Understanding App Development Cost : iOS vs Android

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    Understanding App Development Cost : iOS vs Android

    We are in a time where telecommunication has taken over the majority of other industries, involving more and more people into this. With this, we witness growth in the use of smartphones and devices that help us to communicate. This is the time where we also witness startups marketing and selling their product online. This provides every mobile app development company around the world to offer service to the surging market condition. When we talk about applications we are talking about the kind of its usage throughout, like how apps are used for communication, games, business, food, news, sports, education, etc.

    While there are corporations that develop these applications, the average cost to create an iOS android app still remains a looming question for people who are thinking of creating their own apps. However, the good news is, that it isn't really as expensive as we may think it is. There are many online resources available for creating an app. In this article, we are discussing the cost to create an android or ios app and will look at the main considerations before making an app.

    Things you should consider before making an App

    It is wise to chalk out a plan before you get started with developing an app. Having a concrete plan helps to understand the requirements and consideration while creating an app. Without this step, app development is exposed to a lot of risks and perpetual failures in getting the desired app. Hence it becomes highly crucial to pay attention in finding out how to initiate the process, what are the things to consider, and what are the things to economize on. Hence it becomes very important to ponder upon the strategies and measures to ensure that the app does not face any issues in the development process. Let's understand the things that should be the focus in order to create an android or ios app.

    Outsourcing or Local Development

    While planning to create an android or ios app, it is not only the average cost that gains attention. You will either have a team of your own or have to think of hiring someone to make an app. Hence the question comes up about what to choose between outsourcing and local development.

    The main significant contention in favor of local development is the physical proximity to the team involved in developing, which probably eases the communication barrier. Without a doubt, it is simpler to disclose your prerequisites up close and feel the item before paying for it. Then again, outsourcing your app development isn't as problematic as it might appear. Communication with your team overseas appears to be hard, however is feasible. This is taken care of by the remote teams who eagerly make changes and try to meet any organizational requirements.

    Mobile platforms

    As one may wonder, the success rate of the mobile application depends on many factors. if As you can probably see by now, whether your mobile application is going to be successful depends on many factors. One such factor is the mobile platform that you'll be concentrating on. In the realm of cell phones, Android and iOS are as yet the most famous working frameworks today and the choice comes down to these two.

    More or less, to build up a mobile application for a particular stage, one needs to utilize a language that is natively upheld by that stage. One can think about whether it's possible to utilize just a single language to build up a mobile application for the two stages. Indeed, it's possible. As technologies were developing, the tech network understood that it'd be simpler to make only one application that could be utilized across unexpected stages in comparison to make separate applications.

    Understanding the target users

    The subsequent stage is to comprehend who the potential clients are, their objectives and prerequisites, and the technologies they use. This procedure incorporates investigating the stages these clients are doubtlessly using, increasing an understanding of every client experience. Each gadget is unique, and each client has numerous necessities. One has to understand these necessities in order to reach out to the mass.

    Know what is out there

    One needs to spend time exploring applications in every one of the stages you intend to help. Every stage offers diverse interface standards and an alternate assortment of utilizations. Exploring different avenues regarding the most well-known applications will assist with understanding what is possible on the platform. Knowing what you want the most is one of the main considerations.

    Factors that Determine the Cost of Developing an App

    android vs ios development cost
    Any software development company will not inform you about the cost of app development directly off the bat. There is no rate list for the applications' turn of events and everything relies upon different components. At the most before you will be sent a bill, the group of designers will gauge how long we're required to actualize the particulars. However, below are some of the factors that influence the average cost to create android or iOS apps.

    User login

    It's when the users need to enroll and sign in to an application to utilize it. The most popular option of registration is email or phone, while a lot of the users sign in using their social media account. This helps in accessing the app easier as it automatically creates a client profile and gathers every single open information about an individual. It takes almost 20 hours and an expense of $500-$1000 to execute this standard practice.

    Push notifications

    Push notifications are a must-have feature for most of the apps today. These are the continuous updates that keep clients educated about any information or services identified within an application. The trick is the app logic, when and whom the notifications should be delivered along with straightforward content. The estimated time and costs are, 20-200 hours and cost can range between $1,000 to $10,000.


    App navigation helps the users to juggle between two or more screens and this should be envisioned and designed before the process of development. It is important that the app is based on The UI architecture as it helps in Scrolling, swiping, action buttons, arrows, icons, and more. The average cost can come up to $250-$500 and take 10 +hours to finish.

