5 Key Advantages of Meteor for AngularJS Developers

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    5 Key Advantages of Meteor for AngularJS Developers

    Meteor is the top starred GitHub NodeJS framework. As of now if you haven’t heard about the Meteor, It’s the time you should know about this amazing framework. Meteor furnishes you with Real-Time, Full-Stack JavaScript/NodeJS development environment. It is the best featured GitHub NodeJS Framework. By the expansion of Angular-Meteor bolster, Meteor is a now an incredible alternative for Angular developers for developing responsive AngularJS web/mobile applications. Here is the reason you should see it for yourself:

    Save Your Skill Set

    Learning Angular does not occur without any forethought, and can be a touch of a passionate exciting ride. The drawing from the article has turned out to be extremely renowned, and as AngularJS Developers you all presumably went through it.

    Now, as you already know AngularJS. After listening to all the Meteor explanations and features you are likely to think that now you have to do backpedaling to handlebars and jQuery. And now after learning AngularJS, there is absolutely no chance for learning anything new which will overshadow it all.

    Angular Meteor gives you a fair chance to spare all your AngularJS aptitudes, and in the meantime appreciate everything Meteor bring to the table which helps preserve your AngularJS skills.

    Isomorphic code

    The MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node) was promising to convey JavaScript all over the place. In spite of the fact that, JavaScript is all over the place the code is not generally that straightforward. This is valid; consider how you interface with your server information in REST:

    You construct the REST endpoints

    You call the endpoint utilizing HTTP: $http.get ('myurl/endpoint')

    You add the reaction to your model: var data = response;

    Working with Meteor and Angular is distinctive. You can really compose code that will run both on the client and on the server. There is no requirement for you to utilize outside arrangement. You can essentially compose the code once: var data = Data.find ('my data);

    Meteor.js uses one single language to write the application on the database, front end and at the back end. JavaScript runs well at all the ends and gives good server and client experience.

    Real time made effortless with Meteor 

    There are many reasons to cherish Angular as the best web application development framework. The two-way data binding is the most powerful reason for it to be known as a “Superheroic” Framework. Meteor provides you with the real-time data binding between the client data and the server data. 

    With the use of Meteor at the client and the server side and also using the angular- Meteor at the client side, it gives you the all the way two-way data binding. This keeps you well synchronized forming great sync between the database at the server and the clients view and the back end.

    Utilizing Meteor you can truly use Angular not to work just with an arrangement of REST services on your back end. It is completely equipped to help the formation of current Single Page Applications, as Gmail without the requirement for Google's money.

    Story of Two Communities 

    Over its 6 years of presence, AngularJS was to a great extent embraced and assembled a gigantic group of suppliers and engineers that improved this reverberating framework. In the meantime, the Meteor people group is additionally developing quickly with an ever increasing number of packages added deeply to the core packages from the MDG (Meteor Development Group). 

    Full Stack 

    The MEAN stack is simply MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js packaged together, however, there's nothing consistent about it. The end output of every Mean Project varies according to the developer who has developed the project. This is because the project developed using MEAN requires few additional gears like Testing and deployment environments to complete the tasks, as alone the MEAN stack cannot do it. It completely depends on the developer how he/she is able to rope all these into one to achieve the required end output of the project. Thus, every MEAN projects appear unique. 

    When other developers see your file structure code it becomes very difficult for them to understand it at first. This difficulty is solved with the use of Meteor.

    Meteor gives us the faster start, transparent deployment and package system. These have enabled any developer to look at the project structure and code and can tell what is going where.


    The features have enhanced the developer's experience and skills and also ascertained the first-rate experience at the user end. With the complete full stack development and seamless two-way data binding Angular Meteor Development Company is able to build more responsive and dynamic web and mobile applications to achieve the business goals. Enterprises Hire AngularJS Developers who take the best advantages of Meteor features for building the applications which meets the enterprise objective within the time and budget. 

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