Difference between Semantic UI and Bootstrap

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     Difference between Semantic UI and Bootstrap

    Semantic is a development framework that helps to create stunning designs and responsive layouts using very friendly HTML. Now turns towards Bootstrap, it is the most popular framework for developing responsive and mobile based projects on the web. The journey of Bootstrap started 4 years ago and just now Bootstrap 3.3.4 was released. Whereas Semantic UI was released 2 years ago and right now its version 2.0 will be launching soon. So which is the best one to use in Semantic UI vs Bootstrap? Is there any difference between Semantic UI and Bootstrap? Which is better to build UI, Semantic UI or Bootstrap?

    Difference between Semantic UI and Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is come up as one of the most popular front-end framework and open source projects in the world. In last release 3.3.4 versions Bootstrap has been focused on bug fixes and documentation improvements.

    Semantic UI enters as a rocket with 3000 theming variables, 50 UI components, 3,800 Commits. In Semantic UI vs Bootstrap make it clear that in Semantic UI one can design websites quicker.

    Projects with Semantic UI framework are pretty awesome. Their basic idea of building a page in a strict semantic way is obviously good also designs are stunning there are a lot of components and settings to use or choose from a readymade set. The whole package is very well organised, each component has its own stylesheet and the script file that’s the reason you can load only if you want or load everything in a single page.

    Now questions may be there regarding drawbacks of Semantic UI vs Bootstrap. Which is a good choice for business/ commercial projects?

    The component design of Semantic UI is really amazing. But Semantic UI lacks behind Bootstrap in browser compatibility. Bootstrap is compatible with IE 7+ but Semantic UI compatible with IE 9+.

    According to my opinion I know each framework must have a fair amount of browser compatibility, but on the another side IE7 is 8 years old, it is behind 4 major versions. Even Google doesn’t officially support as it supports latest 3 versions. So Semantic UI is not supporting IE7+ is not a big issue at this moment.

    Semantic UI vs Bootstrap, I think I can’t see a major difference between Bootstrap and Semantic UI. Semantic UI design is better than Bootstrap, more clean, easy to use, strict coding, and useful components, lightweight. I can imagine the future of frameworks in Semantic UI as it is growing very fast. Right now Bootstrap or Foundation is very good option for design layout so one can use Semantic UI as a parallel utility for designing layouts.

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