How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost in 2020

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    How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost in 2020

    We are all aware of the promising technology that Flutter provides in setting up new benchmarks and popularity among mobile app developers. Flutters are surely a match for people looking for a mobile app development company for their next big project. It is the features like easy usability, fast to code as well as compatibility to different platforms that justifies its popularity among the global app developers.

    Let's begin by understanding what Flutter is. Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK with which native-looking iOS and Android apps are developed from a single codebase. Google introduced this framework and has been into operation in the industry since 2015 but it popularized much later. Ever since Flutter has imprinted its footsteps in the market by becoming one of the most popular mobile app development platforms.

    Some of the benefits that validate Flutters popularity are:

    1. The platform offers any deployment purpose for free.
    2. This is an open-source platform and hence it is easy to learn and work.
    3. Flutter has many speedy and customizable widgets.
    4. Flutter works well with any other platforms it works with- iOS or Android, unlike any other applications.
    5. The development time of Flutter is highly expedited.
    6. Flutter is reliable, credible as it is backed by Google, and hence it is accepted and supported by all.
    7. As Flutter is a hybrid platform, it helps in providing a wider reach than other applications.
    8. The development of the Flutter app saves time in testing the applications in different platforms, as the platform is based on a single codebase.

    Like any other platform, there are certain factors that affect costs to create Flutter apps. Let's have a look at them.

    Factors that affect costs to create Flutter apps

    Created with Highcharts 7.2.0Factors that Determine Mobile App Development TimeUI and UXCustom ApplicationDevelopment TimeApp Security and BackendApp Designing (Animations, graphicsetc.)# of Screens / Devices / OperatingSystems/ PlatformsThird Party IntegrationsFeaturesBusiness LogicComplexity01020304050UI and UX15%

    Hours It takes to UI/UX Design

    UI/UX configuration incorporates planning and organizing the interface of the application. These are essentially charged according to the time taken to be made. The more hours taken to plan the application, the more cost it acquires. This altogether expands the general expense of the application development.

    Overall Development Time

    The development time is also legitimately identified with the total application cost. The more is the time taken to build up the application, more is the expense brought about during the time spent application development. The actual cost is dictated by the number of hours taken to build up the application upon the stage.

    Backend Server

    The backend server cost used to host and support the application is an additional cost that would also be incorporated for the general Flutter application development cost. Backend controls the application data, server, real-time chatbots, application security, and information reinforcements. For the estimation of an application cost, the backend holds a strong value.

    Developer Cost

    The expense incurred by the payment to the developer who's taking a shot at the application development. The developer cost is concluded by the quantity of hours devoured in the development of the application.

    The Complexity of the App

    The application complexities during the development procedure also wind up causing an additional expense on application advancement. These complexities fundamentally include:

    Organization of the architectural model of the app

    • Third-party integration
    • Admin panel development
    • In-built features of the devices being used
    • Reconciliation of the enterprise as a whole

    Nonetheless,the case with Flutter application development stage isn't the same. The structure assists with settling the above issues to an extraordinary level and thus, diminishes the general expense of the improvement emerging because of complexities.

    Total Hardware Costs

    The cost estimation of the development of the Flutter application is additionally reliant upon the number of hardware being associated with the application. More is the number of hardware associated, more is the expense acquired in the advancement procedure.

    App Category

    The expense is profoundly reliant upon the purpose the app is being made and served to. Every application has various features, for example, the online business stages require the client to make a record and to transact, the learning portals that would require the clients to make a record and access the information and the food ordering app that would allow clients to track, talk, and call through the platform.

    Flutter has high helpful resources that calm down the procedure in this way supporting the general development of different kind of applications.

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    Maintenance of the App

    Application maintenance is one of the most time-consuming and standard procedures in the whole development process. The application once launched on Playstore or App store requires being updated from time to time to keep us with the market patterns which incurs a cost to create a flutter app.

    The maintenance process brings significant changes and incurs charges on necessities like application updates, changes in the design patterns, and fixing the application bugs regularly.

    Location of the Development Company

    The cost of the development also depends upon the area and changes profoundly dependent on the area where the application is being created. For example The hourly costs of building up a Flutter application in the USA would be exceptionally not quite the same as that of India, the reason being easy availability of Flutter developers.

    The other reason for this difference is- prevailing market prices which generally change depending on the location.

    How Flutter is Cost-Effective than Other Platforms

    reduce cost with fluter


    Flutter is an open-source UI software development toolkit from Flutter makes it easier for developers to learn and work on Flutter. With this the productivity and efficiency increases and results in cost-saving with time reduction in app development.

    Single Codebase

    Flutter offers to allow designers and programmers to write several codes using the same codes for both the Android and iOS platforms, over time, once and they can use the same code for application development on both the Android and iOS platforms.

    Hot Reload and Development 

    The outstanding hot reload feature allows Flutter developers to see the output instantly for the changes made to code. It is less time consuming and thus they can improve the performance of the app in terms of execution.

    Widgets Fabrication

    The Flutter mobile app development kit comes with an SDK widget library which can create a new widget as per new requirement. The customization of apps provides the users with a seamless user interface and enables the users with a long-lasting experience.

    High Performance

    The application developed on Flutter framework runs fast on any platform as it uses Dart that is a fast, simple, programming language that does not access OEM widgets as it has its own widgets. This further helps in cost-saving as developing a Cross-platform application using Flutter saves time and cost as it does not require developing separate apps in native code.

    Well, to conclude it all we can say that if any app with the basic features can be developed within $10,000 to $50,000, then an app using Flutter will cost just half the price approximately. The accessibility of numerous features for free boosts the market to get faster results for a lesser cost. hence, it is safe to say that Flutter can be meticulously built and maintained even with a low budget.


    Now that we are aware of the cost estimation and the benefits derived from having a Flutter app, we can conclude that the Flutter apps are far cost-effective than others with higher business efficiency & future growth. Flutter apps have been a great choice for entrepreneurs and startups who like to develop applications at a comparatively lower cost and get them modified with better features.

    The maintenance of the Flutter apps is something to concentrate upon. This is why one needs to hand this task to a reliable Flutter App Development Company. The number of factors that affect the development and cost of flutter apps are both backend and frontend services which are enough to serve the customers and satisfy the industry. 

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