    Portrait / Landscape view

    The interface concept is equally a part of an application, with relation to the previous feature. It is the way of presenting an app to the users. Depending on the design type it can take 20 hours time and about 500-1,000 approximately.


    This feature is important for dating apps, restaurant apps, as well as traveling apps. The app uses the phone's GPS and user permissions. Depending on the accuracy of this service the cost can come upto $1,250-2,500 and can take 50 long hours to develop.

    Google Maps integration

    Along with geolocation, if the app requires to have google maps integrated to it that will take another 20 hours and approximately $1000 to develop.

    Payments integration

    With the growing popularity of online shopping and delivering this has become one of the most important features. Developers integrate these apps through gateway APIs. However, there are a lot of things when it comes to scope: how to process the payments and where can the data be stored. It can take up to 50 hours or more in order to integrate one payment system and can cost up to $2,500 to $5,000 to develop the same.

    Offline mode

    The offline capabilities is one of the most interesting features and are liked by all. For example in music apps like Wynk, you can download the songs and can listen to it even when your data is off. In messaging apps as well, one can view the history of the chat without having to switch the data on. Offline data can be stored and accessed in the form of shared preferences, local storage, cookies, local caching, and SQL databases. Developers need 40 long hours and $1,000-2,000 to integrate this feature.

    android vs ios development cost

    Backend Infrastructure and App Administration

    In mobile application development, the backend is an operating system that provides data exchange between an app and a database. The consumer app is equipped with analytics to gauge the performance and track the user's activity. There are a number of parameters and a way to track the user which comes with a cost.

     The organization board is surely a very useful tool that manages app content, users, and statistics. There are options to adapt existing admin panel templates for your needs, but finding a good one is a problem. So it makes sense to create an adequate panel to meet your business requirements.

    Customization of Visual Design

    Creating a unique user interface design is a muddled deed that gives extra costs to your task. Lesser the cost of the variant suggests using OS-supplied items and building screens of standard elements the lesser the cost is. The number of screens is also a determining factor as well.


    Making a choice on which platform to begin from, application owners attempt to mull over such factors as iOS and Android market share. These stages take over various programming dialects, have diverse SDKs and use development tools. These development tools cost different for different platforms.


    The location of mobile app development is a fundamental factor impacting the item's final cost. The expense of making an application in the UK will vary from the expense of application improvement in the US and different districts.

    Structure of a Development Team

    The development team also comes with a cost. Each member quotes their prices with reference to their respective jobs. Let's have a look at the structure of a development team.

    Business Analyst- Responsible for identifying tech and business requirements before you proceed with the development. They influence the planning phase by avoiding costly changes that affect the cost of an app development

    UX/UI Designers- users fall for eye-catching apps. This is where the designers come in the picture. A UI/UX designer analyses and creates wireframes leading to the final design which is worth paying for.

    Engineers( mobile app and QA)- mobile app engineers build and publish applications based on the specifications mentioned to them. Whereas quality analyst engineers are responsible for the stability and performance of the components which are in compliance with the specifications

    Project Manager- assists in the coordination of the entire team's work and ensures that the product is ready by keeping the compliance in place. The right kind of management has a lot of influence on the mobile app development cost.

    Cost of Maintaining an App

    The cooperation with your tech partner or development team doesn’t stop even after the product is ready to be launched. It remains a continuous process of post-release support that every mobile app development company has in terms with. Some of the maintenance are bug fixing, improvement of stability and performance, adding and upgrading to new versions, development of features, etc. the app maintenance cost may cost around 15-20 percent of the actual price of development.

    How Much Does It Cost to Create an Android or iOS app: Total Cost

    After the full cycle of planning, designing, development, testing, and deployment, we still loom over the final question: what is the average cost to create an android or iOS app? For building an app by self, one needs to have a knowledge of coding and know to test an app. There are several services that are available over the internet to build an app. However, nothing comes free of cost. You might get some of the free trials online but the average fee is $10 - $150 per month. Depending on the complexity in the features and development process, the total value can vary from $ 10,000 to 50,000.

    Whether you choose a freelancer, an app development company, or try to build the app by yourself, it is certain that it is important to stick all of these together to get the desired result. This is where one might need skilled Android App Developer who would walk you through the development process.

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