Angular Minds’ Guide on Generative AI for Businesses

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    Angular Minds’ Guide on Generative AI for Businesses

    In the past decade, the world has majorly shifted towards Artificial Intelligence. From ground-breaking discoveries to new AI tools and gadgets, the global market is rapidly moving toward AI being integrated into every market of every sector. We can already see this adaptation in automobiles, customer service, healthcare, and even finance. One stem of this AI revolution is Generative AI. This branch of AI is on its way to becoming mainstream in industries like personalized marketing, financial modeling, healthcare diagnostics, product design, and many more.

    Have you wondered how you can take advantage of this revolution to improve and scale your business? What can Gen AI do for you and how can you integrate it into the functions and operations of your business?

    This guide talks about how you can use Generative AI for your business and how Angular Minds Pvt. Ltd. can help you with it. We create personalised Generative AI solutions for you that effortlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, automate tasks, optimize processes, and generate insights that you can use to create better and more lucrative strategies for your business.

    Angular Minds has solutions for your business that are flexible, scalable, and future-ready. Our GenAIaaS model (Generative AI as a Service) goes beyond pre-built models and builds an AI software strategy that is personalized to the needs of your business.

    Let's understand the know-how of Generative AI and how we can help your business get better, more dynamic, and more scalable with it.

    What is Generative AI?

    Generative AI or Gen AI is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on creating new, unique, and original data. This includes text, images, code, music, animations, video, etc. It is a powerful tool that learns patterns from the training data and generates various types of content.

    In a study conducted by Gartner, it was reported that as of 2023, only 1% of Generative AI models are industry-specific. Most Gen AI models are currently being built for general purposes that can be used by the common public at large. This means that we are at the prime period and at the very beginning of the AI trend where Generative AI is actively used in business operations. By 2027, this number is expected to increase to a staggering 50%, meaning that only in the next 4 years, more than 50% of Generative AI models and products will be specific to the function of a business or their respective industries.

    Talking about businesses, less than 5% of businesses are currently employing Generative AI models in their business. The concept of having AI ease complex business functions for you is fresh in the industries. There couldn’t be a better time in the market to grab this opportunity and leverage the advantages of Generative AI to operate, manage, automate, improve and optimize the functions of your business.

    If you can have the vision for it, Angular Minds can create it.
    Angular Minds is a software development company that builds complex
    Generative AI infrastures for your business to yield 10X results.

    What is the difference between Generative AI and Traditional AI?

    In simple words, the traditional AI approach relies on predefined rules or algorithms to solve specific problems. They are good at tasks with clear-cut instructions and solutions, like identifying spam emails or product recommendations based on purchase history.

    Generative AI on the other hand has a little brain of its own. It uses Large Learning Models (LLMs) and focuses on learning the underlying patterns within data and uses these patterns to generate completely new and unique outputs. For example, traditional AI is like following a book of recipes to cook a dish, whereas, Generative AI is understanding what is needed and creating a unique recipe to cook the dish.

    Generative AI for Businesses

    Another study by Gartner says that 17% to 25% of businesses have expressed their interest in Generative AI and have claimed that they will deploy AI into their systems within the next 12 months. The actual growth in annual growth of production deployments, however, is only 2% to 5%.

    Businesses are clearly anticipating the potential of Generative AI, but are not implementing them into their systems. Let’s try to understand why businesses should hop on to this trend as soon as possible and not let this be a lost opportunity. Businesses that don’t learn to walk with Artificial Intelligence could very likely be the next Nokias of their industries.

    Why Businesses Should Care About Generative AI

    Well, for starters, this trend of using Generative AI for business-specific functions is largely untapped still and holds immense potential to boost the growth of any business. So naturally, businesses that integrate AI into their existing systems gain an added advantage and a leading edge over their competitors. You can automate systems and use Generative AI to take care of complex functions which gives you space, resources, money and time to expand your business. You stay relevant to the industry standards and remain dynamic and adaptive to your clientele.

    These happen to be just a few of the reasons why your business should care about Generative AI as a Service. Businesses today are constantly striving to improve business operations, stay innovative, offer better customer service, etc. Generative AI comes as a powerful solution that helps companies operate smoothly across business functions. Here's why you should care about GAI as it can do the following for your business.

    Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

    • Content Creation: Automate repetitive tasks like writing reports, social media posts, and product descriptions, freeing up human teams for strategic content development and expansion.

