9 Reasons to use AngularJS for Responsive Web Application development

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    9 Reasons to use AngularJS for Responsive Web Application development

    AngularJS has gained enough popularity in within a less period of time. Many enterprises are embracing AngularJS for their enterprise application development thus becoming widely adopted. AngularJS Development Services are a practical choice outside the area of greenfield development. Here are some super impressive reasons why one should adopt to AngularJS if he/she is interested in responsive web application development. 

    1. Secure responsive web applications

    Security is always been a major concern of any organization. Whenever a new update in technology or any new installation in made, there is always a big concern and protection is taken against the pinholes at the infrastructure level. AngularJS has eliminated this concern from the root as it is more focused on presenting the data rather than processing the data. The secure HTTP calls are made to communicate with the server. RESTful APIs and web services help in this communication. A proper and ideal security major is to be taken by any enterprise to make their security more powerful and to secure the AngularJS applications.

    AngularJS only presents the data on the screen of the application and when you want to display this data thousands of populations then one has to be very cautious about the attacks like cross-site scripting.

    As we know the AngularJS is very flexible and robust in nature that gives you plus to implement the third-party security libraries. The client side security concerns are eradicated with the features of Angular which support the strict expression evaluation and let you use stringent contextual escaping.

    2. Creating web application quickly and with fewer efforts

    Developers are embracing Responsive Web App Development using AngularJS since AngularJS has made the application developing very quick and effortless task. There is no need to write the lengthy MVC pipeline. AngularJS uses HTML to develop the view with a few attributes added to HTML code. Very less code with fewer lines is needed for writing data to the server and for binding data using AngularJS. WE can develop small and simple apps in no time using AngularJS. In jQuery we need to create many objects and use of event handlers and listeners for performing the same task. These make the developing part more tedious. AngularJS has turned out to be path breaking invention which took us to watch model from watching events and elements.

    3. More maintainable applications

        AngularJS helps to build applications which are maintainable and can be easily updated. Enterprises are accepting AngularJS for building applications because once the application is ready and installed you are set to go. It will require your attention at the few times when there is need to update or fix some bug issue. As it uses the object oriented design at the client side thus, makes it is very easy to remember and maintain the application.

    4. Manageable access

     Enterprises main concern is its industrial infrastructure security. Whenever the enterprise enhances its applications to accommodating AngularJS, its main concerns are the access granted and each level for accessing the application and restrictions which are mandatory at each level. Superheroic framework, AngularJS has provided with the flexibility that enables integration of domain system and application login with the security flow decided by the security guidelines. There are many supplementary libraries which make this task possible. Libraries like Idapjs makes possible to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) for accessing the application.

    5. Cherish good programming practices

    AngularJS encourages good programming practices within the guidelines which make it develop application at its supremacy. The features like two-way data binding, dependency injection, RESTful API communication with servers, directives, controllers and services make development effortless and simple.

    6. Easy integration with others

    Responsive Web App Development Using AngularJS enables painless collaboration with others. Web developers who have worked with object oriented MVC for the server-side and know models can learn and use AngularJS easily.

    Dependency injection has made is possible for the developers to integrate the modules already developed with AngularJS. There are many libraries present and supplements AngularJS to develop new functionality within the projects.

    7. Improved testability for the web applications

    With AngularJS we are able to make the websites which are error free and as the testing is very easy and simple task to perform here. After some interval of time, there is need of upgrading and fixing of issues for the applications. The testable applications are easy to bug fix. The Testing gives us the clear idea about the areas where improvement is needed and helps to fix them while development. Karma and Jasmine are the testing tools available with the developing environments.

    8. Leverage your existing data

    AngularJS gives the advantage of managing the underlying database. AngularJS uses RSTful API for the communication with server and database management. It helps to reuse the server side security. The website build using Rails or Django are easily replaceable for their front ends with easy swaps. AngularJS implements the directives which enhance the performance and speed of the website.

    9. Proficiency in a reasonable amount of time

    A web developer can learn and use AngularJS very easily and quickly. This assists to reduce the development time by speeding up the process and also reduce the cost for the development. AngularJS can be learned in no time by the people who are working or familiar to other JavaScript Frameworks like Backbone.js, JQuery. Once you know how to code in JavaScript there is no problem in picking up AngularJS.


    These are the reasons why AngularJS Development Company is able to deliver the best web applications within the set criteria which are more interactive and efficient and bug-free. AngularJS is being embraced by the web development companies and soon on the verge to become even more popular in no time.


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