15 Top Amazing websites built with Angular Framework

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    15 Top Amazing websites built with Angular Framework

    As one of the most amazingly recorded and best-kept up with JavaScript systems, Angular has many advantages that make it reasonable for any business froThe AngularJS sites are all over the place. Directly from the hour of its delivery in the year 2009 till date, it is a champion among the most common frameworks around the web that you can enroll as an engineer situated in any area of the world.

    Wondering why Angular is popular? It's simply because of the support behind it.

    The primary form of Angular, otherwise called AngularJS was released in 2010 by a group at Google. Right up 'till today, Google along with a community of individual designers keep up with the structure and deliver new and refreshed forms occasionally, including the most recent one – the Angular 11 launched in November 2020. 

    This Google product continues to improve giving birth to every AngularJS development company around the globe. It keeps on drawing in specialized personalities and shows up in the hottest discussions. Because of amazing usefulness, simplicity, and potential, various websites and applications are made with Angular. We arranged this list of the 15 best Angular and AngularJS examples to: 

    • Assist you with choosing whether Angular is a decent match for your future web application. 
    • Move and stir new thoughts regarding valuable products and their plan. 
    • Show you why precisely Angular draws in such a lot of attention.

    There are numerous examples of websites and apps that use Angular, but today we are going to have a look at the 15 top websites built with Angular of 2021.  

    10 Popular Websites Built With Angular Framework

    Be it the food business, finance area, eCommerce stage, or email administrations, Angular is being utilized worldwide for fostering a wide range of sites.  In view of its elite and vigorous components, Angular obliges all associations and ventures of each industry. Its prepared-to-utilize parts, strong biological system, and broad libraries end up being a proficient web advancement instrument. The following organizations have effectively designed their websites with Angular, giving clients rich intuitive sites. Let’s find out what are websites are built with Angular.


    It is known as the world's biggest and most well-known commercial center for outsourcing and business. Upwork is one of the most famous websites built with Angular Material. Upwork interfaces specialists, offices, and free experts with organizations of all sizes for any of the recruiting they need.

    Upwork's administration furnishes us with an instinctive plan, brilliant usefulness, and data protection for all clients. As outsourcing keeps on ascending in its popularity, the Upwork administration service too. 


    • Work Diary.
    • Feedback Sharing.
    • Global Payments.
    • Job Posting.
    • Candidates Shortlist.
    • Feedback Sharing.
    • Global Payments.
    • Proposal Reviewing.
    • Chat Scheduling.
    • Needs Analysis.

    Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank is a leading worldwide venture bank that utilizes Angular. All the more explicitly uses Angular 10+ for the first page of its developer portal.

    The developer portal features the Deutsche Bank API program, which is a passage for many associations around the world, who are hoping to consolidate the transaction system of Deutsche Bank into their web programming. 


    • Free branch banking.
    • Free demand drafts and pay orders 
    • Facility for Senior Citizens and 
    • Facility for differently-abled.
    • SMS and email alerts
    • E-Statements.
    • Phone Banking.
    • DB OnlineBanking.


    Freelancer is an Australian-based platform for freelance specialists established in 2009. It was made by publicly supporting and has clients across 247 domains all throughout the globe. Freelancer fills in as a commercial center for representatives and employers to post, work together, and complete activities.

    Having a huge group of clients, it's nothing unexpected that Freelancer picked Angular to build a website for their driving frontend framework. Giving their clients consistent responsiveness, an incredible experience, and shocking UI, Freelancer is utilizing Angular 8+.


    • Registration and user profile. 
    • Payments
    • Advanced search
    • Job listing.
    • Messaging.
    • Project management tools
    • Bidding mechanism.



    Notable maker and dealer of PC software, hardware, and middleware. IBM additionally gives counseling and facilitating administrations in regions from centralized server PCs up to nanotechnology. Truth be told, IBM as one of the most established tech organizations holds the best position for the most U.S. licenses created by the organization for the past 27 years.

    Utilizing Angular for building the website, it's really clear how proficient and incredible Angular can be when even technology goliaths like IBM use it. 


    • Access management. 
    • Support for corporate regulatory compliance.
    • Identity governance.
    • User interface options.
    • Recertification.
    • Reporting.
    • Static and dynamic roles.
    • Self-access management.


    As the name proposes this is a climate determining site that was built back in 2015 that was built using Angular and was gained by IBM. Weather is an extraordinary illustration of the Angular site as it shows how it tends to be utilized for ongoing telecom on sites or applications with various geological areas. Joined with integration with different guides and a clear plans, the Weather is a source of significant data on account of Angular power features.


    • National Weather Service.
    • Weather Underground.
    • The Weather Channel.
    • WeatherBug.
    • Weatherspark
    • AccuWeather.
    • DarkSky (formerly Forecast.io)


    Nearly everybody knows PayPal, the web-based money transfer company numerous people and organizations use. PayPal has in excess of 305 million dynamic client accounts on its foundation and is amazing in its site execution and dealing with high loads.

    Utilizing Angular 10+ to build the website, PayPal can support constant feeds of transaction data. It incorporates various progressed security highlights since it's utilized for cash transactions. The site is simple and straightforward, requiring just hardly any snap approval for business and individual clients.


    • Accept Payments Online.
    • Barcode Scanning.
    • Express Checkout.
    • Online Invoicing
    • Inventory Tracking.
    • Mobile Card Reader.
    • Bill Me Later.
    • Credit Card Reader.


