Top 20 Best Educational App Ideas for Institutes in 2021

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    Top 20 Best Educational App Ideas for Institutes in 2021

    The development of new technologies have replaced conventional ways of learning with online educational platforms. Smartphones are one such example of technological advancements that have helped build a classroom learning more engaging and fun-filled for students. The digital era has seen growth in educational app ideas for people to grow in life. Education apps have changed students’ studying methods. From earning through quizzes, and games to doing home tasks online, these educational apps have successfully identified the regular classroom problems and tried to bridge the gap between the students and their education.

    Schools, colleges, institutions, and universities are showing interest in educational app development for connecting teachers and students in real-time. This has ensured better learning and a profitable business for numerous ed-tech startups. The investment in Edu app development might even reach $37.8 billion.

    It is safe to state that students tend to rely more on online assets for learning even after enrolling their names in any institute. They can access or learn everything through digital sources or education apps. From the comfort of their homes. This easy accessibility has successfully made its way through the remotest regions in the world with the same information.

    It is fundamental for every app development company to create a massive difference in the lives of students and teachers similarly. In this blog, we are jotting down the top educational app ideas for students that encourage them to learn and explore more and generate more interest while having fun. The reason behind this increased growth of educational app ideas are as below:

    Benefits of Education Apps :

    • Students prefer apps
    • Leisure Hours Utilization
    • Reducing the Gaps
    • Quality Interaction
    • 24/7 Availability
    • Systematic Learning Activated
    • Sustainability
    • Portability and Mobility

    Top Educational App Ideas for students 

    The eLearning industry has seen exponential growth in the last few years, and it continues the same way with better accessibility and improved education apps, taking into account the necessities of students of all age groups. Educational mobile apps that provide paid services are new on the run, while other applications are free, they thrive mostly on the ads that are displayed there.

    If you want to run an Edu-tech start-up or already have one, you might want to look into these easy and money-making top educational mobile app ideas that are useful for both students and teachers, making a huge difference in the education industry.

    Private Tutor App

    The educational needs of students and tutors seek to access online services. A private tutor application helps students to communicate with their tutors or experts through the digital platform. This is one of the best apps for teachers as well.  An experienced teacher can help students easily clear their doubts through asking questions. It is certainly one of the top educational app ideas, as students can get expert notes via this personal tutor app if required.  These apps let students hire a personal face-to-face assistant and talk to them directly. They can choose the best tutor or teacher from a list of tutors as per their convenience.

    Types of private tutor apps: 

    • Genext Students
    • Tutree
    • Everly
    • Flipclass
    • Qriyo

    Flashcard Apps

    Flashcard applications, like StudyBlue, are one of the best educational app ideas for candidates. With this app, students can make customized flashcards of a topic in a particular subject or access the in-built library to search for flashcards of other candidates. It is one of the innovative app ideas for students who can make personalized flashcards, play quizzes, track their development and more. Also, it is pretty workable when transporting around the school.

    Types of Flashcard apps:          

    • Anki.
    • Brainscape.
    • Quizlet.
    • Chegg Prep.
    • Cram.
    • IDoRecal

     Language Learning App

    As the name suggests, this is one of the best app ideas for beginners for learning different languages. This app is helpful for both teachers and students. The teachers can earn by giving online classes while students learn a foreign language from the best teachers at the comfort of their home. However, there are some of the educational apps like Duolingo that create games and quizzes to learn languages. Duolingo offers German, Spanish, French courses, however, students can not interact with the teachers but can access their learnings and clear each level.  Students can also check their weaknesses and strengths which helps them to focus more.

    Types of language learning apps: 

    • Babbel
    • Duolingo
    • Busuu
    • Memrise
    • Mondly

    Programming Learning Apps

    Students who are learning to program face challenges in beginning stages and frequently look for help from different software engineers over discussions and social networks to get appropriate direction and source for their project. This is one of the best educational apps where various coaching centres are accessible for students where they can join and master programming language however they are time-bound and can't clear their doubts as soon as it arises.

    In this way, programming applications give learning solutions for various languages like C, C++, PHP, Python, Java and a few more. These applications are advantageous for the IT Industry as well as professionals for accessing topics anytime and anywhere.

    Types of Programming Learning Apps:

    • Encode.
    • Udacity. 
    • Tynker. .
    • Khan Academy.
    • SoloLearn.

    Question & Answer App

    The question and answer app is one of the best app ideas that is developed for the students who post questions related to any query related to any subject, chapter and topic, where teachers can answer the question of students. The application can be utilized by an all-age group of students and teachers across the world. Apps like Quora are not only used by students but by many users across the world who seek answers to a particular topic. 

