Comparison Between Angular vs ReactJS vs Vue.JS

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    Comparison Between Angular vs ReactJS vs Vue.JS

    The conclusion seems obvious, but if you are thinking that Angular is the solution to all your problems, you could be wrong.

    Angularjs vs Vue.js

    Comparing Angularjs vs Vue.js, I think Vue.js is a more flexible and less opinionated solution ( than Angular ). That allows you to structure your app the way you want it to be, instead of being forced to do everything the Angular way. It’s only an interface layer so you can use it as a light feature on pages instead of a full-blown SPA.

    Vue.JS vs ReactJS

    I prefer Vue.js over React. Vue.js is the new kid in Javascript town. So I would like to say the simplicity of learning is probably number one. Simplicity is built into its design.

    Vue is simpler, it features a lot of concepts from AngularJS and React. You can use it without any build system — just include it into HTML file.React is bigger and a little more complex (e.g. in terms of setting up).

    React and Vue.js has some similar features. 

    1) Utilize a virtual DOM

    2) Provide reactive & compose-able view components.

    3) Keep focus in the core library, with concerns like routing and global state management handled by companion libraries.


    Angular vs ReactJS vs Vue.JS which is best for Web Application Development as each framework comes with its own strengths and weaknesses hence, finding the best one truly depends on your project needs and your experience as a developer. 

    Vue.js is very lightweight and easy to learn and lets you create application your way.It is not as much famous as React (maintained by Facebook) or Angular 2 & 4 (supported by Google) among developers. However, many developers are switching to Vue. Laravel community has also considered it as one of their preferred front-end frameworks.Angular is a much-evolved framework and has a lot of tools right out of the box.

    As a business owner, you need an application that serves your current needs, scales to address your future needs effectively and enables you to stay relevant and competitive in your industry.

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