    • Data Analysis: Analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends, enabling quicker decision-making and resource allocation.

    • Product Development: Assist in designing and prototyping new products, generating variations and optimizing features for different customer segments.

    Boosting Innovation and Creativity

    • Idea Generation: Explore vast creative spaces, suggesting innovative product ideas, marketing campaigns, and scientific discoveries.

    • Personalized Experiences: Personalize customer experiences by tailoring product recommendations, content, and marketing messages to individual preferences.

    • Research and Development: Accelerate research by generating and testing hypotheses, leading to faster breakthroughs and product iterations.

    Revolutionizing Customer Experience

    • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: GAI-powered chatbot technology stack provides 24/7 customer support, answers questions, and resolves issues efficiently.

    • Personalized Marketing: Personalize marketing campaigns, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

    • Product Recommendations: Recommend products based on customer behaviour and preferences, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

    Optimizing Operations and Processes

    • Predictive Maintenance: Analyze sensor data to predict equipment failures, allowing for preventive maintenance and reducing downtime.

    • Supply Chain Management: Optimize supply chains by forecasting demand and optimizing logistics, minimizing disruptions and costs.

    • Risk Management: Analyze financial data and market trends to identify potential risks and opportunities, allowing for proactive risk mitigation.

    These are still only some of the things Gen AI can for you. Generative is no longer a futuristic concept. It is here and is a practical tool that has the potential to transform businesses across industries. By employing Generative AI strategically and responsibly, you business can enter a whole new era of productivity, innovation and customer-centricity.

    Building Blocks of Angular Minds' Generative AI Tech Stack

    At Angular Minds, we build a sturdy, powerful and modern AI stack that is specifically designed to excel in Generative AI (Gen AI). Let’s look at a breakdown of the key components of our Gen AI solutions:

    1. Data Acquisition and Management

    High-quality data is the most important and core aspect of any AI model, and Gen AI is no exception. We employ sophisticated techniques to gather relevant data for your specific needs. This might involve text scraping from public sources (while adhering to ethical guidelines), customer data analysis, or even internal company documents.

    Data security and privacy are always a top priority. We adhere to strict industry standards and regulations like GDPR and CCPA to ensure your data is always protected. Additionally, we offer anonymization techniques to further safeguard sensitive information. You can rest be assured that your data is in good hands.

    2. Machine Learning Infrastructure

    Machine learning frameworks are essential tools that help in developing and training Generative AI models. The create a structured environment for building, experimenting and deploying machine learning algorithms.

    • Machine Learning Frameworks: These are specialized software platforms that streamline the development and training of our AI models. Angular Minds uses TensorFlow and PyTorch are for your business. With pre-built tools and functions that make building and training complex models more efficient, our processes are streamlined, structure and less time-consuming.

    • GPUs (Graphics Processing Units): These specialized processors excel at handling the complex calculations involved in training Gen AI models, significantly speeding up the process. Traditional CPUs struggle with the massive amounts of data involved in Gen AI training, so GPUs are necessary for efficient model development.

    3. Model Training and Optimization

    Once we have the data and Generative AI infrastructure in place, it's now time to train the Generative AI model. In this step, we feed the data into the model and adjusting its internal parameters to achieve the desired outcome. Here are some key techniques:

    • Backpropagation: This is a complex but powerful algorithm that allows the model to "learn" from its mistakes and continuously improve its outputs. It’s like a teacher pointing out the mistakes of the students and giving them a chance to learn from it. Backpropagation helps the model identify areas for improvement based on the quality of its generated content.

    • Hyperparameter Tuning: We fine-tune various settings within the model, such as the learning rate and number of training iterations, to optimize its performance for your specific task. This step also helps us to hyper-personalise the Generative AI model for you. We closely monitor, analyse and understand where your business will use this and for what operation. We then use that information to tune the settings such that it brings the best output.

    At Angular Minds, our AI technology stacks are constantly improving and evolving. We are updated with the latest advancements and major changes happening in the industry and we continuously learn and adapt to ensure our models stay up-to-date with the latest information and trends. Additionally, human expertise remains a crucial part of the process. Our team of AI specialists oversees the entire Gen AI development cycle, from data selection to model evaluation and refinement. With this blend of cutting-edge technology and human oversight, we ensure the highest quality results for your business.

