30 Essential AngularJS Interview Questions For Experienced Developers

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    30 Essential AngularJS Interview Questions For Experienced Developers

    AngularJS has been emerged out to be very popular and highly proficient JavaScript Framework. It has not stopped there and keeps constantly evolving. It has a support of a huge community which constantly working hard to resolve the challenges and keeping developers updated information equipped.

    In any organization choosing and having that best and right developer are a very important for the growth and success of the team and the organization. A right AngularJS developer will work as a pivot for the success of the team, where the developer will take the success story to the pinnacle and will put his expertise to maintain the same. 

    Below are listed few very essential skill that an AngularJS developer should possess:

    Skills with HTML, CSS and JavaScript 

    If you want a professional and skilled AngularJS developer then you should hire one who has good knowledge and is skilled in HTML and JavaScript. An AngularJS developer should be well reversed with the HTML and JavaScript. This will help to develop a clear and structured code. The developer should have good knowledge about the critical practices to develop a good AngularJS Web Applications. 

    Knowledge of MVC and MVVM

    A professional developer has the good knowledge of: 

    • Data binding,
    • Command binding,
    • Unit testing,
    • Validation,
    • Separation of concerns

    You should check for good understanding about MVC/MVVM model and design pattern in an AngularJS Developer.

    Have built an Application 

    It’s very important to ask the candidate if he/she has developed any app before using AngularJS Framework.

    This will give a clear idea about the knowledge any candidate is having. Detailed questions are needed to be asked here.

    This will give picture much more clearly about the candidate’s value over the other candidate who is not having any experience in building application but has good knowledge about AngularJS.

    Excellent Communication Skill

    The most important thing here is good communication skill. An AngularJS developer should possess strong communication, as he/she will become key communication node between the different teams. An AngularJS developer needs to communicate and cooperate with Backend team, designers, and HTML coders. They should be in properly coordinate sync with all of them. Developers are supposed to explain and carry forward the communication in technical terms as well. The candidates also have to explain and communicate with nontechnical people. The AngularJS developer should be a good problem solver and should be able to communicate the things properly and effectively. This is the key thing which will take your business to next horizon of success.

    AngularJS Topics to grill on

    Go in the depth of the below topics to study the knowledge a candidate is having about AngularJS.

    • Data Binding
    • Dependency Injection
    • MVC (Model, View, Controller)
    • Directives
    • Expressions
    • Unit Testing
    • Modules
    • Templates
    • Filters
    • Services
    • Routing
    • Scope

    Let’s focus on few AngularJS Interview Questions for the experienced developers:

    AngularJS Interview Questions

    1. What are AngularJS directives? List them and their purposes.

    2. How can we create AngularJS Directives? Give any example.

    3. How can we use the open-source Closure Library with Angular?

    4. How to create a Single Page Application using AngularJS? Name the provider used?

    5. What is the significance of the client side MVC?

    6. How is the MVC achieved in AngularJS?

    7. What is routing in AngularJS? How can we implement routing in AngularJS?

    8. When does AngularJS perform DOM update and dirty checking?

    9. How to dynamically create forms I AngularJS?

    10. How perform Language Internationalization in AngularJS?

    11. Describe digest life-cycle in AngularJS.

    12. What are the effects of changes to the scope outside the angular context?

    13. What is the difference between Angular and Polymer?

    14. What are the requirements and steps to perform when tying the Polymers to Angular?

    15. Give the list of issue that Polymer can detect and deal with where Angular won’t be able to understand them?

    16. List the easy testing between the different modules of means of communication the application.

    17. Explain the concept of Isolate Scope and reasons why it is required?

    18. Describe $q service, promises and deferred.

    19. Approach to testing directives.

    20. Describe AngularJS Boot process?

    21. Differentiate between “.$apply()” and “.$digest()”.

    22. When to call “.$digest()” on a scope?

    23. Differentiate between module’s Service, Factory, and Provider?’

    24. Explain with an example the process of permission denied error handling in AngularJS.

    25. In the given code snippet, How can the attached controller look like, to show an alert window when clicking on the button?

                                             <button ng-click=’showAlert()”>ALERT</button>

    26. Explain restrict option in the directive? Discuss the multiple restrict options in a directive.

    27. How does Angular retrieve the matching elements for processing at the Framework level?

    28. List the different methods to bootstrap your angular app for multiple modules?

    29. Explain Dependency Injection in AngularJS in detail.

    30. How e2e testing of AngularJS applications works? Also, list the testing tools?


    Hence, we have covered here a wide range of knowledge and skills an AngularJS developer should carry within him/her. It is very important for any AngularJS development company to hire a right AngularJS developer as the developer is expected to be very proficient and at the expertise to understand and work accordingly with the widespread ecosystem of the web application development.


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