Top 10 CRM Software: Features & Limitations

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    Top 10 CRM Software: Features & Limitations

    These days, a CRM solution for an organization offering types of assistance isn't only a pattern yet an absolute necessity as CRM helps assemble more grounded relationships with clients and sell more and quicker. No big surprise that half of CRM purchasers are in consulting, insurance, or distribution markets. 

    Insurance agencies that have conveyed innovation have revealed gains in practically every space of activity, from consistency to product development, from operational proficiency to client care.

    In any event, during the new pandemic, insurance agencies that had solid processes running on powerful advanced foundations had the absorb the shock better and recuperate quicker. Because of the digital transformation endeavours taken up before, they had the option to connect with their work-from-home teams, honour administration requests, and drive development in sales.

    What is CRM software? 

    A good CRM can make your inner and outside processes more productive and beneficial. Any working business has its difficulties. Consistently you should settle on choices that influence your workers, however, dealing with your relationships with customers is one of your main concerns. If you don't have an idea of what a decent CRM is and what you may require for it, this blog is a good read for you. 

    Client relationship management is a beautiful nonexclusive name for a, particularly intricate cycle. How about we dig into this inquiry a bit more. CRM is a good method to oversee and manage drives: the individuals who are keen on insurance services and your current clients. With the assistance of a CRM, the organization dissects communications and measures information all through the client life cycle. A decent CRM framework can smooth out business relations with clients through procurement and maintenance.

    Top 10 CRM Software: Features & Limitations

    Insurance CRM software is a client relationship management programming that is created explicitly for insurance agencies and different firms in the insurance business. In case you're an insurance sales professional, you need to smooth out your business measures however much as could be expected, and that ought to incorporate utilizing a CRM that is planned explicitly for insurance agencies. There are many features that insurance CRM software provides and that insurance agent can benefit from. Here are the top 10 CRM software along with their features and limitations that can help you smooth out your business cycles. 



    : 1996, India

    Zoho CRM is a cloud-based, incorporated client relationship management platform that takes into account the requirements of organizations and ventures, all things considered, and types. More than 150,000 organizations across the world use Zoho CRM to fabricate lasting client connections and maximize group efficiency. Zoho CRM is the best CRM for small businesses that conveys a fundamental and clean interface design that has a variety of unique features that drive to help lead transformation rates. With an instinctive dashboard, the CRM can run 'macros' to smooth out how a lead is reached and followed through the interaction of a sales. 

    Their extended omnichannel support for telephone, email, live talk, online media, and in-person gatherings make Zoho CRM the best free CRM software on the lookout. Zoho's AI-controlled deals collaborator, Zia, gives progressed translations, solutions, and forecasts for sales reps. The sales team can invest more energy selling as opposed to entering data with the assistance of work process mechanization, lead scoring, constant warnings, and inherent gamification. 


    • Internal Chat Integration 
    • Top-notch customer management
    • Marketing Automation Integration 
    • Low price-point beneficial for small businesses.
    • Highly customizable to fit any workflows
    • Organized data for hassle-free networking
    • Lead Segmentation 
    • Excellent Plugin support
    • Clean and simple UI
    • Excellent reporting features


    • The integrations with social media are a bit tricky.
    • Navigating settings takes time
    • Third-party integration needs improvement.
    • Doesn’t have a working library for administrative management.
    • Not good at data crosswalks. 

    Price: ( 15 day trial with each edition)

    • Standard - $14/user/month
    • Professional - $23/user/month
    • Enterprise - $40/user/month
    • Ultimate - $52/user/month
    • Free Version: Available



    : 2008, United States

    Speed up deals with Zendesk Sell (previously Base), a cutting-edge CRM programming for present-day sales groups. Zendesk Sell is the most popular CRM that makes it simple for private companies, mid-market, or enterprise sales teams to upgrade their cycles, usefulness, and pipeline visibility. The stage includes an instinctive UI that empowers groups to get to, break down, and team up on significant information, focus on leads and openings, and drive deals activities with information. Legacy sales management tools are regularly cumbersome and hard to utilize, however Zendesk Sell is basic and intended to keep reps selling.


    • Auto-Dialing
    • Color Coding
    • Geocoding
    • Map Sharing
    • Reverse Geocoding 
    • Project Management
    • Quote Management
    • Sales Management
    • Document Storage
    • Email Marketing
    • Internal Chat Integration 
    • Internet Mapping 
    • Call List Management 


    • Expensive compared to other competitors
    • It's tedious and time-consuming
    • The onboarding process is not quite as intuitive 
    • not so user-friendly.
    • Not many automation features.
    • No option to create an invoice.

