Top 10 Best eCommerce Platforms of 2020 -21

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    Top 10 Best eCommerce Platforms of 2020 -21

    The online retail industry is a highly competitive space that is powered by the best eCommerce platforms across the world. As per the G2, there are more than 370 eCommerce platforms available for business. So what is an eCommerce platform? An e-commerce platform is particularly a website that lets businesses to launch, host, and manage an online store. Different platforms have different things to offer, for selling their things directly to the users.

    The Growth of Ecommerce Platforms

    Online shopping platforms have received the most attention in the 21st century. For anyone who has a business that sells products, there are enormous opportunities online. By the year 2021, the number of people buying goods and services through eCommerce portals will reach 2 million  While there are several features that these commercial and eCommerce platforms have to offer, each of them have a unique way to sell to the customers. Let's study what these eCommerce platforms have to offer.

    Online buying platforms today offer a convenient and easy setup and management, with an incredibly low cost. With the unprecedented growth in the eCommerce space, several users have eliminated the process of selling through an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay, and are moving to build their own sites with eCommerce functionality.

    Among the sheer number of choices, it is important to remember the basic features that an average eCommerce platform provides you.  The top 10 eCommerce platforms will provide you with the best features for achieving complete visibility across your company and satiate the most discerning customers. Here are some of the features that you can rely on, to choose a winning online shopping platform.

    • Run-on a unified and single platform: an eCommerce platform should offer unified eCommerce, order management, financial, accounting, POS, customer service, inventory, and marketing, merchandising on a single cloud-based eCommerce platform.
    • Offer a complete customer view: a good eCommerce platform should cover targeted marketing, deliver consistent experiences, and provide excellent customer service. All customer communications should be in a single view across all the touchpoints and channels. 
    • Easy to create content: it is important for an eCommerce platform to allow easy and smooth content creation on new or existing pages. It should provide a convenient interface to create and publish content on the stores. Weak supporting content can suffer in Google searches.
    • Highly dedicated support and document: the best platform for online businesses should be able to provide help whenever you need it. Big giants like Shopify often provide support via many channels such as phone calls, email, ticket support, live chat, etc.
    • Support of bottomless expansion: eCommerce platforms should fully support multiple business models, channels,  brands, currencies, locations, and languages all on the same platforms.
    • Provide better customer experiences: choose an online business platform that creates personalized, friendly and responsive, and rewarding mobile, web, and in-store experiences for customers for your store to stand out and live up to customers’ expectations.

    Why are eCommerce platforms important to brands?

    An online store without a good platform is like a house without a solid foundation. eCommerce platforms are crucial to business success as they enable the growth of an online retail enterprise. They have grown exponentially, enabling value exchanges to reach an unprecedented level.  The best eCommerce website solution guarantees the security and scalability of the user's data while offering a wide range of operational benefits and business tools, like Merchandising, Merchandising, product management suite, Pricing etc. Using online buying platforms can enable you to customize your product data to fit your online business needs best for the betterment of both store owners and customers. 

    In this blog, we have reviewed the top 10 best eCommerce platforms in 2020-2021 for you to decide a winning eCommerce platform that best suits your needs.

    Top 10 Best Ecommerce Platforms of 2020 -21


    Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms in selling in the world. It is a web application helping you with creating an online store quickly and with convenience by providing you with multiple temples to work with. It even gives you the option to customize those templates that best fit an online retailer needs to structure your own store’s look. Shopify gives you a full CMS that helps you manage the functionality and the layout of your online store as well as Shopify mobile applications.

    Shopify provides a drag and drop interface which makes it easy to set up an online store. It is hence easier for beginners to get the hang of the website development. Shopify is one of the top 10 eCommerce platforms to allow users to easily track, manage, and modify their store from anywhere in the world. Users can also use a comprehensive range of credit cards to avoid any payment conflict issue in your store. However, the poorly rated SEO and the non-customizable check out process might be some of the reasons why users might opt for a different platform.


    • Visually Appealing Online Store
    • Easy To Setup And Use
    • Lighting fast load time
    • Great themes with different designs
    • Allows multiple channel and social selling

    Plans and Prices: $29 per month - $299 per month.

    Woo Commerce

    WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms that accommodate affiliate and eCommerce under one roof. It is a free WordPress plugin that helps merchants to turn WordPress sites into online stores that offer additional paid features for accelerating the functionality of the shopping cart. This open-source eCommerce platform is an ideal solution for small brands as the Woocommerce solution is easy to customize. The secure payment processor ensures PCI compliance, thereby securing communications between the customers and your server. However, there are extensions available for integrating payment gateways. It is certainly one of the easiest eCommerce platforms to customize.

