Top 10 Javascript Data Table Libraries Of 2021

  Jan 07, 2021   JavaScript

Javascript is a highly deciphered dynamic and untyped programming language, that creates an interactive and phenomenal environment inside internet browsers on the internet. Javascript components in recent years have become an intuitive string between the customer and the end-user. These javascript data tables contain immense measures of information that you can control with the help of libraries to allow additional assistance.

The data table library empowers the control of HTML tables with a huge array of information, providing extended features, like custom sorts, complex restrictive styles, progressed look, pagination, custom channels,  and line altering in any event, for your table. It has become relatively easy for web app development to be an important and easy pursuit for the JavaScript UI library and framework. It is advantageous for the web developers to use these libraries and frameworks for easily building a clean, easy, consistent, and attractive user interface. 

Top 10 Javascript Data Table Libraries of 2021

Amongst the 10000 JavaScript UI libraries that are available for the web developers, we are determined to list out the Top 10 Javascript data table libraries of 2021, that can save a lot of time and effort to the web developers in browsing for the best JavaScript UI library. One can easily select the most appropriate library by determining and considering business needs and goals. There are a number of factors that are should be taken into consideration while choosing the most ideal Javascript Data table library like:

  • Shortlisting the most comprehensive and relevant components.
  • Creating an inventory of components.
  • looking for ready-made components according to business requirements
  • Looking for similar functionality and thereafter choosing the one out of them.

There are several JavaScript table libraries that are accessible that offer paid services as well as free trials. Let's have a look at them.



Ag-grid is a well maintained and fully featured javascript data table that is used for angularjs web app development solution. This feature-laden data grid is beneficial for every front-end web app development company to be integrated with different versions of Angular. Ag- grid features a great level of performance with the tool that it's integrated with. This perfect implementation comes from the 63 core and enterprise features that include Pagination, Filtering, as well as Sorting. The detailed documentation of Ag- grid helps in developing the complex application. Ag- grid helps you with large data sets, an enterprise-grade JS Data Grid,  easy customization, supporting major frameworks of JavaScript like Angular 1 and 2, React, VueJS, web components, and Aurelia.

Price: $750- $1200



Handsontable is one of the best JavaScript data table that gives an impression of a spreadsheet. It provides easy data validation, data binding, data validation, sorting, filtering, as well as CRUD operations. It is easy to work with and can be customized as required. Handsontable includes a TypeScript definition file and works well with popular frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. The product can be extended and edited with custom plugins and adjusted with the source code. There are a handful of comprehensive API, useful tutorials as well as community support available. Handsontable works well with all the modern browsers with backward compatibility for IE9-11.

Price: $790 - $7110



Fancy Grid is a javascript table library that is loaded with chart integration and server communication. It works well with Angular 1 and 2, React, jQuery, VueJs, and Web Components.ule. This JS table library incorporates more than 25+ features that includes sorting, paging, validation, filtering, touch support, REStful, and much more. FancyGrid is a plugin-free table library that has no dependency. It includes a handful of professional support, samples, elegant API as well as detailed documentation for convenience. The massive drawback of this table library is that it does not have mobile support.

Price: $549 to $1949

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AnyGrid is the vanilla table library that quickly builds interactive tables right from Javascript arrays, AJAX data sources, JSON formatted data. One can incorporate this table javascript library in any project ( by npm package installation or script tag) and keep adjusting with the additional components. AnyGrid helps you in sorting, filtering and grouping your data, using expanding table rows with custom data render, use packaged themes, custom sparklines (bar, pie, linear), column calculations and pagination. There are new features that are released every month so that the process of customizing the tables becomes easier. 

Price: Open-Source



DataTable is an extensive plug-in for jQuery that offers a comprehensive amount of documentation for controlling the look, feel and operation of your table. It works both for developers and end-users by adding an enhanced interaction by controlling the HTML tables. This javascript table features instant single-column filtering, instant search as well as diverse types of pagination.  It also features additional functionality for your tables like filtering, sorting, custom theming, and pagination. DataTable js library provides customization making it a ery developer-focused javascript data table.

Price: $9 to $99



Backgrid.js is one of the free javascript tables that helps in building semantic and easily styleable datatable. Backgrid.js offers a simple and intuitive way that makes things easy and convenient. Since it is lightweight, it can easily be fully reactive and modular. The core elements help to edit and display your data. You can also create a customized API with this table library if the basic functionality isn’t enough.

Price: Open-Source



KendoReact is a professional javascript UI library kit that develops business applications with React much faster. It lets you group, edit, filter, reorder, and resize your data. You can use it for virtualization and globalization. With KendoReact you can either work in an adjustable mode or you can work in an uncontrolled mode and export the data to Excel and PDF. The product has native UI components that are 100% optimized for React and it has zero dependencies. You can just augment your existing library with KendoReact UI components without actually rewriting it. 

Price: $899- $999

React Virtualized


React-virtualized is one of the best free javascript tables that are heavily optimized for performance. It is React components that efficiently render large lists and tabular data that a typical table library does not consist of. You can consider this js table library for managing a large set of data. The comprehensive documentation and community support around this tool is very mature and has more than 18k stars on Github.

Price: Open-Source



Vuetable is another data table that is not exactly a data table but is a Vue.js component that automatically requests (JSON) data from the server and have them in a display in an HTML table with swappable/extensible pagination sub-component. For adding rows and hooking an event one can add buttons to it. 

Price: Open-Source

jExcel Spreadsheet


This is the best javascript table library that has a beautiful UI and improved CRUDS. The compatibility with Excel makes it easier to simply drag and drop your data.  jExcel Spreadsheet can be easily customized for making rich web applications. Additionally, jExcel Spreadsheet features a way to paginate, merge columns, create dynamic jExcel tables with HTML static elements, resize multiple columns, and perform several other functions. This HTML data table adds new features every day and is constantly evolving.

Price: Open-Source


Web developers have suggested that the use of external libraries for building fast, flexible, and powerful apps should be avoided. This is because external libraries can reduce the development time for innovative apps. However, these javascript table libraries can help with the struggle that you want to achieve within the development. In the year 2021, there is going to be some advances in the platform and the community has stepped forward with the powerful libraries. Here are some of the popular javascript table libraries in 2021 that are used by a MEAN Stack Developers and available for you to deploy.

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