    One more incredible Angular site, Forbes is built with Angular 9+ and joined with different advances like Core-JS, BackboneJS, and LightJS, and others.

    Initially, Forbes was a business magazine famous in America and later got enormous popularity on account of articles highlighted on the web. Those articles are generally positioned profoundly on Google Search Engine Result Page and address a dependable source to a reader. Last month Forbes.com had around 108 million worldwide readers. 

    Forbes is presently one of the biggest publishing organizations utilizing Angular. Furthermore, that is on the grounds that Angular can deal with the requests of news coverage we have nowadays. 

    The Guardian  


    Established in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian, presently known as The Guardian, is a British daily newspaper. By acquiring prominence among British readers in the early years and later having an additionally enormous presence on the web, it's nothing unexpected that The Guardian has turned into a solid source of information and data all throughout the world. 

    The news site is truly outstanding in this particular industry that its app built with Angular. Precisely, the UI of the website is created in Angular. As they produce tremendous measures of articles consistently, they need to give significant level clarity to the clients, which is presented by Angular and settles on it as an undeniable decision for The Guardian.


    • News Feature.
    • Informative Feature.
    • Interpretative Feature
    • Popularized Scientific Feature.
    • Personality Sketches.
    • Personal Experience Story. 
    • Human Interest Feature Story. 
    • Historical Feature.


     Delta Air Lines carried in the United States is an innovator in homegrown and global travel. They offer flight passes to 60 nations and in excess of 300 destinations. Delta has used Angular 9+ to build a website that is hard and fast and their site's first-page traffic is currently positioned third in the tourism and the travel industry class. They chose to put the structure onto their landing page and they're obviously profiting from that.

    With that mix, Delta's clients can make some high-level airfare searches or register flight data with a satisfying client experience and quick loading rate of a page.



    The South Korean electronics organization that is a worldwide contender inside the hardware business was established in 1938. Their first page of the site is loaded with Angular code. 

    Angular 9+ is used to build the website of  Samsung Forward service. The Angular for this situation assists with outwardly engaging movements just as changes that are dynamic and that everything is further developing client experience on the site. Among the many organizations that utilize Angular, Samsung can be differentiated as a top forerunner in the area of hardware.



    There could be no greater way of discovering how amazing Angular is than by investigating the Gmail service. A basic interface and continuous experience are the exhibition principles any remaining sites ought to endeavor to reach — every one of these are Gmail's elements. More than 1.5 billion clients enjoy the product, and that is a valid justification to give your inclination to Angular when wanting to assemble a gigantic user-oriented application.


    • Automatic email filtering/categorization.
    • Smart Compose.
    • Smart Reply.
    • Email nudges.
    • High priority notifications.
    • Email showing package tracking
    • Travel updates.
    • Using event details to create calendar entries.


    JetBlue is a site of minimal expense American aircraft, worked with Angular. In 2019, the aircraft carried in excess of 42 million travelers! So the organization's application and website should be prepared to deal with high traffic and present a perfect interface to a huge number of clients every day. Hence the developers used Angular to build their website. Also, until further notice, these product items effectively manage this task. On the site, you can book tickets, investigate objections, see guides, access the flight tracker area, thus significantly more. 

    DoubleClick by Google 

    double click google

    While Google is the designer of Angular, it was basically an issue of time when they chose to utilize a JavaScript structure for one of their own products. There is no denying how tremendous, many-sided and significant the DoubleClick by Google is. Also, it is the stage for quite a long time that runs so many advertisements each day.  Doubleclick is a javascript website built with Angular that came to the limelight for its astounding features.


    • Ad Inventory Controls.
    • Create Media Rich Ads.
    • Campaign Management.
    • Automatic Conversion Data Upload.
    • Access Display Network for Ads.
    • Bid Management.
    • Access Google AdWords.
    • CPM.


    Netflix is an American service organization, which works with clients to watch online films and web series on various gadgets. Among the central features, Netflix is the far-reaching database of serials and motion pictures of whose authentic substance is accessible to see in super superior quality or 4K. Here you can see the connection between the Angular sites and databases. The group at Netflix utilized Angular as the frontend device and the backend needs were fulfilled by technologies like Python and Flask.


    • Original titles.
    • Seamless streaming experience. 
    • Download content. 
    • Multiple profiles. 
    • Great video quality
    • Parental controls. 
    • Huge content library.  
    • Accessibility features.

    More websites built using Angular

    • Brilliant Earth (Angular 10)
    • Copa Airlines (Angular 11)
    • TAP Air Portugal (Angular 10)
    • IEEE Xplore Digital Library (Angular 11)
    • Hello Design Thinking (Angular 10)
    • Skout (Angular 10)
    • Travel.gov (Angular 10)
    • Fitbit community (AngularJS 11)
    • ABC News (Angular 10)
    • SanDisk (Angular 10)
    • *JPMorgan Chase and Co. Jobs and Internships (Angular 10)
    • Trello Developers (Angular 11 )

    Final thoughts

    This closes our 15 most famous Angular websites of 2021 and the notable brands that exhibit Angular's abilities at their best. They're delightful, they're proficient, they are smooth and they are significant. The capacity and opportunity to make that is, indeed, what makes Angular so well known. We just can hardly wait to perceive what next year has available for Angular!

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