How much does it cost to Develop an eCommerce website in 2020?

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    How much does it cost to Develop an eCommerce website in 2020?

    Online store websites have grasped attention in recent years. This is fundamental because mobile phones and laptops have become so convenient for commoners. The trend of smartphones has increased only because of the comfort that it provides. With these, comes the addiction of shopping. The leisure to sit back at home with our favorite beverage and get that dress that we like by only a few clicks is beyond imagination. Online shopping for some is better than physical shopping as one gets to try a lot of options without having to get physically worked up. To some, it has proven to be a great place for business. Such a scenario has led people wondering about the price of developing an online store website. Doesn't seem to be a bad prospect, right? 

    Online shopping has shown a sharp rise with the rise in technologies. The unprecedented rate with which it is growing is driving the e-commerce owners crazy to keep their solid place in the online race. Development and modification are integral to the growth of any online business.

    This article is an approach to guide someone looking to build an eCommerce website. The things one should know, the challenges involved, and the cost for developing any eCommerce websites.

    What you need to consider before starting an e-commerce website

    Before one needs to find an eCommerce website, it is of prime importance that they should chalk out a plan. Without a concrete plan it is very difficult to find out where to start, what to consider, and what things to economize on. Hence it is strongly recommended to spend some time reflecting on strategy for better understanding.

    Let's have a look at the key e-commerce website development steps

    #1. Goals of eCommerce Website Development

    The first step to any development is to determine its goals. The efficiency in the process of development is based on how precise the plan is chalked out. As a business owner one needs to understand what exactly to achieve, what to expect and how should it look.  

    To attain this, one can answer these questions:

    1. What kind of eCommerce websites is one expecting to have?

    2. What will be the shipping options?

    3. How large will be the projects? How far can these be scaled?

    4. Does it have to be an online store only? Or is it only a way to increase the sales for an already existing real store?

    5. What is the budget for e-commerce website development?

    It is given that any project that is to be carried out at a high level will be achieved only if we know what to get as a result. This should be conveyed well to the developers to avoid any disappointment.  

    #2. Domain Name and Website Hosting

    A domain name and website hosting are 2 significant points that are often overlooked. Let's have a closer look at these factors.

    A domain name should ideally be the name of your company, that has to be memorable and easily pronounced. This is really significant as it represents the business brand. The name should be something that does not already exist as it creates issues while registering. Hosting ensures proper programming of the eCommerce website. 

    #3 SSL Certificate

    The SSL is a protocol that guarantees the absence of the minute danger and threats of cyber attacks during the interaction of your server with the visitor's browser. The SSL browser enables the transition of the coded data through HTTPS. It returns information to the decoded format with the secret digital key. There are three types of SSL certificates.

    1. Domain validation requires domain verification and it is in high demand nowadays.

    2. Business validation: The choice is relevant for the ones businessmen who consider their reputation. In this case, more thorough research have to be performed, which includes an evaluation of your business processes.

    3. Extended validation

    #4. Payment Gateway

    Organizing a secure payment device is by no means easy, you need to spend lots of time to get approval to use this technology, however, there's no manner to avoid this type of laborious process. It's the best hazard to discover a way to build a successful eCommerce website.

    #5. Marketing and Promotion Strategy

    There are many ways to popularize your aid and entice new customers, consisting of search engine optimization, affiliate programs, banner and context advertising, Google Shopping Campaign, and plenty more.

    Also, let's not forget the social networks and the possibilities they provide. It’s not enough to integrate with Facebook, Instagram, and other similar sources. It’s important to create a specialized web page of the organization in all key social networks, which would constitute your brand, exhibit the product catalog, and put it up for sale the eCommerce website.

    How much does it cost to for an eCommerce website development?

    In order To determine the costs to build a successful eCommerce business project, one needs to figure out what it consists of. Below we list a few important features of a website and examine each of them in the hours required to put into effect it. These features impact the overall eCommerce website development cost & the average cost of eCommerce website typically costs around $6000 to $28000 depending upon features, technology, products & more factors.

    ecommerce developement cost & time

    Authentication (sign-in page)

    It is important to make a consumer registration page so that a person can create an account and fill it with personal statistics. However, one should n't make the authorization a prerequisite, otherwise, one can be at a threat of losing a number of customers.

    Timeline: 24 hours

    Catalog Page

    It’s pretty obvious and an easy step - at a glance. However, in case one is inquisitive about how to make an online shop successful, they need to pay the most attention to this issue . The catalog of goods should be as smooth to apply as possible:

    Segregate the catalog by different product categories to simplify the look for the desired position. 

    1. create a chart of filters and sorting.

    2. provide the possibility to compare several comparable catalog goods.

