Top 10 On-Demand Service App Ideas for Android and IOS

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    Top 10 On-Demand Service App Ideas for Android and IOS

    As the number of mobile users keeps on increasing there is a parallel growth in the consumption of on-demand service apps. According to a Harvard Business Report, the on-demand service app market value economy is worth an average of $57.6 billion.

    Here’s a study report by Statista, showing the mobile app downloads worldwide. 

     Currently the new rush of on-demand service mobile apps for iOS and Android has altered the manner in which organizations offer their products and services. Right now, over long stretches of development, on-demand mobile applications have developed and progressed past our creative mind, managing the cost of live discussions, virtual socializing, and satisfying other desired lifestyle objectives.

    These staggering mobile applications are meant to target individuals who need quicker and simpler admittance to products and services, establishing an ideal environment of accommodation, quality and trust.  

    Let's have a look at what these on-demand service apps consist of.

    Features of On-Demand Service Apps 

    Authentication and Security

    The most important thing for clients while using a top on-demand service app is to have a safe payment gateway that can securely store their personal information. At the point when clients download an on demand service application, they regularly examine for legitimate security once they arrive at the payment section. Most applications or web payment choices have certain confirmation images that cause the client to feel like they can trust the application or site.

    Live Tracking

    Everyone loves to be reassured, and adding live GPS tracking to your on-demand service application can be extremely consoling for your clients. Thus, the client can be connected to the person who is delivering the product and can track where he is at.

    Essential Notifications

    Whenever you have any forthcoming deals or offers, notifications are the most ideal approach to contacting customers to tell them. This is a helpful device for promoting any on-demand service application. 

    More Payment Options

    Despite the fact that online payment is so popular, limiting your clients to explicit payment alternatives can never be correct. People like variety since everyone might not have similar payment choices. 

    Easy Interface

    This is key because if the application isn't easy to utilize or the data is dispersed all over the place, individuals will be uninstalling the application quickly. A decent on-demand service application ought to be not difficult to utilize and should be instructive, as well. It ought to be simple for a client to add or eliminate items or services as they want. 

    Efficient Customer Care

    Clients would like to have the option to connect on account of any complaints. These on demand applications ought to be made open for them to have the option to visit with a customer care executive,call them up, or even drop an email in regards to the issue. 

    Rating and Review Options

    Adding the chance for clients to give their feedback can produce a particular sort of trust that typically, other applications or sites need. At the point when a client can rate items or services and survey it, it can assist them with sharing their experience to different clients, and it can help different clients of your android or IOs application to choose. 

    The Wishlist Feature

    The client probably might not have the option to buy a thing or service on the spot. It may even be unavailable, or they should return to it later. Adding the wishlist feature to your application can be extremely useful in light of the fact that they can come back to it later and directly purchase it. 

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    Top on-demand Service Apps for Android and iOS

    On-Demand Taxi Booking App:

    Like a uber application, a commercial application can be launched through which users can straightforwardly recruit a taxi for a long or brief trip. This is the on demand service app that has helped many starters provide the service like Uber and Ola. This platform helps drivers to register themselves and provide services to the nearby people of their location if required. The admins just need to authenticate the registered drivers. Customers seek to use this on demand service app for booking their slot time to travel. The feature of making the advance payment through an online payment path is an additional advantage.


    • Social media login or sign-up.
    • View estimated wait time for taxi arrival.
    • Create and manage profiles.
    • On-demand taxi booking.
    • Flexible payment and billing options.
    • SMS alerts, push notifications, and emails.
    • Real-time vehicle tracking.
    • Rate and provide feedback to drivers.

    Examples: Uber, Lyft, Gett, Ola, Curb, Juno, Hailo.

    On-Demand Courier Delivery App:

    A courier service is one of the best service apps that has been serving individuals and assisting them with moving their stuff starting with one spot onto the next. Envision a situation, today is your cousin's birthday who is living 50 km away from your home and in the evening there is a party at your cousin's place. Out of nowhere, your responsibility is expanded and you can't visit your cousin's birthday celebration. Yet at the same time, you need to convey the gift and fulfill it.

    This on-demand courier delivery service ensures convenience to a great extent. The need and demand of courier services applications has increased with each passing day. AS per reports the global courier services market size is expected to reach 464300 million USD by the end of 2025.


    • 24X7 Tracking Services
    • Review and Help Section.
    • Faster Delivery Option.
    • Customer Friendly UI/UX Design.
    • Push Message Notifications and alerts.
    • Efficient Handling Of Large Fleets.
    • Flexible Payment Options.

    Examples: PeoplePerHour, Deliveroo Dunzo,  Fiverr, BluDart,  DeliveryMark, OnnAway, Axon 

     On-Demand Pizza Delivery App:

    If you are the proprietor of any pizza shop or pizza café, you should have this sort of on-demand delivery app for your clients and by which you permit them to enjoy your pizza from their work environment without visiting the eatery.  With the help of this on-demand service app, clients can arrange their pizza from any place and pizza gets delivered in less than 30 minutes.

    By on demand pizza delivery app, clients can arrange their pizza from any place and pizza gets delivered in less than 30 minutes. What's more, by acquainting and giving such services to individuals, the proprietor can expand their benefits in light of the fact that through an application their service is expanding and utilized by in excess of 1,000 individuals. This helps create brand loyalty.


    • Order placement
    • Real-time delivery tracking
    • Scheduling
    • In-app payments
    • Order history
    • Push notifications
    • Instant chat with customers and drivers

    Example: Dribble, Dominoes, Pizzahut, PapaJohns

    On-Demand Massage App:

    On-demand service apps for massages and spas are in trend right now. Instead of visiting a massage centre, it is convenient for people to get a back rub at their own place.  In-home massage apps have changed the trend of taking time out of daily life and visiting a massage parlour.