    Apps like BYJU’s also provide Q&A features to their users. Students learn all the modules and chapters via an application that helps them prepare better for their exams. These educational apps also come with self-assessment tests that provide a better way of solving a question and learning.  QA applications give nitty gritty responses to questions every time a student endeavours it.

    Types of Question & Answer App:

    • Zip
    • Quora
    • Softonic
    • BYJU
     develop an app

    School Bus App

    The school bus app is one of the unique app ideas that let parents and school administrators to track school bus drivers in real-time. The parents and school administrators can track the live location of the driver and monitor the bus-speed. This school app  helps a great deal to parents who can

    set reminders to pick-up and drop their child on time as well as get a real-time notification when the bus is nearby.  These app ideas provide extra security and convenience to the parents. 

    Types of School bus app:

    • Treker
    • Buswhere
    • Ubica bus
    • Trace School Bus
    • MyBusVue

    Community Learning Apps

    Community learning apps are community forums or social groups that are designed only for students. These apps connect students from different universities or schools with each other to discuss a specific requirement. These educational apps are comfortable for interacting with people of the same age where they can easily connect and chat with other students related to their studies or project. These kinds of simple app ideas help students to gauge their performance and leave an imprint on the students' lives.

    Types of Community Learning Apps:

    • Udemy. 
    • Lynda. 
    • Khan Academy. 
    • TED.
    • Lumosity.
    • Goodreads.
    • Duolingo.
    • StudyBlue.

    EBook Learning Apps

    Ebook learning apps have various books that help students easily read a book of their interest on an online platform. These creative educational apps let students highlight and prepare notes inside the application. An example of these apps could be Kindle and they come with freemium and premium plans. 

    Some of these also offer audio reading which comes handy while commuting or driving. These new educational apps help students learn and grow without need to purchase or carry books with them. The online books are accessible at any time through this online platform without having to download them.

    Types of EBook Learning Apps:

    • Kindle. ( Android, iPhone, iPad )
    • Aldiko Book Reader. ( iPhone, iPad )
    • Wattpad - Books & Stories. ( Android, iPhone, iPad )
    • Kobo Books. ( Android, iPhone, iPad )
    • NOOK. ( Android, iPhone, iPad )
    • Apple Books.( iPhone, iPad )

    AR-Based Educational App

    Augmented Reality is one such innovation that has changed our lifestyle with new technologies. AR in education applications helps to describe concepts to students on a more intense level. Students tend to be more attentive when teachers give vital science lessons and conduct experiments with naturalist instances. This is great when students learn about topics like the universe, solar system, and other elements that cannot be seen or touched.

    Types of AR-Based Educational App:

    • Blippar.
    • Arloon Plants.
    • Aurasma. 
    • Math alive.
    • Quiver 

    Education Apps for Autistic Kids

    Building education and learning apps for autistic kids help a great deal in communication and learning new skills, daily living skills and play. This is looked at one of the best app ideas which not only helps the autistic kids but also parents to get data and learn the ways of dealing with and treat their kids. With new technologies, educational applications have let students to explain concepts at a more intense level. Just like how we explained the AR apps. These apps are considered as the most unique educational app ideas for offering critical science lessons and perform experiments with naturalistic instances.

    Types of Education Apps for Autistic Kids:

    • Endless Reader. 
    • Language Therapy for Kids 
    • Otsimo | Special Education AAC. ...
    • CommBoards Lite – AAC Speech Assistant. ...
    • ABC Autismo.

    Dictionary Apps

    Dictionary apps are handier than dictionary books as it saves the time of scrolling through pages. Dictionaries provide meanings of a word quickly and are useful for both students and teachers. They are used by people of all age groups as well as profession. These apps have high volumes of users on a daily basis and are used on a regular basis than the other mobile or web app ideas.

    As the usage of smartphones have increased, so have the app like dictionaries. launching a dictionary app has made life simple. Some of these dictionary apps also have the features to improve your grammar and vocabulary, like the incorporation of idioms, phrases as well as tenses. There are dictionaries that are available in different languages as well. Like eng- Hindi, English-German, Hindi-English.

    Types of Dictionary Apps:

    • English Dictionary.
    • Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
    • Pocket Thesaurus.
    • WordWeb

    Vocabulary and Grammar Apps

    Vocabulary and grammar apps fall under the top educational apps that help students get better in foreign languages. With the help of these apps, students get to qualify in foreign examinations which include quizzes, puzzles, and word games that boost their vocabulary and grammar and maintain their studying fun and simple.

    The visualization tools help candidates to keep records of their growth, the visual examples help students understand every word’s contextual meaning. These apps help students help in qualification examinations such as the SAT to ensure success. Incorporating vocabulary quizzes, puzzles, and word games is an excellent app idea for students who want to enhance their vocabulary while keeping their learning process fun and simple.