    WooCommerce can be a bit heavy on the interface as it cannot handle the weight of the themes, products, plugins that are added in the store. Hence it is advisable for the companies to choose another platform if they have to scale up their business. By choosing the right custom app development company users can determine the amount of traffic the store can handle. 


    • Best platform for SEO
    • 1 Click selling app 
    • WordPress experts available
    • Highly customizable
    • Many marketing options with  other integrations

    Plans and Prices: : $5-100 per month


    Bigcommerce was founded by two Australians Mitchell Harper and  Eddie Machaalani in 2009. It is the best ecommerce platform for larger retail brands and provides merchants sophisticated enterprise-grade services. Its robust product search engine makes it one of the best ecommerce platforms. Thousands of B2B and B2C companies across the globe use BigCommerce to create engaging and beautiful online stores. Being one of the top ecommerce platforms,  BigCommerce is a good choice for people who want to sign up for an ecommerce store or for people who want to expand their existing operations that include online orders. 

    One of the benefits of using BigCommerce is that the interface allows users to customize their online shop without having to learn to code customizable templates for structuring the online store. BigCommerce provides highly flexible APIs and low total cost of ownership. BigCommerce provides you with an integrated eCommerce solutions and a few other features and options.


    • Strong SEO Performance
    • Easily Manage Returns
    • Fantastic Theme Designs
    • Flexible and scalable
    • Online Marketing Apps

    Plans and Prices: $29.95 per month - $249.95 per month


    Wix is one of the most easy-to-use and most secure eCommerce platforms. It provides convenient alternatives for building a full-on website with serverless computing and hassle-free coding. It also provides a simple setup, seventy-two free themes at affordable prices. This one of the top eCommerce platforms lets you make a website your way. It allows users to select a template and customize it according to their requirements for the store. With the growth of business, users can add new features to improve your store performance. Being one of the popular online commerce options, Wix also provides you with a mobile-optimized version of your store that mutually works well for the users as well as customers.

    The mobile interface can be personalized by using the mobile editor. Wix also helps you to capture leads effortlessly by building customer relationships and accept payments right from your website. Wix has been a major force in the eCommerce industry, however, its simplicity draws it back from being used in large-scale online businesses. It is undoubtedly one of the top commercial e commerce platforms best-suited solopreneurs and small eCommerce businesses.


    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • Multi-channel integration
    • print on-demand capabilities.
    • Tons of free amazing themes.
    • On-page support for numerous needs.

    Plans and Prices: $23 per month - $500 per month

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    Square Space

    Squarespace is another popular platform for online business that is fully integrated with a built-in for every plan except for the entry-level option. It is remarkably easier to build a beautiful website with Squarespace. With Squarespace, users can also install multiple templates and switch between them at any time. Squarespace works well with new ecommerce shops that are not sure what it looks like in the future. This is actually because squarespace helps its users to scale or pivot the direction of their sales strategy. With a few of the advantages, the main drawback of using Squarespace is that they don't have an app store where you can add any other integrations or extensions. You get what you actually see. You can find almost all the useful and popular applications that are already built-in, however one should check the full list of features if they want something specific.


    • Unlimited products
    • Sell physical & digital products
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Built-in applications

    Plans and Prices:  $12 per month- $40 per month


    3dcart is a powerful and one of the most secure ecommerce platforms that has served over 22,000 online businesses in 20 years of its service. The company has helped  online merchants to build online stores for ranking  higher and selling more. There are about more than 200 built-in features, highly rated SEO options, 50 free themes and a support of over 100 payment processors. 3Dcart is one of the top ecommerce platforms to provide intuitive features, latest SEO standards, mobile-ready themes and marketing eCommerce tools for making your store convert higher with an increased conversion rate. It is not as popular as the industry giants like BigCommerce or Shopify. However, it is a great option for advanced ecommerce users. 


    •  built-in SEO tools.
    • offers 24/7 expert eCommerce support.
    • Customer-friendly
    • Secure and scalable
    • mobile-ready themes
    • No transaction fees
    • Free domain for one year

    Plans and Prices: $19- $129 per month


    Magento is one of the most used eCommerce platforms across the globe. The platform is famous for being incredibly complicated, however, it has significant benefits that make it deserving to be in this list. Magento provides specific solutions that operate as a B2C, B2B, with powerful and robust ecommerce capabilities which makes it the best platform for online business built for any kind of website. If y9ou have a huge online store, Magento is just the one for you. The complexities and intricacies of the solution makes it unfit for a small business or eCommerce startup. There are about 1000 extensions that you can use to customize your Magento store.


    • Versatile content management
    • customer segmentation features
    • Advanced search engine optimization
    • Customizable security permissions
    • Flexible third-party integrations

    Plans and Prices : Free basic version, enterprise version starts $20,000 per year.


