15 Top Benefits of choosing AngularJS for Web App Development

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    15 Top Benefits of choosing AngularJS for Web App Development

    Let us start with knowing what is AngularJS?

    AngularJS is an open source framework maintained by Google to address the challenges faced by the developers while developing and testing the code. AngularJs integrates HTML codes and application modules forming a framework.

    It is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture which ordinarily utilized for planning rich web applications. Since the introduction of the Angular 2, the new and improved features of Angular technology have assisted the AngularJS Development Services with a boon.

    It can naturally synchronize with models and view making AngularJS development a simple procedure. So to put it plainly, Angular JS's features are – Two-way data binding, MVC structure, directives, templates, dependency injections and testing features.

    How Angular is different from JavaScript or Other Framework?

    • Angular markup lives in the DOM.
    • Angular uses plain old JavaScript objects.
    • Angular is leveraged with Dependency Injection.

    Benefits of angularjs for web application development

    Why prefer AngularJS development for your Mobile and Web applications

    • Simple architecture 
      AngularJS development is considered as the simpler design architecture which is used nowadays and easy to catch up for any developers and enhance the features to any extent which the client requires. It works extremely well when it comes to managing the heavy web applications that contain a number of components and complex requirements
    • Improved Design Architecture
      Some large application contains a bulk of components numbers more than 60. AngularJS makes it easy to manage them even after a new programmer joins the project in the middle of the process. The architecture is built in a way which helps the programmer to locate and develop the code without any difficulty.
    • A Declarative User Interface
      When you are utilizing an interface written in JavaScript, then HTML code bolsters that interface. AngularJS utilizes HTML to define apps UI. With HTML, the app development is simplified. So you should simply characterize the necessities and let AngularJS do alternate occupations of an interface.
    • Lesser timeline
       Angular is the latest technology which is derived from HTML and hence developers won’t require much time to code the entire application. Creating new web apps with AngularJS is so easy and too quick with less effort. One can easily get started with it. With a few attributes added to the HTML code, a simple app can be built extremely fast.
    • Lesser code and increased development efficiency 
      Lesser coding only required and hence developers can focus more on the efficiency of the application instead of writing just codes. Once the feature has caught is the developer’s mind, it is easier to put code lines and give better results for your business.
    • Code Reusability
      Helps developers to reuse the same chunk of code written before. Thus, saves time and makes AngularJS a unique framework for the developers.
    • Dependency Injection
      It is an important feature and pulse point of AngularJs framework. Works well with testing and Single Page Application Design.
    • Two-Way Data Binding
      When the data is moved between the model and view the synchronization is handled between the DOM and the model efficiently. This helps the AngularJS Development Company to build web applications with ease. Thus data binding is one of the most impressive features of AngularJS Technology.
    • MVVC software design pattern
      Model-View-View –Model Architecture supported by the AngularJs is one of the contemporary web development processes.
    • Plain old JavaScript Objects (POJO) Data Models
      POJO Models work closely with the views and controllers. AngularJs reduces code and does not require Getter and Setter functions. The edits in the models can happen on the POJO directly and it loops over objects and arrays.
    • Improved server performance
      Because it supports caching and many other processes, Angular reduces the burden from server CPUs. It means that the server performs extremely well thanks to reduced traffic and because it only serves static files and responds to the API calls.
    • Convenient Testing
      Provides support to both end-to-end and unit testing. The testing is made easy and flexible at any level of development. Have great testing compatibilities.
    • Parallel Development
      Angular handles dependency which is coupled with the MVC Architecture allows developers to develop in a parallel way. This is the feature where AngulaJs overshadows other frameworks.
    • Grants Controls to Developers
      Directories give the developers a free hand over the HTML and attributes which give them complete independence to develop dynamic web pages.
    • Helps Manage State
      The Angular manages the application’s properties, permissions, and other attributes are the best manner possible.  The Application states whether being in any illusion or in disillusion status. Everything is well managed here.

    It provides all the win-win benefits to the AngularJS Development Services with all its efficient features and productive methods. AngularJs Developers are catered with the smooth web application development framework which allows easy and effective web application development.

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