    Types of Vocabulary and Grammar Apps:

    • Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
    • Oxford Grammar and Punctuation.
    • Udemy.
    • YouTube.
    • Basically any reader app

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    Student Performance Tracking App

    The next mobile app idea is especially for universities and colleges that help students track performance, attendance, behavior, and overall growth. This application helps students as well as parents who can connect with teachers to discuss the performance of their child, pay fees online with just a single click and get to know the updates regarding their exams and lecture dates and timings.

    Types of Student Performance Tracking App:

    • Creatrix campus
    • Xb software
    • Ioss

    Exam App

    Exam apps are convenient and certainly one of the best educational app ideas. Candidates can make a to-do list of tests that they are yet to give. This avoids forgetting the essential thing when attending exam sessions. This app connects both learners and teachers, through video chat or live chat. These apps offer vital courses and that students can revise or read for their examinations. Build the best aptitude app that helps students to outgrow their weaknesses and ensures a sturdy growth in their life.

     Types of Exam App:

    • ExamSoft.
    • GoConqr.
    • Edbase. 
    • QuizCV. 
    • TestMent.
    • FastTest

    Video Conferencing Apps/ Virtual Classrooms

    Video conferencing or virtual classroom apps are best and innovative app ideas for students to learn online for the class of 50 to 60 students at once. Post the COVID-19 pandemic these have become the only mode of teaching in schools and colleges, where students attend online classes right from your home. These apps help students to increase their regularity of learning from a distance. This is one of the best apps for teachers as well who can teach their students at the comfort of their home.

    Types of Video Conferencing Apps/ Virtual Classrooms:

    • Zoom 
    • Google Meet 
    • GoToMeeting 
    • Webex 
    • Slack

    Preschool App

    The next one in line is the pre-school app. This is one of those simple app ideas that is developed for kids who have recently joined schooling or are yet to join. These apps are created for kids of 2-5 years of age. It helps them to learn things like objects, numbers, alphabets, colours, vegetables, flowers, and helps parents as well to teach their kids other basic things that allow them to clear a school’s entrance interviews smoothly. 

    Types  of Preschool App:

    • Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
    • A Parcel of Courage
    • AlphaTots Alphabet
    • LEGO® App4+ 
    • Hoopa City
    • Alphabet Flashcards
    • Preschool Arcade

    Puzzle App

    Puzzle apps is one of the best aptitude apps that is highly utilized by students who need to enhance their analytical and thinking capacity.  These apps incorporate puzzles as well as the aptitude segment, helping students to brainstorm aptitude questions by playing quiz games. It helps the students to develop their reasoning ability and improve their brain capacities.

    Types of Puzzle App:

    • Two Dots.
    • Escape Game. 
    • Move The Block. 
    • Jigsaw Puzzles Real. 
    • Skillz.
    • Monument Valley. 

    Self Note Apps

    Self note apps are one of the best app ideas for teachers as well as students. Students take down important notes given by the teachers, where teachers can make notes for students which help them in the exam to help them prepare better. These apps are easy to use and convenient as you carry it anywhere in your smart device. Notebooks don't serve that purpose.  These apps promote research that can be easily shared and learnt. 

    Tpes of Self Note Apps:

    • Evernote 
    • Microsoft OneNote 
    • Apple Notes 
    • Google Keep 
    • Notion
    • Boostnote

    Attendance Apps

    Attendance apps are new app ideas that help college students and professors the most.  It is used in the place of the attendance registers that are manually filled. Attendance apps are introduced to teachers so that they can take attendance for students through a digital platform. Maintaining an attendance record in a register can occupy a lot of room. These apps help teachers to add attendance and can get an overview of all the participants on a daily basis.

    App for Disabled Children 

    Not many institutions provide higher education to disabled students. This is where these creative educational ideas are considered by any edu-tech business, school, college or university-an educational mobile app for disabled children. The apps can help students with physical disabilities to learn and study vast topics from the comfort of their home. They can use this app for regular learning as well as real-time connecting with teachers and taking live classes. Having these kinds of innovative app ideas is such a noble thing to do for society and help students with disabilities to grow in their life.

    Types of apps for disabled children: 

    • ABA Flashcards – Emotions.
    • Barn Door Four: Home Edition.
    • iDo Chores – Daily Activities For Kids With Special Needs. 
    • RIDBC Auslan Tutor. 
    • Wheelmap.
    • Physiotherapy Exercise


    The education sector is no exception when it comes to revolutionizing. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning and the advent of such other technologies have given birth to this new fashion of eLearning & online education. In recent years, the plethora of applications and online learning platforms has a vast horizon that is beyond our imagination. It is certain that education apps hold a future and have promising chances for holding investments. If you wish to create one from the above app ideas, you need to find a reliable custom app development company to turn your idea into reality.

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