8 Best AngularJS Frameworks for Web Application Development

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    8 Best AngularJS Frameworks for Web Application Development

    AngularJS is one of those tools that contribute immensely towards making JavaScript the most widely used for web application development. Gone are those days when websites were simple static HTML pages. Today almost every web application needs to show more than simple text & images, lively information, be more functional (in a creative manner), quicker and most importantly that next level slick look!

    AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there in the market and it has been widely used for web application development, Single page applications. In short dynamic and responsive websites. It is one of those tools that contribute immensely towards making JavaScript the most widely used client-side programming language.

    The structural web application framework makes it easier for developers to create dynamic web pages by using HTML as a template language. The users can take advantage of the features of AngularJS to express various components of the web application clearly by extending HTML with various new attributes.

    Further, to simplify their tasks of creating responsive web applications, these developers have introduced various front-end frameworks that support AngularJS to create advanced and unique web applications.

    Here are 8 Best AngularJS Frameworks for Web Application Development: 

    Angular Material:

    Angular Material

    Angular Material is a UI component library for AngularJS developers. It provides over 30 UI components and services. Angular Material components help in constructing attractive, consistent, and functional web pages and web applications while adhering to modern web design principles like browser portability, device independence, and graceful degradation. It helps in creating faster, beautiful, and responsive websites by providing features like simple Button components with built-in ink and hovers effects, theming, and ARIA support. It is inspired by the Google Material Design.

    Suave UI:

    Suave UI

    Suave UI is one of the widely used UI frameworks, which is meticulously built for web applications development using AngularJS. The users can take advantage of the CSS definitions (like a grid, form elements, coloured buttons), directives and services provided by Suave to build a variety of web-based user interfaces rapidly. The UI components provided by Suave are already included in bundle-files. So the users are not required to include the components separately. They can simply use a command to include Suave UI in their project through Bower.



    LumX fully-responsive front-end framework designed based on Google Material Design. It comes with features to help developers build user interfaces according to Google’s guidelines. LumX relies on AngularJS to facilitate web application development based on MVC design pattern. It uses jQuery to boost the web application’s performance. However, the users are not required to use the jQuery plug-ins additionally while using components of LumX. The front-end framework is built with SAAS, Neat and Bourbon providing customizable application design for smooth functionality and cool features.

     Mobile Angular UI:

    Mobile Angular UI

    Mobile Angular UI is a widely used framework that is used for designing HTML5-powered mobile applications. It is optimized for AngularJS and Bootstrap and proffers an extensive support to powerful libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js. The framework offers essential mobile components, such as sidebars, overlays, switches, scrollable areas and more. With Mobile Angular UI, you can design a responsive, mobile user-interface which can easily transform desktop web applications to mobile-friendly applications.

    Angular UI Grid:

    Angular UI Grid

    The framework is available as part of AngularUI suite for AngularJS framework. It is designed as a data grid for AngularJS applications. The web developers can use Angular UI Grid to perform and manipulate large and complex sets of data. At the same time, they can take advantage of the plug-in architecture of the framework to use only the features required by their project. They also have the option to use a variety of customizable templates, and customize the templates simply by making changes to the CSS.  It offers a ton of features, such as row expanding, sorting, filtering, grouping, column pinning, and virtualization.

    UI Bootstrap:

    UI Bootstrap

    Angular UI Bootstrap is built on top of the front-end framework called Bootstrap. The web developers can use the repository of components with dependencies like AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS, Angular-animate and Angular-touch. As the directives included in the repository have external markup, the developers have the option to use the markup as templates. They can further make changes to the external markup to create custom templates according to their specific requirements. Also, they are required to use the code of required directives, as each directive has its own AngularJS module. It offers several directives, such as carousel, alert, date picker, drop-down, time picker, buttons and more.

    Supersonic UI Framework:

    Supersonic UI Framework

    AppGyver has announced Supersonic, It is a powerful user interface framework optimized for AngularJS for designing advanced mobile applications. With the help of this framework, we can easily develop API (Application Programming Interface) based applications for both Android and iOS devices. It follows a modern approach for integrating native code and HTML5. The backend data interaction/modification is made easier, as supersonic easily incorporates with various REST API.


    Ionic framework

    Ionic is a powerful front-end framework optimized for AngularJS to develop mobile applications  and web based applications. This advanced framework is specially optimized with the directives of AngularJS to 

    support the development of HTML5 and CSS3 powered applications thus offering rich user-interfaces(UIs). Built with SAAS, This powerful framework offers a free and open source software development kit (SDK) along with some library of UI components which help to build interactive cum hybrid applications for touch-sensitive devices.


    AngularJS is a relatively new technology and improving every day. A lot of AngularJS frameworks will be developed and made available in the near future. So it is important for AngularJS developers to pick the web based  framework that meets all needs of the web development project. These frameworks differ with the kind of features they offer. You can use them if you want to trigger any specific functionality or infuse any particular feature into your AngularJS website or apps.


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