Build mobile and web apps using AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google. Angular enhances the features of HTML to build a very interactive and dynamic user interface for websites and mobile applications. As the booster of HTML, a major traction is given to AngularJS.

Get Single Page Application (SPA) Development

A Framework for the web, mobile and native applications. It has conquered JavaScript powers to develop the front end and Single Page Applications. Angular development is well structured and dynamic which makes developers possible to build clear and flexible code. Angular JS Development Company brings out this experience. This is very reliable and flexible framework for developing Gmail like applications.

AngularJs Offers smart new Features

AngularJS development companies are choosing AngularJS over any other web developing framework because of the advantages provided by the AngularJS which makes it stand out from the rest. Features like Data Binding, MVC, Scope, Routing, Deep linking, Controller, Services, Dependency Injections, Cross platform app development and unit testing makes possible to develop robust, clean and dynamic application development with AngularJS an

It is a Complete Client-Side Solution

AngularJS Web Application Development gives a solid set of solution to the client side applications. AngularJS features like form validation, dependencies and data binding gives an interconnected set of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application is build using AngularJS. Directory layouts speed the applications. Apps are bug-free and give persistent performances as are end-to-end tested.

Get best AngularJS development Services from Angular Minds

Hire AngularJS developers from Angular Minds to get customized web applications with a blend of interactive, user-friendly features and seamless performance.

Angular Minds as a leading Angular Development Company provides you end-to-end application solutions. Our clients get the benefits of a Framework which is highly extensible, readable and spontaneous applications which are developed by our developers.

Benefits of AngularJS

Multiple Platforms

A code build for developing an application using AngularJS can be reused to build any application for any other target platform. A single code works for the web, mobile, native desktop and native mobile applications.

Progressive Web Apps

Modern web applications which are dynamic, simple to install, offline, zero loading time and deliver high performance are built using AngularJS which enhances the competencies of the web platform. AngularJS development services are accelerating major influence in web application development.

Desktop Apps

With the same AngularJS method used to create a web application, we can also develop desktop installed applications athwart Linux, Windows and Mac.

Native Mobile Apps

AngularJS combining with Ionic Framework, React Native or NativeScript is used to build the native mobile application. The applications can be installed and used as native applications with a good interactive interface.

High Performance and Speed

AngularJS pull off the maximum possible speed on the Web Platform

Code Splitting

A new component router aid AngularJS apps to load quickly and also delivers automatic code-splitting. When any user requests a view it helps to render that view by loading only the required code.

Code Generation

Templates are turned into the highly optimized code using AngularJS which gives us the feel of handwritten code. This code performs like a framework for building web/mobile applications. With the use of AngularJS, a huge data requirement is met by building data models on Immutable.js, RxJS or another push-model.


AngularJS quickly builds features with declarative templates. Templates languages can be extended with your own components. Thus makes possible to use a huge collection of components. There is a lot of back up and help to the AngularJS web development from almost every IDE and editors.


Simple template syntax helps to create quick and powerful User Interface(UI). It creates a clear boundary between the view and the application. Thus when any changes or swapping in done at the view level the rest of the application remains unaffected.

Angular CLI

Command Line Tools helps to accelerate the implementation process. It allows fast implementation and project testing. The test data can be easily passed to capture the output. Deployment of the project is made instantly.


IDEs and editors give instant help while developing code. It detects the error and gives feedback instantly.

Ideal Development

AngularJS gives easy, robust and interactive development environment.

AngularJS Development Company



Whenever the code breaks or somethings goes wrong it is captured by the unit testing tools like Karma and Jasmine and notified while saving it.

AngularJS Development Company



With AngularJS spontaneous APIs we can create high performance, animated and complex views. It requires very less coding to build these UI timelines.

AngularJS Development Company



ARIA-enabled components make it possible to create accessible applications. Developer guide and built-in a11y test infrastructure help to develop accessible sites.

What makes us your Reliable Angular JS Development Partner?

Angular Minds Offering

  • AngularJS Web App Development
  • AngularJS Mobile App Development using Ionic
  • Complete Angular JS development cycle
  • Unit Testing using Karma and Jasmine
  • Real–Time Web / Mobile Applications using Angular, Socket.io
  • Single Page Applications using AngularJS (SPA)
  • Customized Product Dashboard
  • Angular Development Services
  • Front End Web App Development
  • Angular App Testing Services
  • Hire Angular Developer

Hire Angular Developer - $2880/mo


Powerful Application Development

Powerful Application Development

Angular Minds is highly praised AngularJS Development Company have expertise in developing highly robust, interactive and structured web applications using AngularJS.


Get the fast and fluid Development

Get the fast and fluid Development

Our expert teams bring best out of the client’s needs. Our AngularJS experts are highly skilled in developing spontaneous and native web applications and websites for all kinds of business.


AngularJS for eBusiness

AngularJS for eBusiness

AngularJS E-commerce application development services provide clients with the shopping cart and the payment gateway APIs.


Customer is a priority

Customer is a priority

Angular Minds ensures continuous performance and satisfactory user experience deploying projects according to client's need, project demand and budget.

Unit Testing with AngularJS

Unit testing is performed on every single module by splitting them to surface their abstraction level. The unit testing describes the expected functionality and the behavior of the modules. AngularJS development services are reaping clean and error free applications using test environments which provide solid solutions for the enterprise requirements.


  • 10+ Years of experience
  • Award-winning web development company
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Accreditation from NASSCOM
  • 25+ Dedicated Expert AngularJS Developers
  • Cost effective solutions
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Start-up and SME-friendly

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