8 Top JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries & Widgets in 2020-2021

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    8 Top JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries & Widgets in 2020-2021

    JavaScript is a dynamic, high-level, deciphered, and untyped programming language. It basically creates interactive and phenomenal impacts inside internet browsers on the internet. As Web Application Development became an easy pursuit with the assistance of JavaScript and HTML tables, Javascript components are becoming an intuitive string between the customer and the end-user. These HTML tables, with immense measures of information, can be controlled with the assistance of libraries to allow additional help.

    Javascript Tree component is one such popular and convenient approach that makes information-rich applications. It is a progressive way to deal with information that gives numerous advantages to an end-client. This is because UI trees give an opportunity to showcase large amounts of information in a compact manner. However, it also portrays the inadequacy to work with large trees. The data from such trees don't fit in the noticeable area of interfaces.

    A TreeTable component appeared as a coherent response to the complexity of work with UI Trees. On one hand, TreeTable is a great DataGrid that empowers a convenient presentation of data in an even structure. Then again, it plays out a tree-like, various leveled gathering of even information simply like a Tree gadget.

    However, one should not confuse the TreeTable component with features like DataGrid Rows and Columns grouping. Despite the fact that some advanced SpreadSheet JS widgets may have various hierarchical information gathering devices (like Excel), TreeTable is an increasingly modern and complex arrangement as it bunches singular information, but an entire array of information.

    In this article, we are reviewing the top 8 Javascript TreeTable libraries which are available for developers these days. As you most likely are aware, the utilization of ready-made JavaScript components altogether accelerates front-end web improvement. These days developers simply need to pick the suitable parts. This overview is planned for facilitating this choice. Further, we will consider the TreeGrid components of such JavaScript UI libraries and systems as Webix.com, Treegrid.com, jQuery.com, DHTMLX.com, and Sencha.com.

    What is TreeGrid?

    Let's start by defining what a TreeGrid or TreeTable.It is a method of arranging table information as a rundown of hierarchical tables. Generally, TreeGrid permits developers to make tree-like lists where whole tables are utilized as "branches". Let's look at the principal features of the previously mentioned JavaScript TreeTable libraries..

    Features of TreeGrid:

    End-to-End Sorting- Table things can be arranged with a solitary snap on the header of a segment. You can utilize the sort work for explicit sorting conduct.

    Fully Editable - Tree Table backs up the full scope of manipulations with the grid. One can, without much of a stretch, alter its component by composing the new value in the information field or choosing a choice from a drop-down list that can even be provided with checkboxes for better convenience.

    Saving Current State- You can undoubtedly save the present state of the JavaScript TreeGrid so as to come back to it later with the assistance of built-in methods, when the program is restarted or the meeting is ended.

    Selection Modes - TreeGrid permits you to choose information in one of the accessible modes: cell, line, segment, multi-cell, multi-line, multi section, square or zone determination mode.

    Data Export - This JavaScript Tree Table component permits trading information to PDF, PNG and Excel documents for additional preparation. one can as well, characterize the appearance of the subsequent table by including different export options.

    Checkboxes - Besides the item selection, one can utilize checkboxes in the TreeGrid part. This element assists with picking numerous things for altering or removing at once. One also can utilize either standard two-state checkboxes or three-state checkboxes with an extra 'intermediate' state.

    Filtering- Tree Table supports customer side filtering. One can either utilize built-in filters or custom ones. As per the kind of information presented, one can utilize one of the accessible channels for the required section: date filter, rich select filter, number filter, multi combo filter, etc.

    Clipboard - Clipboard support allows us to reorder things inside the Tree Table component as well as to paste data to other components. This element works in a few modes, for example, 'square', 'choice', and 'rehash'.

