Build online food order website similar to Zomato

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    Build online food order website similar to Zomato

    Food Businesses to advertise

    Food is a basic human need. It is no wonder that online food junction that brings menus and other useful information about restaurants both big and small, to its user at the click of a button- to order food online especially just before lunch and dinner time every day is on high demand. Zomato- an online food order website/ portal is actually content business, content is their core asset. The number of visitors hitting their portal- looking for food options just before they want to eat, Zomato also offers online food order with payment options. Selling ad space on their electronic real estate is their key source revenue. There are two primary sources of content that Zomato has – curated content from restaurants and user-generated content.

    Order online food website must have curated information about restaurants 

    Zomato includes restaurants menus, the type of restaurant it is, its address, contact details and location on map, the cuisine it serves, open and close timings etc. Most important part is upgrading information, restaurants can upgrade or change menus, revise rates, add options, move location, or even shut down. This content is at core of Zomato as a business of order food online.

    Order online food on the basis of rating and reviews.  

    As the database on restaurants grows, the importance of ratings and reviews goes up as users use them as a criteria to make choices. This part is purely generated by users based on their personal experience of eating at restaurant and Zomato plays no role in creating reviews and ratings.

    Criteria for listings  

    All the content collectively comes and resides in the Zomato servers and here begins the task of organizing and presenting this data. The engineering and design teams at Zomato work on presenting the information to users in such a way that it is most useful online food order website for them. They have classified the restaurant based on what they offered. Location based restaurant search followed by filters like user reviews, location, cost, veg-non-veg, air-conditioned / Non-AC, Wi-Fi, cash or card payment options etc.

    Food Based Vertical Social Network in the world

    If we are in hurried search for food to order then… Zomato has brought in the social angle into their user community. Users can follow fellow users with similar tastes, recommend places to each other or simply discuss food. This builds a strong followership for them. So now they can connect friends from other platform on Zomato as well. This validates the accepted notion that we tend to trust reviews from people we know more than anonymous reviews.

    Once the user arrives on online food order website, advertisements can’t be far away. For all food-related business, including restaurants, there cannot be a better platform to advertise than website. Zomato has made this even more attractive for advertisers by providing hyper local advertising options. 99 percent of the ads on Zomato are by restraint and only 1 percent are from other segments.

    Authenticity of Content 

    Users come to Zomato because they trust the information it provides. They expect the information should be correct and up-to-date. On Zomato, order food online website there are millions of restaurants listed across cities and countries. But still there is no automate content collection process or no any system where hotels and restaurant can manage their own data. The reason behind this is Zomato emphasized that the whole content about restaurant is core to their business and they must have complete control over data to ensure its correctness. Their team hits the streets and goes door to door to collect menus, pictures, map coordinates and other information straight from the restaurant.

    Before entering a new city, Zomato’s team visits the place a few months in advance to source, moderate and update information about restaurants. At the time of launch, about 80- 90 % restaurants in the city are listed with their details.

    The Zomato’s team is focused on expansion both on its product features and geographies that it can target. They are offering us with varieties of food options. To build order food online website Zomato is an ideal website.

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