Do You Know? These Apps & Websites Built Using AngularJS Development Services

Do You Know? These Apps & Websites Built Using AngularJS Development Services

  Jun 20, 2017   AngularJS

AngularJS gives us the dynamic and efficient web applications. The robustness and consistency of JavaScript are provided to the web application through AngularJS. This framework has been used in developing very powerful and well-known apps and websites. The AngularJS framework has turned out to be a revolutionary sword in the AngularJS development services. 

YouTube on ps3

AngularJS is built and maintained by Google and this will not surprise us that the YouTube play station 3 is developed using AngularJS. YouTube is playing a vital role in social media as it takes us to post videos and share our comments and view over different videos uploaded and shared over this platform. There are tools available with the AngularJS that caters it with the video upload and streaming facilities. 


 AngularJS gives us the living Feature of the Dynamic web pages. The changes done are made available to the application in the living state. Netflix is built using the AngularJS and thus provides us with this live streaming facility. Since 1997 there are millions of Netflix Subscribers who watch live TV serial episodes and movies. 


This site makes possible for the freelancers and employer to come together and work. The business gets, interview the best suitable employee right there for their work which reduces an overhead of finding the employee to complete the task. 


 It is global marketplace which is available since 2009. It gives freelancer a great place to bid for the work of their expertise. The employers post their jobs on this site and the interest people can approach for the same through this site. 

The Guardian

The Guardian lets to publish our content. This is very famous in publishing the articles blogs. The UI of this site is developed using AngularJS framework. 


This is an internet payment company and its website is build using AngularJS. It is used in many other websites and applications for the online internet payment. 


 It is the online airline portal which provides airline transport service to the passengers in the United States. The website for the airline company is developed using AngularJS. 


It gives the best online reading experience to the readers. It enables the optimization of the Wikipedia’s content. The content index is maintained on the screen to make the users experience smooth and provides with easy access. 

Sky Store

The online renting of movies is made possible through this service. AngularJS development service has made possible to watch online rented movies at any place through any browser. 


 The weather condition from all the nooks and corners around the Globe is forecasted through this site. The weather condition keeps changing around. The changes are reflected within seconds. 


This helps us to maintain a list for us to watch our favorite movies. We can post and share our reviews about any movie using this AngularJS web application development service. 


IT is most commonly used and leading stock photography site since 2002. Here the photographers share their work. It’s the best example of online digital image marketing. 


 It is very famous among the Mobile app developers for Android and iOS. The app can be created without having any knowledge of coding using this site. 


Localytics provides their customers with more personalized experience in the application lifecycle. It gives a combined approach to the marketing and analytics to the customers. 

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