    Pricing details: $19 per user per month

    Free Trial: Free Trial available.

    Salesforce Sales Cloud


    : 1999, United States

    Salesforce helps sales teams speed up their performance and accomplish their objectives. Salesforce is the world's most utilized CRM, thus significantly important to many organizations. With Salesforce, teams gain admittance to tools that permit them to develop their records, discover new clients, and close deals—faster and from any place. It offers an abundance of highlights that incorporate contact the board, lead management, opportunity management, email joining, reports, and dashboards, deals determining, document tracking and sharing, and consider many more things. Invest less energy delving around in spreadsheets and additional time maintaining your business. No equipment, no product, no problem. Their basic setup assistant will make smooth out deals and addressing client inquiries in only minutes, making them the top CRM software 2021. 


    • Service Department Management 
    • Marketing Automation Integration
    • Sales Trend Analysis 
    • Lead and contact management
    • Dynamic Modeling 
    • Policyholder insights
    • Records every data in a single platform.
    • dashboards and reporting
    • user friendly and organized
    • Let’s add plugins from the extension store.


    • Too cumbersome for beginners.
    • Too expensive start-ups or mid-sized businesses.
    • Does not allow us to include our sales data in these workflows.
    • NOT start-up friendly.
    • Does not sync well with email back-office service.
    • Mobile app not user-friendly.

    Pricing details:

    • Essentials - $25 per user per month
    • Sales Professional - $75 per user per month
    • Service Professional - $75 per user per month
    • Free Trial: Available


    Founded: 2014, United States

    Unleash the force of computerization to streamline insurance promoting and lead management. Top makers don't have a larger number of hours in the day than you do – they've recently sorted out a superior method to utilize them. Insureio gives you their arranged, robotized way to deal with the selling, bringing about more deals, less administrative work, and more joyful customers making them the best CRM for online business. Track drives, occasions, assignments, and policies. Get gauging for sales and productivity, with promising circumstances presented on your dashboard and pre-assembled reports for instant investigation. Their drop-ticket application fulfilment offers proactive case management, endorsement automation, and e-Policy conveyance.


    • Pre-built marketing campaigns
    • Click-to-call feature
    • More than 300 reusable templates for marketing emails and SMS
    • E-application and e-signature
    • Policy management


    • Lack of features with regards to health or property insurance agencies.
    • No on-premises deployment.
    • No mobile application.

    Pricing Details:

    • Basic: $25/month
    • Marketing: $50/month
    • Agency Management: $50/month
    • Marketing & Agency Management: $75/month
    • Free Trial: Available.



    Founded: 1998, United States

    Bitrix24 is the best CRM in the market that assists you with arranging and execute your activities on time without fail. Accessible on the web and on-premise with open source code access. Community-oriented task management is available for large and small teams. Time following, updates, announcing, layouts, task conditions and the sky is the limit from there. It is the world's most famous free CRM by the number of clients (6 million organizations and developing).

    Extraordinary continuous assistance tools are provided to clients to keep them glad and returning for your products or administrations. There are incredibly delightful sites, greeting pages, and online stores that can be made by anybody without composing a single line of code. 


    • Brainstorming 
    • Calendar Management 
    • Knowledge Management 
    • Traditional Methodologies 
    • Workflow Configuration 
    • Customizable Dashboard 
    • Approval Process Control 
    • Time & Expense Tracking 
    • Real-Time Editing 
    • Event-Based Notifications 
    • Cost-to-Completion Tracking 
    • KPI Monitoring 


    • low performance integrated human resources manager,
    • no confirmation windows about the format
    • not feasible to manage content
    • Bad performing webmail service
    • Too many menus and modules

    Price: Starting from $24 per month

    Free Trial: Available.



    : 2010, United States

    Claritysoft's flagship solution, Clarity CRM, conveys a one-of-a-kind mix of simplicity, utility, and adaptability. Clarity CRM is one of the popular CRM systems that gives amazing promoting automation, deals mechanization, client care devices, and considerably more in a natural, totally adjustable interface. Clarity CRM was planned with a significant spotlight on ease of use and worked to upgrade the client experience and expand client adoption. Clarity CRM gives you undertaking force and functionality for a portion of the cost.