    There are many massage chains that deliver their services through an app providing you with the same kind of services that you would otherwise get in the parlours. One of the most famous on-demand massage service apps is Urban clap where you just create individual profiles at their most preferred time. 


    • Booking massages instantly.
    • Getting an appointment within a few clicks.
    • Therapist profile.
    • Manage bookings.
    • Timings and convenience. 
    • Payment gateway integration. 

    Examples: Soothe, urban clap, Zeel, Massage Me.

    On-Demand Digital Services App:

    The Digital sector is booming around the globe and the craze for digital service providers is never-ending. To find a videographer or a content creator is actually an extreme errand because tracking down the ideal individuals who have experience and who are proficient in this specific field. It has been quite a tough job in the past days for business holders to find people who are giving digital services. Hereby the on demand app for digital services is quite a keeper.


    • Profile managing
    • Push notifications and alerts
    • Order placement and history
    • Review and Help Section
    • Payment gateway alternatives.

    Examples: Adobe photoshop,  eBay, Salesforce, Second Life.

    On-Demand Medical Test App:

    An on-demand Medical test app is an application which offers individuals with the services of a wide range of clinical trial services. Ordinarily for a little clinical testing individuals need to visit the clinic and which is truly tedious. 

    For saving time, this on demand service app can be launched. This sort of application is actually quite accommodating for individuals as they can undoubtedly get to the services through applications and hire the lab specialist for a clinical trial at their own place and comfort. 


    • Registration/ sign-in
    • Geo-location for tracking.
    • Order or cancel prescription home delivery.
    • Dictionary of medical specialists.
    • Details of health services.
    • Reminders for medicine dose.
    • Upcoming appointments notifications.

    Examples:  UpToDate, DynaMed Plus, Isabel Pro, MDCalc, Appointik, Practo.

    On-Demand Flower Delivery App

    On-demand Flower delivery app is utilized for purchasing vast varieties of flowers and bouquets and delivering to the closed ones on some special events. Most of the time we see people delivering  these beauties to their loved ones' houses rather than physically visiting the flower shop.

    The year 2020 had people rethink some of the conventional ways of sending love. The level of functionality of the application helps you to expand your business by reaching out to your potential customers. Hence this on-demand service app for android and ios has helped people remain closer to their loved ones even virtually when meeting them, in reality, was not the option. 


    • Multiple Payment Modes
    • Customized Note
    • Offers and Deals.
    • Social Media Integration.
    • Real-Time Tracking.
    • Schedule Delivery.

    Example: Flower Delivery App, The Bouqs Co, FTD, ProFlowers, Teleflora, Ava’s Flowers, Ferns and Petals, Amazon.

    On-Demand Pest Controlling App

    Pest controlling or Pest services are by and large utilized by each individual since certain bugs, creatures or insects which survive at individuals' home spot or work environment can be harming some significant things.

    On-demand service apps for pest control are the best way to go offering types of assistance to clients who can without much of a stretch purchase the necessary nuisance control and save their home or work stuff from harm. We see these kinds of services in every household, society and even parks. It is one of the significant services that mankind cannot live without. 


    • Turn-by-turn driving directions
    • Works well on both ios and android devices.
    • Records material usage.
    • Access to important customer information.
    • Allows techs to notify clients.
    •  Real-time sync with your pest control software.
    • Allows you to add comments and feedback. 

    Examples: Bayer Pest Portal, ColorNote, GorillaDesk, iPest1, iPest2 & iPest3, NPMA Field Guide, Pest Control Technology (PCT), PestPac Mobile, NPMA Field Guide.

    On-Demand Mechanic App:

    At some point in life, because of a little mishap or due to certain issues, our vehicles might break down in the middle of nowhere. What's more, it is truly tough to track down a technician that can fix or repair your vehicle within the stipulated time. To defeat this sort of issue, an On-Demand Service app for vehicle repairing can be used. By which the client can undoubtedly enlist the close by technician at whatever point your vehicle could be giving some difficulty. 


    • Attractive price points
    • Live Tracking
    • Attractive and Competitive UI for client retention
    • Building and Retaining Customers
    • Interactive Design
    • Frictionless Payment Methods

    Examples: Car Scanner, Simply Auto, Pitstop, GoMechanic, GaragePro, Auto parts.

    On-Demand Salon Appointment App:

    Each service is currently moving towards the online platform, where clients can undoubtedly get to every one of the services from their Smartphones. An on-demand Salon Appointment app is for individuals who don't care to visit the salon and have to wait for their chance. So as a new On-demand application you can launch an on-request Salon Appointment application on the lookout. At whatever point individuals need a Salon application then they can without much of a stretch book the salon services and get the services at their own place and own time.


    • In-App Payments
    • Loyalty Program
    • Style Library
    • In-built Calendar
    • Commitment Fee
    • Push Notifications
    • Loyalty Program

    Examples: Booker, Timely, Rosy, Square Appointments, Schedulicity, Vagaro, Simple Salon, Genbook.


    By offering remarkable approaches to make a living, these on-demand service apps are riding another wave on the lookout, bringing something distinguished from what was already there in the market. For clients, these on demand service apps have an enormous effect on their life.

    The rise of these apps has benefitted every mobile app development company bringing in a bevy of projects.   The 10 best on demand service apps for android and ios in 2021 portrayed above particularly stand out in its merits with an adaptable plan for getting work done without any physical organization.

    The fluid economy contributed by these splendid applications could be the motivation behind why on demand service apps are turning into an immense current in the rapidly transforming social economy.

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