How to Hire an Offshore Development Team for your Business

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    How to Hire an Offshore Development Team for your Business
    The trend to outsource skill is increasing with each passing day with the rapid growth in IT services. Almost 80-85 percent of the world’s largest companies depend on offshore development teams to expand their business. An offshore team simply just hires skills and laborers and operates on a distant foreign land. India as a tech nation has a good reputation for IT services with skilled labors at a reasonable cost. It has the highest number of offshore development teams as a country. 

    However, as technology will keep on flourishing, the demand for offshore developers will increase. It is very difficult for companies to continue having a great turnover year after year and sustaining their value in the market. Thus it becomes very crucial for software companies to outsource developers who know the market and the culture. In this blog, we talk about the know-how for managing and hiring an offshore software development team.

    To have a better outcome one must be aware of the engagement models of hiring an offshore development team and their benefits in business growth:

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    This is the shortest engagement model, where developers are hired on an hourly basis. This model helps you to save a lot of money as you are only paying for the hours worked and not for the whole day.


    The monthly model lets you access the skill sets of the developers and their expertise. If you know the skill set of a particular developer and you know about the time frame within which your project can be completed, then this is the most appropriate model for you.

    Long Term Engagement Plan
    In this particular engagement model, the developers work for multiple assignments. Since they are mutually tied up they will be dedicated to work exclusively for your project. The biggest advantage of this team is that the team will look after all the aspects of the entire project from financial security to data.

    Benefits of hiring an offshore software development company

    hire developers

    Access to top skills

    Through outsourcing, one gets access to the knowledge and expertise by dedicated developers, and one gets to know some of the common issues and tricks for the projects being worked on.

    Focus on core values 

    Since one knows the tricks and tips of the project being worked on, one will be able to know what are the essential requirements for their project and will be able to concentrate more on things that matter most for their growth.

    Faster time to market 

    An offshore service provider will help speed up the process of delivery while focussing on the quality of the project.


    offshore service providers are flexible enough to work around the development team to match the changing needs of the project.

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