    Sparklines- Sparklines give various graph types: Line, Area, Bar, Spline, SplineArea, and Pie. Moreover, one can add a tooltip to show up each time a client hovers a mouse pointer over the graph.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of the TreeTable/TreeGrid UI Component  

    The advantages include:

    1. The ability to visualize three-dimensional information streaks on a single screen without having to change any tabs.

     However there are some obvious disadvantages of this methodology:

    • It can lead to users getting confused and lost in a large number of tables. This can be avoided through the navigation of elements, like expanding/ collapsing the branches of the data.
    • A lot of information transferred to the browser can genuinely stack the customer part of the framework and can prompt mistakes because of physical confinements (the most extreme size of the website page, the measure of RAM)
    • Complex tables with a large number of rows and columns will be rendered gradually in the browser, so one can have a choice to pick solutions that are enhanced for rendering speed as much as could reasonably be expected.

    2. TreeTable is an incredible analytical tool under the control of an experienced user. One can have access to navigate large amounts of data without having to use filters or search queries.

     Disadvantages that analysts mention:   

    • Working with end-to-end data in scenarios where the Treatable combines tables along with different structures, can be complex.
    • Building a pivot table gets next to impossible.

     3. The opportunity to combine data of various formats in a similar table when the settled table has a structure unique in relation to the "parent" table. 

    Top JavaScript TreeGrid libraries of 2020-21

    Webix TreeTable Widget

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- webix

    As one of the most professional and useful widgets in this review, The Webix JavaScript TreeTable component has the highest web control and shows the best rendering speed available. It is based on the Webix DataGrid widget. One can find the benchmark on the GitHub portal, led by the developers of Bryntum, where the Webix DataGrid leads in all points.

    Webix developers have given incredible consideration to the core design and structure. In contrast to most part libraries, Webix cautiously reviews the design of every widget.

    Webix TreeTable contains a large number of features like:

    • embedded chart lines (SparkLines),
    • clipboard support,
    • advanced data filters,
    • various data grouping methods like rowspan,
    • colspan and grid grouping.
    • Facility to drag-n-drop separately for rows and columns,
    • Being able to change the width of all fields and create vertical headers.

    Price: One can purchase a commercial license, prices for which start from $199.

    jQuery TreeTable

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- jquery-treetable

    jQuery TreeTable is a module for the jQuery JavaScript library. This part unpretentiously shows the tree as an HTML table. The widget permits you to make a few segments to show extra data other than the tree where the tree depth does not have any limit. jQuery TreeTable is delivered by Ludo van den Boom and is accessible under the GPLv2 and MIT licenses. As a rule, the jQuery JS library is quick and light, which significantly rearranges the web development process. It contains simple easy to use APIs that various programs support.


    • Data Binding
    • Data Export
    • Virtual Mode(Load on Demand)
    • Sorting
    • Filtering
    • Paging
    • Row Editing and Validation
    • Row Details
    • Localization
    • Columns Resizing
    • Columns Hierarchy
    • Pinned Columns
    • Cells Formatting
    • Custom Cells Rendering
    • Aggregates and Sub Aggregates
    • Keyboard Navigation

    Price: Free and open-source version

    Tree Grid

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- TreeGrid

    This javascript treegrid library is a DHTML component that allows you to display and edit data in a grid, histogram,table, tree view, or on an HTML page. Here we are talking about a fast AJAX grid that has multiple advanced spreadsheet features like cell calculations, gantt charts, multi-level pivot tables, updating javascript internal and external objects like Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight, bulk cell changes, a calendar component, changing of cell in bulk, ability to export to MS excel and other spreadsheets handling XLS, XLSX, CSV, or HTML table files, localization to any given language, an many more. It also allows to load data in XML and Json tree viewer format. The widget can be accessible under the Standard, Basic, Personal, and Grand licenses.

    It has multiple advantages. To name a few:

    • Editable formulas - every cell contains formula starting by '=' like in MS Excel. MS Excel outline for arranging rows and columns in tree
    • Dynamic cell border - every cell can have set and changed its border on any edge.
    • Script modules - modules that are not in use can be eliminated from the script to shorten its length
    • Dynamic cell span - every cell can be vertically and horizontally spread over through increasingly to next cells.
    • Presence of grid features like tree, sorting, grouping, filter, and search
    • Fully customizable key and mouse navigation to make the activities easy.
    • Localization and translations of any language is possible, including all texts, date and number formats.
    • The border Can have different width, style, and color and is shared between adjacent cells.

    Price: free and open-source version. Commercial licenses start at $ 79 / a component.

