10 Best AngularJS Features For Web Application Development of 2018

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    10 Best AngularJS Features For Web Application Development of 2018

    AngularJS is the widely used and has become developers favorite JavaScript Framework for Web Applications Development. This has happened because the AngularJS has given developers the enormous flexibility to develop interactive, user-friendly and platform-independent web applications. The whole development process can be completed in less time and with easy going mode without any hurdles. The whole application is developed and deployed within time and budget. 

    AngularJS is the best framework for developing RICH Internet Applications (RIA). The developers use the framework where it manipulates the DOM and integrates the elements and the features which are provided by the directives. The MVC architecture supports provide a flexible and easy flow of the data from the view to model and vice verse. When any user interaction is done, an input is passed to the view and the model. The model logic is operated on it and the desired update is made on the DOM model.

    It is an era of technology; Developers have to focus on building the single page applications, the web and mobile applications with the help of the cutting edge tools to save the time and money.

    Let's look at the overview of the features offered by AngularJS, this helps us to understand why AngularJS is the best choice for developing web applications in. 

        1. MVC Framework

    AngularJS provides with a smooth Model View Control Architecture which is also very dynamic in nature.

    As we know any application is build up from combining different modules together. These modules work with different logics. These are initialized differently from each other. But still, these modules are connected with each other by some logic. The developers have to build all the components separately and then have to combine them together with some code and applied logic to fix them in a single application. This, of course, is an overhead for the developers while using an MVC Framework.

    MVC makes it easier for developers to build client side web application. All the MVC elements which are developed separately are combined automatically using AngularJS Framework. There is no need for developers to write extra code to fit all the elements together. It allows you to put MVC element separately and automatically sets them together accordingly.

        2. User Interface With HTML

     AngularJS uses the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to build the user interface. The HTML language is a declarative language which uses very short tags and it is very simple to understand. It gives better simple and organized user interface. JavaScript Interfaces are more complicated to reorganize and to develop. HTML are provided with the special attributes. The controller for every element is made easy to define using these attributes.

        3. POJO Model

    Plain Old JavaScript Objects are very self-sufficient in terms of functionality. The earlier data models use to keep monitoring the data flow. A POJO data model gives the spontaneous and very well planned objects and logics. AngularJS Developers have to just create loops of objects and array with the required properties and have to play around it for the required results. It gives us the spontaneous and clear code which helps in highly user-friendly and interactive Web-based apps using AngularJS.

        4. Less Code To Write

    AngularJS development requires very less coding as there is no need to write the separate code for the MVC. HTML is used for building the user interface. HTML is very simple and has very short and simple tags and attributes for the elements. The data binding has reduced the work for moving the data manually in the view. The app code and the directives have their own different code, so these two can be written simultaneously by two different teams.

    No Need to write the different code set for the applications according to the devices to be used for running the application. A single code set for one application makes your task done. One application can be used over different platforms.

        5. Filters

    Filters work is to just filter the data before it reaches the view. It performs the paginations and also filters a data array with respect to the parameters. The functions are modified according to the ideal parameters but these are only data transformation task done. It works with regards to putting the data in the proper format before it is actually placed in the view. For example putting decimal point in a number or reversing the order of numbers/serial in the desired range

        6. Unit Testing

    Earlier the testing used to be performed by creating a test page and then invoking it to test the behavior of the component. With the use of AngularJS the testing part has become simpler. The Application uses Dependency injection to bind the entire application together. It helps to function and manage the scope and the control with very much ease. All the controllers are dependent on the dependency injection to pass the data, here the Dependency injection is used to insert the mock or we can say testing data inside the controller to find out the behavior and what output is generated.

        7. DOM Manipulation

    The view modifies and manipulates the DOM to update the data and the behavior. But with the use of AngularJS development, the DOM manipulation is the task of the directives and not the view. The DOM manipulations are taken out that has made the designers and the users to focus more on the view. The MVC functions purely on the view and the data flow over it. There is no need to worry about the DOM manipulation.

        8. Context-aware Communications

    The web communication using the PubSub is not the context based communication. The context is not taken into the consideration. Some messages we need PubSub to send them to be read by the specific controls at a node. The few messages are there to be read by the children and few are there which are to be read by the ancestors of the children. The PubSub system in Angular has been it specific that the broadcast() will send a message to all children controllers.

    emit() will send a message to all ancestors.

    This kind of communication can be done using the data binding. The controllers are passing the message to the view to update. That means the controllers are allowing the view to update after there are any changes in the properties. The properties which are there in the parent scope only exist there. The child does not inherit the exact properties, as sometimes the child modifies them and inherit. This modification is inherited and updated automatically by the other children as well.

        9. Behavior With Directives

    Angular provides extra functionality to the HTML with the use of directives. The additional elements can be used and there is no need to for the DOM to simulate the elements. The controller should never manipulate the DOM directly, This has to be done via Directives.

    The elements can be created in HTML like <accordion></accordion>, <grid></grid>, <lightbox></lightbox>

     Directives does come in the form of custom elements,

    •  Custom element: <myticker></myticker>
    •  Custom class names: <div class="myticker"></div>
    •  Custom attributes:<div data-myticker></div>

    Directives are separate element set which can be used anywhere other than your web application. These are stand alone elements. Directives give us the element rich HTML to be used according to the requirements where we have to just assign the right attribute to the elements. The MVC functionality is taken out into the directives and thus MVC now can focus on only updating the view with the new data.

        10. Service providers

    AngularJS introduces the “Service” to perform some light lifting inside the controller so that the main focus to the controller remains on the view update and the scope. The service provides the exposure the API to expose what we want and needs to expose. It does not deal with the MVC of the application. It also communicates with the servers if required to monitor the data flow and also perform some push and pull methods to take out data and send data to the server. A resource sharing service is provided to the controllers to share their resources


    Cross-browser complaint web application can be built using AngularJS, which is user-friendly, initiative and highly interactive. This can be done with ease without any extra work head. AngularJS Development Services is the best choice for the endeavors to build all the generic web applications in 2018.


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