    Volusion is a pioneer in the ecommerce industry providing the best platform for eCommerce websites. Over 180,000 websites over the last  20+ years have used Volution to sell online and over $ 30 billion revenue have been processed from Volusion stores. Volution makes it easy to create a store, sell products for scaling your business. This ecommerce platform is only intended for stores selling physical products and not for any  digital downloads. One of the best things about Volution is that they don't restrict you on the products offered on your site.


    • Best for stores with large catalogs
    • Excellent customer service
    • 30 day money back guarantee

    Plans and Prices: $26 per month- $269 per month.

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Salesforce is famous for its CRM solutions. The organization claims to assist you with reinforcing the relationship with clients and develop with the world's first CRM available with Einstein AI. It is a cloud-based eCommerce platform best fitted to both B2C and B2B merchants. It’s a part of the Salesforce product suite. Therefore, it incorporates numerous other CRM  and marketing services, which helps you develop your business and develop a good client relationship all at a time.

    Moreover, Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers other features 
    for example, request the board and order management, trade personalization with AI, globalization solutions for worldwide organizations, and more arrangements classified by business type, necessities, industry, and role. It is the easiest ecommerce platform to customize the pricings that is best suited as per your requirements. Despite having the option to deal with high volumes of traffics and sales, Salesforce isn't appropriate for little brands or starters in selling online as its high price and complex technological requirements.


    • Custom pricing
    • Leverage AI to drive sales
    • Ideal for B2B companies
    • Ecommerce and CRM platform

    Quick eSelling

    Quick eSelling is a SaaS based ecommerce platform that was launched in 2015. Quick eSelling allows global business owners to start an ecommerce website and mobile app without any capital investment and coding experience. The free ecommerce platform has been used by 10000+ small & medium businesses to launch online stores.

    The platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways and comes with a customizable front-end. With Quick eSelling, from marketing, design, analytics & reporting to integrations, your online store will be managed from a single CRM. Also, there are multiple themes and third-party integrations to support your online store needs.


    • Free hosted ecommerce solution
    • Single CRM to manage website and mobile apps
    • SEO-friendly
    • Multi-lingual
    • Pre-integrated Tax & Shipping APIs
    • Secure & Customizable
    • Excellent Customer support

    Square Online

    Square online is one of the popular ecommerce platform companies that is known for their POS solutions and software. It is an excellent ecommerce platform that integrates well with their POS software. This helps in having an accurate count of the inventories as they are sold out to the customers. Square Online is the best online retail platform that enables the users to sell products on Amazon, book arrangements, accept donations and even arrange pickups or deliveries. However, It costs 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Square online is completely free to start and is a great online tools that boost your SEO to reach customers through web 


    • Price starts at $0
    • Excellent Integrations
    • Great SEO tools
    • Flexible customer connections

    Plans and Prices: $0 - $79 (plus + $0.30 per transaction.)

    Big Cartel

    Big Cartel was founded in 2005 by Matt Wigham and EricTurner that currently powers over 45,000 websites. Big Cartel is one of the best ecommerce platforms for startups that have small online stores. This platform provides you with fewer frills than site builders that power the giant online stores. Big Cartel helps you with monetizing your work and make it available to the public online. It is the best ecommerce platform for small business, provisioning solution for smaller shops, bloggers, and creatives with reasonable pricing, beautiful templates, and a simple set of features. It's more of a niche platform that helps artists and other creatives to sell physical and digital products online. 


    • User-friendly
    • Product pages are simple to create
    • clean and intuitive dashboard
    • comprehensive order management area

    Plans and Prices: $0 - $29.99 per month

    J2 Store

    J2 store is an online business platform that is not for everyone. It is mainly made for websites that fall into a quite certain category. It is a shopping cart extension for people using Joomla as a CMS which makes it inappropriate for an all-in-one eCommerce platform. Users need to have a Joomla website to use J2Store. Besides these, J2Store is easy to work with as everything can be set up in less than 10 minutes. It is mostly like turning a Joomla site into an online business shop. J2Store has more than 350,000 downloads, compatible with 75+ payment gateways.

     and has 60+ app integrations.


    • Joomla shopping cart extension
    • Supports subscriptions and memberships
    • 30-day money-back guarantee

    Plans and Prices: $99 per year


    Ecommerce platforms help you to build an online store without learning how to code, an unlimited spending plan, or a degree in web design. They come packed with internet business explicit plans and features to make setting up your business easy and successful. Amongst all the various eCommerce platforms that are available, choosing one can get pretty confusing particularly when they all claim to be the best. This article can help you in narrowing down the best eCommerce platforms best suited for your entrepreneur needs.  

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