    Guriddo TreeGrid Javascript

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- Guriddo

    Guriddo jqGrid JS is a client-side component based on open and broadly utilized guidelines, for example, jQuery, jQuery UI, ThemeRoller. it is the most well known jQuery based network UI product in the world. Its simplicity and easy to use has made developers’ lives eassy. Check all the features that have been developed.

    • Guriddo TreeGrid JS supports all kinds of desktop and mobile browsers which are tested regularly with major browsers.
    • It can also be used for personal websites or a non-profit organisation without having to get any author’s permission.
    • One is allowed to download the source code and can make custom edits which helps in personal modifications and a great flexibility.
    • Support different types of loading the tree nodes like Auto-load nodes that show quick tree items – Nodes can be uploaded at once but can collapse or expand for a better view.
    • LOOKs can be easily customized meeting all the requirements of the user.
    • The functionalities of this TreeGrid library makes custom development easy through a lot of useful functionalities like keyboard navigation.

    Price: Commercial licenses start at $199/.

    DHTMLX TreeGrid Component

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- DHTMLX

    DHTMLX Treegrid is an expansion of the dhtmlxGrid component that supplements the usefulness of the incredible information framework with extensible strings, equipped XML parsing, rich rendering, and pagination support. In view of AJAX, the Treegrid JavaScript part with dynamic stacking is fit for showing an unlimited number of rows and processing a lot of information on the fly. It gives end clients advantageous inherent editing, hauling of rows and columns, split mode, arranging and coloring of columns, and various mathematical formulas.. What's more, dhtmlxTreeGrid can be handily styled utilizing CSS and built-in skins. It is accessible as a major aspect of the dhtmlxSuite JavaScript UI structure or as an independent component inside the Professional form.

    Price: Commercial licenses start at $ 79 / a component.

    Sencha TreeGrid Widget

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- Sencha

    Sencha has a JavaScript structure that gives various instant UI parts for making high-load, cross-stage web applications. One of the significant components of this javascript Treegrid library is its superior TreeGrid widget. This component has features like sorting, bifurcating, numerous headers, keyboard navigation, preloading hubs with a single AJAX demand, rearranging/resizing the header, custom symbols, etc. Sencha Ext JS is accessible under the GNU GPLv3 and Commercial licenses.

    Price: Commercial licenses start at $ 1295/a bundle.

    Syncfusion TreeGrid Widget

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- Syncfusion

    Syncfusion offers more than 1,600 components and a framework for portable, web, and desktop development, prepared-to-convey endeavor programming that helps get your items to market faster. With numerous customization choices, one can convey an ideal client experience while saving development time and expenses. It is an element rich segment for showing information in a plain arrangement. Its wide scope of functionalities involves data binding, editing, Excel-like filtering, custom sorting, aggregating rows, selection, Excel support, CSV, and PDF formats.

    Price: Commercial licenses start at $ 995/.

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    Ignite UI Tree Grid

    JavaScript TreeGrid Libraries- Ignite UI

    The igTreeGrid library provides hierarchical data by combining the principles of a tree and tabular data into a single control. As the igTreeGrid inherits the igGrid control, it enjoys many features and functionality the same as that of the igGrid. However, some of the features differ in function and implementation so as to best suit the needs of hierarchical data (e.g. filtering, paging, etc.).

    In order to keep up with flexibility and adaptability, the tree grid includes a configurable expansion indicator, which can be rendered inline in the main information section or in an independent segment.. The expansion indicator can likewise be modified with an alternate look-and-feel to accomplish custom visualizations.

    Price: Commercial licenses start at $ $1,495/.


    The main purpose of the TreeGrid JavaScript libraries is to bring the concepts of tree and table functions together in a single widget. In this article, we have reviewed the Top 8 JavaScript TreeGrid libraries of 2020-2021. Although each one of them stands out with regards to their features and functionalities their bigger story is the same. However, based on the functionalities, the DXTMLX and Webix JS libraries are the most versatile open-source treeGrid libraries that help structure the tree into an editable grid, thus making it convenient to work with large volumes of data.

    Also Check out our Article: 15 Top JavaScript Based Data Grid Libraries Of 2019-2020

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