    3. Let's not forget about the catalog search.

    Filters, the search bar, and all other elements of the catalog ought to be very consumer-friendly. It increases the possibilities to have excessive conversions inside the future.

    Timeline: 52 hours

    Product Details Page

    Discussing what is included within the e-commerce website development cost, one needs to consider such a function as a product info page, that's nothing extra than a product card. It should include all the necessary data approximately a specific product: the photo, description, characteristics, dimensions, etc.

    A video demonstrating the products in extent won’t be superfluous either. And we suggest adding an opportunity to leave feedback. Users would be glad to read the opinions of those people who've already purchased the product they're interested in. 

    Timeline: 50 hours

    Shopping Cart Page

    E-commerce web development necessarily consists of the stage of creating a buying cart. It's quite simple: as soon as the consumer clicks on the "Add to Cart" button, the product routinely appears on this web page.

    Timeline: 36 hours

    Checkout Page

    While Discussing the SSL protocol, we explained a way to make an e-commerce website secure. Special attention should be given to the checkout page as payment is always a delicate moment, and the consumer should be able to lay their trust on the website.

    To make the checkout page credible, you must take care of:

    • Minimum of clicks: The rule of three clicks says that the site should be designed in such a way that the person only needed three clicks to get the desired result. It applies to the checkout page too. three clicks might not be enough, but attempt to lessen them to a minimum level. The only e-commerce internet site solutions always follow this rule.

    • Transparency of the process: The buying and checkout processes should be as consumer-friendly as possible.

    • The Possibility to Continue Shopping: The opportunity Give the buyer to continue shopping from any page should be considered.  

    • Links to your Private Policy: The page should always incorporate a link to the Private Policy page to help the user familiarize himself with safety measures.

    • Full Information About the Purchased Product: The total fee of the order is insufficient information. It is ideal that the checkout page includes a greater particular description - the user would love to know exactly what he's paying for. Specifying shipping alternatives might are available on hand either. 

    Timeline: 40 hours

    About Us

    Users deserve to know about your company. Don’t be silent, tell users about your company. One should be able to prove that the business could be trusted! In different words, create your business brand. Traditional resources commonly inform the whole records of the organization (a tale of its formation with all the ups and downs), but in fact, it’s no longer necessary. Nobody, in reality, cares why you decided to start eCommerce web improvement, clients are more inclined to study different things, namely: 

    1. Number of years at the market;

    2. Achievements, awards, and certificates that the company is proud of?

    3. The character of the products offered.

    4. Suppliers

    5. Quality Checking. To let everyone know the measures you are taking so as to ensure the high first-class of the products.

    Of course, the About Us page may be replenished and edited, because, with the increase of your organization, there can be new motives to be proud of

    Timeline: 12 hours

    Customer Care (FAQ)

    Starting an e-commerce website, one doesn't always comprehend that the project close-out won't result in the completion of all works... Because they may be almost endless! Among different things, you should be equipped to constantly guide your clients.

    Yes, your users are probable to have many questions on your eCommerce website, and those questions are usually quite typical. Be smart sufficient to reply them in advance and post inside the FAQ section.

    Questions can relate to delivery, payment, the go back of rejected goods, first-class certificates, and other essential issues.

    Timeline: 12 hours

    Contact Us Page

    It is unreasonable to create the online save without the Contact Us page. The user have to know all the options to touch you if necessary.You ought to specify the most variety of your contact information: the address, a cellphone range, skype, email, a place map, etc. And it'd be smart to offer the possibility to communicate with you through the unique contact form. 

    Timeline: 8 hours

    Integration with Third-Party Solutions

    Earlier, we explained to you the significance of thinking about any advertising and marketing campaigns ahead of time. If you’ve taken our advice into account, then in the eCommerce web development method you'll need to combine the chosen marketing tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Mailchimp, and so on.

    Timeline: 12 hours


    CMS is the administrative panel, the "manipulate center" of your resource. It's the vicinity where the proprietor can manipulate his site: the products, orders and every other data. Undoubtedly, the CMS is a key degree of e-trade web development.

    Timeline: 56 hours

    eCommerce website development cost estimate

    Well, now comes the final question: how much does it cost to create an eCommerce website? But before going down that line, it is important that we mention the additional cost paid to the designers and developers, one will need the following specialists that are involved in eCommerce website development (and, of course, will have to pay them.)

    • Project manager to coordinate work processes

    • QA engineers to test the eCommerce platform

    Timeline PM: 16 hours

    Timeline QA: 30 hours


    These features can impact the way to make an eCommerce website successful. Starting an eCommerce internet site from scratch is, of course, more expensive than using ready-made solutions of famous platforms. To stick it all together one needs skilled web app developers who are willing to assist with this development process. Let's hope you find one.

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