Top Angular 18 Features and Updates

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    Top Angular 18 Features and Updates

    Angular has always been on a consistent path to bring innovation to meet the demands and overcome the challenges of developers. With each version, new features, optimizations, and improvements come forth. The next version of Angular 18 is what the Angular community is looking forward to. The Angular 18 release date is expected to be in May 2024. There is a multitude of new features that will be added in the major release. This is what you can expect from Angular 18 new features:

    Route Redirects with Functions

    Angular 18 has a new feature that the framework will manage redirects. Therefore, instead of using strings, angular developers can incorporate functions to clarify the redirect URL that is in the redirectTo property of the Route object. This enhancement brings heightened flexibility in routing and opens new doors to possibilities. In the function, the framework allows access to an object that has information regarding the URL.

    export const routes: Routes = [
        path: 'page1',
        redirectTo: '/page2',
        pathMatch: 'full'
    //redirectTo function
    export const routes: Routes = [
        path: 'page1',
        redirectTo: (url) => { 
          return '/page2'; 
        pathMatch: 'full'

    The function then has to return a reference to the string or UrlTree. UrlTree in Angular means a data structure presenting a URL. The UrlTree then captures all the information such as the URL’s segments, query parameters, and fragments.

    This is a process commonly done in Angular routing systems for activities like routing guards, URL manipulation, and navigation. Angular makes sure to improve efficiency and continuous navigation behavior with web applications by utilizing UrlTree.

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    New RedirectCommand

    The new version of Angular 18 release the new RedirectCommand class, created to manage NavigationExtras. This improvement will permit enhanced angular redirection abilities with Guards and Resolvers. RedirectCommand class integration enhances maintainability and flexibility, making it easier for developers to handle challenging navigation patterns in Angular applications.

    const route: Route = {
      path: 'page1',
      component: PageComponent,
      canActivate: [
        () => {
          const router: Router = inject(Router);
          const urlTree: UrlTree = router.parseUrl('./page2');
          return new RedirectCommand(urlTree, { skipLocationChange: true });

    ng-content default content

    Default content is now permitted to be put in the ng-content tag. It is a logical extension of the ng-content element. If there exists a tag for content, it will follow that default content should be added to the tag itself.


    Zoneless Applications

    Signal's one of the main objectives is to incorporate signals into applications to work without zone.js. Earlier, this would have been achievable without using the Angular signals component. However, since then the next iteration has changed. It is now possible to achieve this with the use of the Angular signals component, initiated with Angular 18, which is about to be released.

    TypeScript 4.7 Support

    TypeScript 4.7 will be longer supported by Angular 18 now and has several new features and improvements. Angular developers can take advantage of all the newest features like the latest TypeScript features. These features include:

    Template Literal Types

    This feature permits developers to minutely define the type of templates and catch errors early in code seamlessly.

    Improved Readonly Support

    It will introduce a more consistent and secure way to use the readonly keyword providing developers efficiency and security benefits.

    New Import Types

    If you want tools to create a more modular and organized code the new import types are here for you.

    Improved Performance with Ivy

    Angular 18 will seamlessly integrate and provide more optimization to enhance the performance of Angular applications by creating optimizations for the Ivy compiler. These optimizations will lead to:

    • Faster startup times

    • Smaller bundle sizes

    • Better overall performance

    New ng-template API

    It will be easier now to create and use templates with Angular 18 introducing new features like ng-template API. With support for the new API, Angular developers can take advantage of:

    • More elasticity and power

    • The ability to create reusable and viable templates

    Enhanced Forms API

    Angular 18 is also making a number of enhancements improvements and inclusions to the forms API that will make it convenient to create and validate forms. This will give more hold over the form validation process along with simple-to-define form objects and validation rules and the ability to manage more complex validation scenarios.

    Improved Debugging Tools

    A new inclusion in Angular 18 is the debugging tools. This will simplify the debugging and testing of Angular web applications which wasn't possible in the existing applications. It will also provide more details on the application state such as

    • Debugging with source maps

    • Envisioning the component tree and data bindings

    • Performance profiles

    Improved AOT Compilation

    A more effective ahead of time compilation will be introduced to the larger apps. It will also be compatible with third-party libraries, this many apps won't need compilation during the runtime.

    Moreover, we expect that Angular 18 may also have preloaded modules running in the background. It will also include loading routes that make sure only code for the current route is loaded. The new iteration will have an emphasis on lazy loading and signal-based inputs.

    Angular 18: A Developer Preview

    Angular 18 might turn out to be the new reactivity model for developers. For the new projects, it is recommended by the Angular community to have a strong knowledge of Angular 17. The latest framework will ensure simple code and improvements in the components and tools. The future version will soon be released and have a significant impact. After testing, we can be sure of the version.

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