    Additional Considerations

    Explainability: We prioritize transparent AI. Our Gen AI models are designed to provide clear insights into the reasoning behind their outputs, fostering trust and user confidence.

    Scalability: Our Gen AI tech stack is designed to scale with your business needs. As your Gen AI requirements grow, we can easily adapt and expand the infrastructure to accommodate them.

    Why Choose Angular Minds for Your Generative AI Solution?

    To integrate Generative AI into your systems, you have two options. One is to hire an in-house team to bring AI into your business. The problem with this, however, is that it can come with drawbacks. It is not the most cost efficient option as hiring a whole new team will increase the budget and will be costly. It is also time consuming.

    From putting out hiring ads, to interview processes, to finding the right candidates and then creating a team. Helping them understand the dynamics of your business and then the AI integration starts. This whole process can get tiring, time consuming and expensive. You can build your own solution in-house, or partner with a trusted Gen AIaaS provider like Angular Minds. Here's why Angular Minds stands out as the ideal partner for your business's GAI journey:

    Expertise at Your Fingertips

    • Cutting-Edge Knowledge: Our team houses leading AI specialists who stay at the forefront of GAI advancements. You benefit from their expertise without needing to build your own AI team.

    • Custom-Tailored Solutions: We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop a GAI solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows.

    • Future-Proof Technology: We invest heavily in staying ahead of the GAI curve. You can be confident that your solution leverages the latest advancements and is scalable for future growth.

    Focus on Your Business, Not Your AI

    • Rapid Deployment: Leave the complex setup and maintenance to us. We get your GAI solution up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

    • Cost-Effectiveness: Building in-house GAI solutions requires significant upfront investment. Gen AIaaS with Angular Minds offers a cost-efficient alternative with predictable pricing models.

    • Ongoing Support: Our partnership doesn't end at deployment. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your GAI solution continues to deliver optimal results.

    The Angular Minds Advantage

    • Proven Track Record: We have a successful history of helping businesses across various industries unlock the power of GAI. See real-world examples of how we've transformed content creation, customer service, and product development for our clients.

    • Focus on Explainability: We believe in transparent AI. Our GAI solutions are designed to provide clear insights into the reasoning behind their outputs, fostering trust and user confidence.

    • Commitment to Security: We prioritize the security of your data. Our GAI solutions adhere to the highest security standards to ensure the privacy and integrity of your information.

    By partnering with Angular Minds, you gain a trusted advisor with the expertise and resources to make your GAI vision a reality. Let’s now understand how exactly we work for you and how we build your customized Generative AI model that strengthens your business.

    Get Started With Angular Minds

    With all that being said, and the Gen AI technology stack of Angular Minds understood, here is our process we follow next when you come to us with your requirements.

    1. Contact and Initial Consultation

    • Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your specific business needs and goals. This will help identify how our Gen AI services can best serve your purposes.

    2. Collaborative Brainstorming and Planning

    • Discuss the functionalities and desired outputs you envision for your project.

    • Through collaboration, we establish a clear project plan, outlining the scope and deliverables.

    3. Data Acquisition and Preparation

    • Depending on the chosen application, the next step is providing specific data sets for Gen AI to learn from.

    • At any step needed, Angular Minds assists you in data acquisition or recommends data sources if needed. The provided data then undergoes a cleaning and preparation process to ensure optimal training for the AI model.

    4. Model Development and Training

    • Our Gen AI team will develop a custom generative AI model tailored to your project's requirements.

    • This stage involves training the model on the prepared data sets, allowing it to learn and generate the desired outputs.

    5. Iteration and Refinement

    • Throughout the development process, we analyze and closely monitor our model’s performance for review and iteration.

    • We collaborate with you to get your feedback on the generated outputs, allowing for the refinement of the AI model for optimal results.

    6. Integration and Deployment

    • Once satisfied with the model's performance, we integrate Gen AI into your existing systems or develop a standalone solution as needed.

    • The deployment process ensures seamless functionality within your business operations.

    7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    • Angular Minds offers ongoing support to ensure the continued effectiveness of your Gen AI solution.

    • This includes maintenance of the AI model, performance monitoring, and potential future adaptations as your needs evolve.

    With us, you can discover the applications of Generative AI and can firsthand see how our AI models can help you improve operations, automate tasks, and provide better service to your clientele.

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