    • Social Media Integration 
    • Calendar/Reminder System 
    • Territory Management 
    • Pipeline Management
    • Prospecting Tools 
    • Proposal Generation
    • Sales Forecasting 
    • Activity Tracking
    • Campaign Management
    • Lead Capture 


    • Reports not flexible enough
    • Improvement in the learning curve 
    • most of the Sales functions are not usable.

    Pricing details: Starts from $39.00/month/user

    Free Trial: Available.



    : 2011, United States

    Quit shuffling multiple tools. With the new AI-controlled CRM (formerly known as Freshsales and Freshmarketer), get a 360° perspective on your possibilities and clients with the joined force of salesforce robotization, marketing automation, chat, and communication - in a single solution. With Freshworks CRM, fueled by Freddy AI, find the best leads, support client commitment, drive deals to closure, and sustain existing clients with a smart, extensive arrangement. 


    • Event-Based Notifications
    • Team Management 
    • Appointment Management
    • Contact Database 
    • Customer Pipeline
    • Email Marketing
    • Group Management 
    • Lead Distribution
    • Lead Scoring
    • Performance Management 
    • Call Recording
    • Campaign Management
    • Lead Capture 


    • Improvement in the personal generator
    • It does not have a version for servers
    • It takes too many clicks to gather call 
    • Cannot merge companies
    • Difficult to switch between contacts

    Pricing Details: Basic- $29/ user/ month; Pro - $69 user/month; Enterprise - $125 user/month

    Free Trial: Available.



    Radiusbob is a Cloud-based CRM in the insurance industry. The product consolidates the elements of a CRM for insurance agencies with answers for VoIP and call centres. It has the fundamental elements of call by number and a programmed review of numbers. It incorporates with HealthPlanOne, Benepath, Ninja, and Quoter. Health and life insurance specialists utilize this CRM broadly.

    Radiusbob has a staggered evaluating framework, depending upon the number of clients, nearby numbers, approaching, and outgoing minutes. As a rule, the expense of unadulterated protection CRM frameworks, without VoIP, goes from $34 to $292 each month; the form with VoIP costs $78-732 every month.


    • Lead management 
    • Document workflow 
    • Automatic dialling
    • Commissions tracking
    • Communication centre
    • Mass mailing from the application;
    • Sophisticated integration with applications. 


    • Doesn’t have an electronic signature or one-page application
    • Lack of integration affecting insurance brokers

    Pricing details: From  $34 - $292

    Free Trial: Available



    : 2003, United States

    This CRM for insurance brokers was made to boost the mechanization of services. VanillaSoft depends on a special queue-based innovation prepared to do naturally focusing specialist activities. This CRM is the right answer for insurance industry agents with a settled deal measure. VanillaSoft has a basic evaluating strategy: this CRM programming for insurance agencies costs $80 per client. 


    • Outbound Call Center
    • Progressive Dialer
    • Lead Capture
    • Lead Distribution
    • Lead Segmentation 
    • Real-time Chat
    • Campaign Management
    • Escalation Management 
    • Manual Dialer
    • Outbound Call Center 
    • Reporting/Analytics 


    Cannot work with documents, unlike most examples of CRM software in the insurance sector.

    Pricing Details: $80 per user

    Free Trial: Available.



    : 2008, United States

    AgencyBloc is an agency management framework that helps life and medical coverage agencies get and develop their business with an industry-explicit CRM, commission handling, and incorporated business and deals mechanization. With AgencyBloc, your life and health care coverage agencies have all the features expected to organize your office, speak with customers and prospects, and develop your business from any place. 


    • Agency Commission
    • Commission Calculations 
    • Calendar/Reminder System
    • Claims Tracking
    • Life & Health
    • Policy Management 
    • Policy Processing 
    • Call Logging
    • Document Storage 


    • Tracking leads is a huge issue
    • Reports are a bit cumbersome to set up
    • The relatively hefty learning curve

    Pricing Details:

    • Basic- $65/month
    • Commission Module- $100/month
    • Free Trial: Available


    The portion of rejections from CRM programming for insurance agencies is amazingly high – from 18 to 68%. In this way, it is important to lead a far-reaching investigation and settle on a selection of providers based on your strategy and explicit space of activity. Examples of CRM in this area can differ fundamentally in the scope of capacities, cost, and degree. It is additionally better to decide the usefulness that makes the CRM helpful for your in-house agents precisely to implement an optimal and best CRM system. 

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