utilized remotely, which makes them quicker to open and access whenever required. 

    Web-based apps

    Web Apps are essentially web empowered applications that are open by means of the cell phone's internet browser. These applications like Zoom are generally composed as site pages in HTML and CSS utilizing Jquery, JavaScript or comparative language. Web applications are open to clients by means of a program across a range of devices (iPhone, Android, Windows and so forth). 

    Best Technology Stack for Developing a video conferencing app

    Developing a video conferencing app like zoom requires a technology stack for a scalable and rich user experience.


    Use tools like Google sketch and Photoshop to fabricate that ideal UI/UX for your video-conferencing application.


    Objective C(ios), Kotlin, Java(Android), and Swift are the dialects that you can use to code a native application, while Flutter and React Native are the ones that you should use to develop a hybrid application.

    Data analytics

    Data analytics solutions from Amazon, Google and Microsoft can be used to acquire notable insights of data knowledge from your customers.

    Push notifications

    Integrate message pop-ups into your application utilizing services like Apple pop-ups, firebase, and Twillo.


    By using third-party APIs such as RTCPeer connection, RTCD data channel and Mediastream you can encourage constant communication through web and mobile devices.


    Symphony, Angular, Laravel, and Laminas

    Process of development:

    a) Prototyping: The beginning stage of every plan is prototyping. This permits you to thoroughly consider in detail the appearance and associations of the application product. 

    The process has three stages:

    1. Conceptual
    2. Interactive
    3. Animation

    b) UI/UX Design: To succeed, it is essential to consider an appealing UI as the client experience stays the first concern in any development process. A decent UI/UX configuration implies a visually engaging interface with instinctive navigation alternatives. That implies future clients shouldn't invest a ton of energy seeing how the apps like Zoom functions. Since the accomplishment of the application configuration has a major influence on the general development process, it's critical to employ an imaginative app designer who can investigate all the scenarios that upgrade the user experience.

    c) Back-End Development: The back-end development side infers various stages, where the development team chips away at the application worker, the web worker and also the information base. Regardless of whether the majority of the applications nowadays use BaaS solutions, a video conferencing app like Zoom requires more intricate technologies to make its own server right from the beginning. Regardless of whether your backend is in the cloud or on-site, a backend worker is the life vein of any application organization. 

    d) iOS App: If you want to make an iOS-based video conferencing application, the smartest choice would be to Swift. It is a lot less difficult, simpler and quicker than Objective-C, to fabricate video conferencing applications. 

    e) Android App: Most video-based applications apply WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), an innovation that supports ongoing correspondence in mobile & desktop frameworks through a wide scope of APIs. It is right now kept up by Google and has acquired fame among the dev local area. 

    f) Third-party API’s: There are a few third-party APIs that encourage the way toward making video conferencing applications easier. Since the tech market offers a diverse decision of these APIs, here are the best ones you can browse from: 

    • Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok)
    • Wowza GoCoder SDK
    • Twilio
    • PubNub
    • CometChat
    • Quickblox

    g) Beta Version and Testing: Depending on the application's functionality, the quantity of tests may fluctuate. At the testing stage, the code is checked and bugs are swiped out. The fundamental QA tests that are given incorporate smoke testing, retesting, relapse tests, execution testing. 

    How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Zoom?

    Thus, something essential to consider while getting your application created is that you should deal with numerous necessities, each client has diverse interests and in spite of the fact that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, yet an attempt to coordinate during the hour of application development can keep things at the place. Additionally, you get an opportunity to coordinate new features and update your application according to the new patterns and upgrades. The cost of video conferencing apps like zoom depends on a number of factors, however these three are the most important ones. 

    • Features
    • Design
    • Hourly rate of your development team

    The hourly rate of developers is the biggest factor that influences an app’s cost out of the three, which often depends on the location. It might not be viable to tell the exact cost to develop an app like Zoom. However, the rough estimates are just an average rate per location. An MVP mobile app like Zoom with essential features can pretty much sum up to $45000 to $70,000 when the location of the development is an Asian country.

    You can hire app developers from any mobile app development company to make certain amendments for your platform. Hiring separate developers can give you added benefit and bring in more in-depth knowledge of a particular platform. Before meeting any video conferencing app developer you need to ensure that all your requirements are met and every detail is explained. 

    Examples of business communication platforms like Zoom

    Microsoft teams

    It is a video conferencing app like Zoom used for business communication, offering workspace chat, file storage, video- conferencing, and application integration. It is a part of Microsoft 365 family that has become one of the most popular Microsoft operated business messaging and collaboration platforms and replacing the others in this league like Skype and Microsoft Classroom.

    Notable features:

    • Audio conferencing.
    • Full telephony.
    • Screen sharing.
    • Document storage in sharepoint.
    • Conversations within channels and teams.
    • Microsoft 365 Business voice integration.
    • Reduced email.
    • Direct access to OneDrive.
    • Real-time collaboration. 
    • Auto setup across the suite.
    • Simple conversation thread.


     It is one of the most widely used business communication platform that is IRC styled with persistent chat rooms and private groups and many such features. The platform was redesigned to simplify the user experience in the year 2020. Slack has been now adopted as a community platform despite being developed for professional and organizational communication.

    Notable features:

    • Advanced search Modifiers.
    • Managing and tracking documents
    • Pinning messages in the chat/channels for future reference.
    • Sidebar streamlining.
    • Setting reminders.
    • Quick navigation.
    • Setting reminders.

    Google meet 

    Formally known as Google hangout, Google Meet is a Challenger in the video conferencing space. It is accessible in android and iOS devices and also can be browsed in Chrome. This business communication platform provides a simple way to video call/ chat with family, friends and colleagues who have google accounts. 

    Notable features:

    • Invitations upto 250 people.
    • Noise Cancellation feature.
    • Can accommodate up to 100 participants at one time.
    • Live streaming for more than 100,000 views.
    • Option to record and save on Google. 


    It is one of the oldest business communications platforms that provides full experience even if you don't have access to desktop or phone. However it cannot be used for your emergency calling. Skype lets you leverage the online calling experience directly from your browser without having to install the application in your device.

    Notable features:

    • End-to-end encryption. 
    • Chat gallery to locate your files in a chat.
    • Call recording.
    • Notification panel for activities in your chat.
    • In private window.
    • Sync up your conversation.
    • Live subtitles.

    Jio meet

    JioMeet is Reliance’s take on Zoom. It is close to other video conferencing apps like Zoom where users can take up a one to one / conference call with 100 participants. The teleconferencing app is now used by several corporates, organizations and schools to run their meetings. The app came around during the 2020 lockdown, which is probably the right time for such a business considering there was a dire need for a virtual connection.

    Notable features:

    • Free of Charge.
    • Duration of the call can last upto 24 hours.
    • Password protection for meetings.
    • Multi-device login.
    • Screen sharing.
    • Waiting rooms. 
    • Accessible on Firefox as well as Chrome.
    • Can be used as a standalone app.


    Video chatting/ calling/ conferencing is not only the need of people associated with the corporate world, but many of them use these for their personal use. These video conferencing apps like Zoom kept people together despite being bound by the physical distances during the global pandemic Covid-19. During the time of worldwide emergencies  they filled in the void of lost interpersonal connections and have set an example and the market about how important these apps are. 

    Since the 2000s we all knew about skype as the official video conferencing app, however, over the last few years we have witnessed the global rise in the use of apps like Zoom, Google Duo, Microsoft Teams. Various social media applications also had started incorporating video call features like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now Whatsapp.  These applications provide the best user experience and services for being the best socializing video conferencing app that helps keeping professional & personal requirements intact.

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