When and why to use CMS like Drupal, Wordpress for website

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    When and why to use CMS like Drupal, Wordpress for website

    When to use WordPress?

    If you want a simple, easy website or blog and don't plan to develop it much in the future, Wordpress may be it. Advantage with wordpress is that it has a lot more good looking and free themes available.

    If you know you have limited knowledge of website development and you need to get to grips with your CMS straight away.

    Why to Use WordPress?

    The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough for just about anything. That’s the main reason why WordPress has grown so much in popularity. According to a recent survey, WordPress powers 22.5% of all websites on the internet.

    People often make the mistake of classifying WordPress as just a blogging platform. Although that used to be true in the past, WordPress has evolved through out the years into a versatile content management system (CMS). While you can still use WordPress to create a simple blog, now it also allows you to create fully functional websites and mobile applications.

    1. WordPress is easy to setup, manage, and update

    You don’t need to be an Internet expert or an HTML coder to use WordPress. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to create your website.
    If you’re reading this article you already have everything you need to get started. Head over to WordPress.com and signup for a free account. You’ll have your website up and running in about two minutes. For a small additional fee you can even host your domain name there.

    2. WordPress is good for both your blog and your website

    It’s true that WordPress started out as a blogging system, but that was ages ago. Over the years WordPress has evolved into a full-featured web content management system. That means you can use WordPress to manage your whole website, not just your blog. Of course if you just want to blog, you can use WordPress that way too.

    3. Highly customizable:

    WordPress is popular because it meets the demand of many users with its flexible framework to allow designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications. Coupled with user-generated extensions, your website is no longer limited by extensions created by enterprises.
    Our team have experiences extending the WordPress functionality as well as plugins developed by others in order to meet unique demand of our clients.

    4.  It’s Open Source with room for expansion:

    WordPress can be self-hosted so there are no cost associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading. There are more than 20,000 WordPress plugins (often free) available to install such as slideshows, contact form, SEO optimization,  etc. Fresh Consulting has licenses of premium plugins we deploy on your website at no cost such as video manuals of WordPress and easy website backup & restore functions.

    5.  Designed for anyone, not just developers:

    Before WordPress became a popular CMS for website development, it was  developed for non-tech savvy bloggers. So most of user-interface components are user-friendly for many users and there are written and recorded manuals available for you to easily learn how to use WordPress. Our team will handle all the complexities of setting up and customizing your website so all you have to do is to update the content on pages, posts, widgets, etc.
    One of the premium plugins we provide to our client include written and video user manual for WordPress to ensure you have easy entry point with the CMS.

    When  to Use Drupal?

    If you want  enterprise-level security and provides in-depth security reports use Drupal cms.

    Why to Use Drupal?

    Drupal became one of the most comprehensive CMS systems available. The script has a very specific programming enviroment, that could be described better as a programmer's platform than a simple CMS script.

    1. Includes a lot of functionality

    Drupal includes lot of functionalities like: advanced menu management, polls management, graphics modification tool, users management and much more. These functions make it possible to create simple or advanced websites, blogs, discussion boards, social networking pages, etc.

    2. Variety of content types

    Drupal is famous for allowing to create and manage many content types, like: videos, polls, user management, text, blogs, podcasts, statistics, and others.

    3. Advanced users management

    An administrator can create new user accounts and establish their permission rights. Users can be divided into groups and can be given assignments. They can be given permissions to manage parts of your website.

    4. Graphics management

    The script includes capabilities of design elements editing. Available templates and themes make for a good start. Predefined page functions configurations make it easy to create both a simple as well as more complicated page configurations.

    5. Page content management

    Drupal allows you to categorize your content through URL addresses, paths, making your own lists. This structure makes for easy management, search and reuse of the content.

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